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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170419 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
python-pyparsing (2.1.10 -> 2.2.0)
python-pytz (2016.10 -> 2017.2)
python-rpm-macros (1.0.git.1489505194.b32e02a -> 1.0.git.1490791775.6e5b01c)

=== Details ===

==== python-base ====
Subpackages: libpython2_7-1_0 libpython2_7-1_0-32bit python-devel python-xml

- Add reproducible.patch to allow reproducible builds of various
python packages like python-amqp

==== python-pip ====

- uninstall alternatives in %postun

==== python-pycparser ====

- sort out duplicate rpmlintrc
- update to 2.17
- PR #121: Update bundled PLY version to 3.8
- Issue #117: Fix parsing of extra semi-colons inside structure declarations.
- PR #109: Update c_generator to add {} around nested named initializers.
- PR #101: Added support for parsing pragmas into the AST.
- Additional fake headers and typedefs, manifest fixes (#97, #106, #111).
- Testing with Python 3.5 instead of 3.3 now (3.4 and 3.5 are the 3.x versions
- PR #145: More complete support for offsetof()
- Issue #116: Fix line numbers recorded for empty and compound statements.
- Minor performance improvement to the invalid string literal regex.
- drop upstreamed 0002-Add-missing-typedef-sa_family_t-from-sys-socket.h.patch
- move source url to pypi
- update for multipython build
- move fake_libc to site-packages, where it can be found by pkg_resources
* this also prevents file conflict between python2 and python3
- fix-lexer-build.patch: fix build process to better generate parser/lexer
- Add python-pycparser-rpmlintrc to sources
- Tag added patch better
- Update to version 2.14
* Added CParser parameter to specify output directory for generated parsing
tables (#84).
* Removed lcc's cpp and its license from the distribution. Using lcc's cpp
is no longer recommended, now that Clang has binary builds available for
* Added support for offsetof() the way gcc implements it (special builtin
that takes a type as an argument).
* Added faked va_* macros (these are expected to come from stdarg.h)
* Added a bunch more fake headers and typedefs to support parsing C projects
like Git and SQLite without modifications to pycparser.
* Added support for empty initializer lists (#79).
- Package fake_libc_include
* switch to github release as pypi tarball don't contains all files
- Add 0002-Add-missing-typedef-sa_family_t-from-sys-socket.h.patch
* upstream patch enhancing the fake_libc_include
- update to version 2.12:
* This is a fix release for 2.11; the memory optimization with
__slots__ on Coord and AST nodes didn't take weakrefs into
account, which broke cffi and its many dependents (issue #76).
Fixed by adding __weakref__ to __slots__.
- additional changes from version 2.11:
* Add support for C99 p7 - qualifiers within array
dimensions in function declarations. Started with issue #21
(reported with initial patch by Robin Martinjak).
* Issue #27: bug in handling of unified wstring literals.
* Issue #28: fix coord reporting for 'for' loops.
* Added ``examples/`` to demonstrate how ``gcc
- E`` can be used instead of ``cpp`` for preprocessing.
* Pull request #64: support keywords like const, volatile,
restrict and static in dimensions in array declarations.
* Reduce memory usage of AST nodes (issue #72).
* Parsing order of nested pointer declarations fixed (issue #68).
- update project URL
- fix end of line encoding of LICENSE
- Update to version 2.10:
- A number of improvements in the handling of typedef-name ambiguities,
contributed by Sye van der Veen in GitHub issue #1:
* Allow shadowing of types by identifiers in inner scopes.
* Allow struct field names to reside in a separate namespace and have
the same names as types.
* Allow duplicate typedefs in some cases to mimic real compiler behavior.
- c_generator error for ExprList in expression context.
- Assume default int type for functions whose argument or return types were
not specified.
- Relax the lexer a bit w.r.t. some integer suffixes and $ in identifier names
(which is supported by some other compilers).
- Package LICENSE
- Remove since the two packages are not the same
- Initial python3 support
- Initial version

==== python-pyparsing ====
Version update (2.1.10 -> 2.2.0)
Subpackages: python2-pyparsing python3-pyparsing

- update to 2.2.0:
- Bumped minor version number to reflect compatibility issues with
OneOrMore and ZeroOrMore bugfixes in 2.1.10. (2.1.10 fixed a bug
that was introduced in 2.1.4, but the fix could break code
written against 2.1.4 - 2.1.9.)
- Updated to address recursive import problems now
that pyparsing is part of 'packaging' (used by setuptools).
Patch submitted by Joshua Root, much thanks!
- Fixed KeyError issue reported by Yann Bizeul when using packrat
parsing in the Graphite time series database, thanks Yann!
- Fixed incorrect usages of '\' in literals, as described in
Patch submitted by Ville Skyttä - thanks!
- Minor internal change when using '-' operator, to be compatible
with ParserElement.streamline() method.
- Expanded infixNotation to accept a list or tuple of parse actions
to attach to an operation.
- New unit test added for dill support for storing pyparsing parsers.
Ordinary Python pickle can be used to pickle pyparsing parsers as
long as they do not use any parse actions. The 'dill' module is an
extension to pickle which *does* support pickling of attached
- drop desetuptoolize.patch: this is not needed

==== python-pytz ====
Version update (2016.10 -> 2017.2)

- create correct backwards-compatible Obsoletes/Provides
- revert to semantic PyPI URLs
- update to 2017.2:
* include IANA 2017b, tests assume >= 2017a is used
* drop pytz-2016.10-fix-tests-with-2017a.patch, upstream

==== python-rpm-macros ====
Version update (1.0.git.1489505194.b32e02a -> 1.0.git.1490791775.6e5b01c)

- generate %posttrans sections to fix up alternatives after package
- fix condition where %python_files would emit wrong thing when
%have_python2 is undefined
- add --quiet to uninstall_alternative, to silence spurious errors
- check for file existence instead of package number in uninstall_alternative
- remove spurious warnings about "unknown arguments" (by making ALL
possible arguments known)
- fix a bug with %python_clone not working without
%python_install_alternative being used
- in %python_files, detect and emit an error if %python_subpackages
is not used

==== python-sip ====

- Fix requires_python3_sip_api macro
- Fix Provides macro.
- Split largest part of docs into own subpackage to reduce package
- Fix sip api macro.
- Fix header location.
- Compile and install .pyc files.
- spec file cleanups
- better use of multipython macros
- include more documentation
- Add shared data directory and corresponding package.
- Fix python library handling.
- Switch to single spec version.
- Update to 4.19.1
* Added the %PreMethodCode directive.
* Added sipEnableGC() to the C API.
* Added the -D command line option so that the generated code is
aware of Python debug builds.
- Update to 4.19
* added the assign() function to the sip module
* added support for the final keyword
* added the use_limited_api argument to the %Module directive
* added the %HideNamespace directive.
- Update to 4.18.1
* Bug fixes
- removed build-compare.diff: it is the default since 4.18 anyway
- disable-rpaths.diff refreshed
- Update to 4.18 This implements the automatic generation of PEP 484 type
hint files. The sip extension module is available as a wheel from PyPi.
* Added the /TypeHint/ argument, class, mapped type, function, typedef
and variable annotations.
* Added the /TypeHintIn/ and /TypeHintOut/ argument, class, mapped type
and typedef annotations.
* Added the /TypeHintValue/ argument, class and mapped type annotations.
* Added the /NoTypeHint/ class, enum, function and variable annotations.
* Added the %ExportedTypeHintCode and %TypeHintCode directives.
* Added the -f command line option to treat warnings as errors.
* Added the -y command line option to generated PEP 484 compatible type
hint stub files.
* Deprecated the /DocType/ and /DocValue/ annotations.
- Update to 4.17.0
* This version adds support for PEP 465, PEP 492 and MSVC 2015.
- Update to 4.16.9:
* This is mainly a bug-fix release.
- Update to 4.16.8:
* This is mainly a bug-fix release.
- Update to 4.16.7:
* This is a minor functional and bug-fix release.
- Update to 4.16.6:
* Added the /FileExtension/ class annotation.
* Installing into a virtual env should now work.
* Timestamps are no longer included in generated code. The -T command
line option is now ignored and deprecated.
* The @file method of passing additional command line options is now
supported. The -z command line option is now deprecated.
- Update to 4.16.5:
* Minor functional and bug-fix release.
- Changes since 4.16.4:
* Added the /AbortOnException/ function annotation.
* Added the /DisallowNone/ function annotation.
* Added the /DisallowNone/ argument annotation.
- Update to 4.16.3
- This is a minor functional release including the implementation of
__qualname__ for class enums.
- run spec-cleaner
- Update to 4.16.2
- Deprecated the %ConsolidatedModule directive as it won't be supported in
SIP v5.
- Bug fixes.
- Update to 4.16.1
- Bug fixes.
- Update to 4.16
- Added the /NoSetter/ variable annotation.
- Added the -B option to sip.
- Changed the handling of timelines (introducing a potential incompatibility)
so that later versions of wrapped libraries can be wrapped so long as they
are compatible with known versions.
- Added support for the 'no_receiver_check' argument to connect() in PyQt
- Added the --configuration option to
- Added the --sysroot option to
- Added the --target-py-version option to
- Added the --no-tools option to
- Added the --use-qmake option to
- Bug fixes.
- Update to 4.15.5
- The use_arch argument of sipconfig.create_wrapper() can now specify a space
separated set of architectures.
- Bug fixes.
- Fix SNAFU in preun scriptlet (missing spaces)
- New upstream version 4.15.4:
- Fixed all the compiler warning messages when building the sip module.
- Fixed the parsing of C++ types involving multiple const and pointers.
- Added SIP_SSIZE_T_FORMAT to the C API.
- Moved the lexer and parser meta-source files to a separate directory to
problems with make accidentaly regenerating them.
- Allow the pointers used to store the parsed results from Python
reimplementations to be NULL.
- Remove the __pycache__ directory when cleaning.
- Use alternatives for /usr/bin/sip to prevent conflicts between
Python 3 and Python 2 python-sip-devel packages
- update to v4.15.3. This is a bug fix release for a regression
that affects PyQtChart.
- update to v4.15.2. This is a minor functional release that will
be needed by PyQt v5.1. It also contains bug fixes needed by
- Revert sr#79987, moving /usr/bin/sip into python-sip-bin and requiring
that in python3-sip-devel (plus split provides) only causes trouble. It will
make python3-sip-devel depend forever on Python2 for absolutely no reason.
Both python-sip-devel and python3-sip-devel can happily provide /usr/bin/sip
since the binary is identical. You can have both installed in parallel and
remove either without breaking anything. (bnc#835161)
- Build issues are resolved with the Python KDE bindings. Return
to version 4.15.1
- Revert back to version 4,14,7 to prevent crashes in Plasma-desktop
- update to 4.15.1. This fixes a regression in v4.15 related to the handling
of hidden virtual methods. The regression does not affect PyQt.
- update to v4.15. This is a significant functional release and required by
PyQt v5.0.1 and PyQt v4.10.3.
- Added the call_super_init argument to the %Module directive to specify that
classes should support cooperative multi-inheritance.
- Added the %FinalisationCode directive.
- Added the /Mixin/ class annotation.
- Added the /NoScope/ enum annotation.
- Added sipConvertFromNewPyType() to the C API.
- Added sipConvertToArray() and sipConvertToTypedArray() to the C API.
- Added sipRegisterProxyResolver() to the C API.
- update to 4.14.7:
- The internal API version is increased to 10.0 requiring the regeneration of
all modules.
- Added the /Sequence/ function annotation.
- %ConvertFromTypeCode can now be specified for classes.
- Added sipEnableAutoconversion() to the C API.
- Added sipSetDestroyOnExit() to the C API.
- Bug fixes.
- update to 4.14.6:
* Bug fix
- update to 4.14.5 (bnc#812130):
* Bug fixes (specifically for QGIS)
- Update to 4.14.4
* bugfix release
* include a potential incompatibility in the use of the %VirtualErrorHandler
- update to 4.14.3:
- The /KeepReference/ argument annotation, when applied to factories, will
now keep the reference with the object created by the factory.
- Any object that supports the buffer protocol can now be passed when a
sip.voidptr is expected.
- Update to 4.14.2:
- Added sip.setdestroyonexit().
- sip.voidptr() will now accept any object that implements the buffer
- update to 4.14.1:
- SIP_PYBUFFER can now be used to define objects that implement the Python
buffer protocol.
- Added /Capsule/ typedef annotation.
- Added the 'z' format character to sipBuildResult().
- Added the 'z', '!' and '$' format characters to sipParseResult().
- The C prototype foo(void) is now accepted.
- will now include swig_opts if no sip_opts have been
- Bug fixes.
- Update to latest upstream version:
- The internal API version is increased to 9.0 requiring the regeneration
of all modules.
- Added the %InstanceCode directive.
- Added the %VirtualErrorHandler directive.
- Added the default_VirtualErrorHandler argument to the %Module directive.
- Added the VirtualErrorHandler class annotation.
- Added the NoVirtualErrorHandler and VirtualErrorHandler function
- The AllowNone and NoRelease mapped type annotations can now be used
with mapped type templates.
- SIP_PLATFORM_* and SIP_TIMELINE_* preprocessor symbols are generated
corresponding to the -t arguments passed on the command line.
- Deprecated sipTransferBreak().
- For Python v2.x unsigned short and unsigned char (when used as a byte)
are now converted to int, rather than long, objects.
- Added support for MSVC 2010 to the build system.
- install api version as rpm macro
- Update to version 4.13.3
* The /NoRaisesPyException/ and /RaisesPyException/ function annotations can
now be applied to constructors.
* Added support for the Python v3.3 handling of Unicode.
- Link against libpython. Fixes bnc#756282 and bnc#721280.
- Remove SUSE_ASNEEDED=0 from spec file.
- license update: GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0 or SUSE-SIP
Use SUSE- proprietary extension until SIP license is accepted upstream at
update to 4.13.2:
- A bug fix release.
- update to 4.13.1:
- Deprecation warnings can no longer be disabled.
- Added the all_raise_py_exception argument to the %Module directive.
- Added the /NoRaisesPyException/ function annotation.
- Added the /PyName/ typedef annotation.
- Class templates now allow super-classes to be defined as template
- Added support for 'public' preceding the name of a class in a super-class
- Added support for 'protected' and 'private' preceding the name of a class
in a super-class list. Any such super-class will be ignored.
- Changelog from the Creators
- SIP v4.13 has been released. This is a minor feature release.
o added the %DefaultDocstringFormat directive
o added the format argument to the %Docstring directive
o %ConvertToSubClassCode can now cause a restart of the conversion
process using a different requested type
o '*' and '&' are now supported as unary operators in expressions
used in the values of default arguments
o the /Transfer/ annotation can now be used with the /Array/
annotation to prevent the freeing of the temporary array of
- Updated to 4.13
- last stable release
- Add python-sip-bin package to avoid conflicts between python2
and python3 versions
- Update to 4.12.4
- A bug fix release.
- update to 4.12.3:
- A bug fix release.
- update to 4.12.2:
* /KeepReference/ is now supported as a function annotation.
* Handwritten code in class templates no longer have the types
substituted in lines that appear to contain C preprocessor directives.
* Added support for global inplace numeric operators.
- update to 4.12.1:
- Added support for the __getattribute__, __getattr__, __setattr__ and
__delattr__ methods.
- Added the /RaisesPyException/ function annotation.
- Added SIP_SSIZE_T as a predefined type.
- PyObject * can now be used as a synonym for SIP_PYOBJECT.
- Added sip.ispycreated() to the sip module.
- Added the --deployment-target flag to for MacOS/X.
- update to 4.12:
- Implemented the revised directive syntax for %Module.
- Deprecated %CModule, use %Module instead.
- Added the keyword_arguments argument to %Module to specify the level of
support for Python keyword arguments.
- Deprecated the -k flag to sip, use the keyword_arguments argument to
%Module instead.
- Added an automatic pseudo-%Timeline to allow the SIP version number to be
used in the %If directive.
- Changed the behavior of the /KeywordArgs/ annotation to specify the level
of support for Python keyword arguments.
- Deprecated the /NoKeywordArgs/ annotation, use /KeywordArgs="All"/ instead.
- Added the use_argument_names argument to %Module to provide the real names
of arguments to handwritten code.
- Module docstrings are now supported.
- Added %AutoPyName to automatically provide Python names.
- Added %Property to implement Python properties based on C/C++ getters and
- Added %Extract to allow arbitrary text to be embedded in specification
files and subsequently extracted.
- Deprecated %Doc and %ExportedDoc, use %Extract instead.
- Added the -X flag to sip to extract text defined with %Extract.
- Deprecated the -d flag to sip, use -X instead.
- Added /PyInt/ as an argument, function and typedef annotation to force
char types to be handled as Python integers rather that single character
- Added the L and M format characters to sipBuildResult(), sipCallMethod()
and sipParseResult().
- Added sipGetAddress().
- Added the -T flag to sip to suppress the timestamp in the header comments
of generated files.
- sip.voidptr now behaves like a Python memoryview object and supports
sub-script assignment.
- Added the --sip-module flag to to allow the name and
containing package of the sip module to be specified thereby allowing
packages to include a local copy of the sip module.
- update to 4.11.2:
- /KeepReference/ can now be applied to global functions and static methods.
- %TypeCode can now be specified in a %MappedType directive.
- Mapped types for templates no longer require the template arguments to be
fully defined.
- Build system changes required by PyQt v4.8 and Qt v4.7.
- update to 4.11.1:
- A bug fix release.
- fix python linking for factory
- update to 4.11:
- Added the %UnitPostIncludeCode directive.
- /KeepReference/ will now accept a key to track when the same object is
passed to more than one method.
- operator() and __call__() can now accept keyword arguments.
- Added support for Python v3.2.
- update to 4.10.5:
- A bug fix release for Python v3 and Python v2.7.
- Use capsules when being built for Python v2.7 to work around an apparent
bug in the support for PyCObject.
- Added support for Q_SLOT, Q_SLOTS, Q_SIGNAL and Q_SIGNALS.
- Added the /__len__/ function annotation.
- update to 4.10.2:
- A bug fix release.
- fix build-compare
- update to 4.10.1:
* Added the /NoCopy/ function and argument annotations.
- update to 4.10
* Added the sip.voidptr.ascapsule() method.
* Added the -P command line option to build modules with
"protected" redefined to "public" if supported by the platform.
This can result in significantly smaller modules.
* Added the -o command line option to automatically generate docstrings.
* Added the -k command line option and /KeywordArgs/ and /NoKeywordArgs/
function annotations to support keyword arguments.
* Added the /Default/ exception annotation.
* Added the /DocType/ argument, function, mapped type and variable
* Added the /DocValue/ argument annotation.
* Added the %Docstring directive to specify explicit docstrings for classes,
functions and methods.
* Added sipError to %MethodCode to allow user errors to be distinguished
from interpreter errors.
* Added sipBadCallableArg() to the C API.
* Added support for configuring and building outside of the source tree.
- update to 4.9.3:
* A bug fix release.
- update to 4.9.2:
* A bug fix release.
- add split-provides
- update to 4.9.1:
* A bug fix release.
- update to 4.9:
* support for __iter__ and __next__
* the %API directive
* the /API/ annotation
* sipIsAPIEnabled() has been added to the C API
* sip.getapi() and sip.setapi() have been added to the Python API
* sip.ispyowned() has been added to the Python API
* mapped types can now act as a namespace for enums and static methods
* the /Array/ annotation can now be applied to classes and mapped types
* the /NoArgParser/ annotation can now be applied to methods as well as
* the --arch flag was added to to specify which MacOS/X
architectures are built
* SIP is now also licensed under the GPL v2 and v3.
- fix plasmoids requiring python-devel to work (part of bnc#535057)
- Fixed a crash with sipFindType() when the search happens to land on an
unresolved external type.
- update to 4.8.2:
- Fixed the '/' operator for Python v3 and future import for Python v2.
- Backported the /AllowNone/ class annotation from v4.9.
- create a separated -devel package and include the nice documentation
- update to 4.8.1:
- Added support for defining a private assignment operator to suppress the
possible generation of an assignment helper.
- update to 4.8 release:
* support for Python v3
* the ability to supply alternate super-types and meta-types
for wrapped objects
* documentation built using Sphinx
- update to 20090601 snapshot fixing nested template handling
- update to 4.8 snapshot as of 20090430

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