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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170413 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
MozillaFirefox (52.0.1 -> 52.0.2)
WindowMaker (0.95.7 -> 0.95.8)
alpine (2.20 -> 2.21)
autoyast2 (3.2.9 -> 3.2.13)
btrfsmaintenance (0.2 -> 0.3.1)
btrfsprogs (4.9 -> 4.10.2)
calligra ( -> 3.0.1)
ceph (12.0.0+git.1489159457.410e200 -> 12.0.1+git.1491557762.4e47e9f)
dbus-1 (1.10.16 -> 1.10.18)
dbus-1-x11 (1.10.16 -> 1.10.18)
dpdk (16.11.1_k4.10.8_1 -> 16.11.1_k4.10.9_1)
drbd (9.0.5+git.8d53d3e -> 9.0.7rc1+git.093821cd)
drbd-utils (8.9.6 -> 8.9.11rc2)
gdk-pixbuf (2.36.5 -> 2.36.6)
geoclue2 (2.4.5 -> 2.4.6)
gpg2 (2.1.19 -> 2.1.20)
hwinfo (21.38 -> 21.39)
installation-images (14.304 -> 14.307)
issue-generator (1.2 -> 1.3)
kernel-source (4.10.8 -> 4.10.9)
kiwi (7.04.29 -> 7.04.30)
less (481 -> 487)
libdrm (2.4.75 -> 2.4.79)
libinput (1.6.3 -> 1.7.0)
libreoffice ( ->
libzypp (16.5.1 -> 16.6.1)
mercurial (4.1 -> 4.1.2)
nbd (3.13 -> 3.15.2)
ntp (4.2.8p9 -> 4.2.8p10)
obs-service-tar_scm ( ->
open-vm-tools (10.1.0 -> 10.1.5)
osinfo-db (20161026 -> 20170326)
perl-CGI (4.35 -> 4.36)
perl-Clone (0.38 -> 0.39)
perl-HTTP-Cookies (6.01 -> 6.03)
perl-MIME-tools (5.508 -> 5.509)
perl-Module-Build (0.422000 -> 0.422200)
perl-Net-DNS (1.08 -> 1.09)
perl-Parse-RecDescent (1.967013 -> 1.967015)
perl-SQL-Statement (1.410 -> 1.412)
perl-Sub-Identify (0.12 -> 0.13)
perl-XML-NamespaceSupport (1.11 -> 1.12)
perl-libwww-perl (6.24 -> 6.25)
publicsuffix (20170303 -> 20170331)
quagga (1.0.20160315 -> 1.1.1)
rubygem-cfa_grub2 (0.6.0 -> 0.6.1)
spec-cleaner (0.9.3 -> 0.9.4)
vala (0.36.0 -> 0.36.1)
virt-manager (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)
wine (2.4 -> 2.5)
xen (4.8.0_04 -> 4.8.0_06)
yakuake (3.0.2 -> 3.0.4)
yast2 (3.2.23 -> 3.2.27)
yast2-add-on (3.1.17 -> 3.2.0)
yast2-apparmor (3.1.3 -> 3.2.0)
yast2-firewall (3.1.6 -> 3.1.7)
yast2-installation (3.2.34 -> 3.2.37)
yast2-kdump (3.2.2 -> 3.2.3)
yast2-network (3.2.21 -> 3.2.24)
yast2-packager (3.2.21 -> 3.2.22)
yast2-pkg-bindings (3.2.1 -> 3.2.2)
yast2-ruby-bindings (3.2.9 -> 3.2.11)
yast2-samba-server (3.1.16 -> 3.2.1)
yast2-scanner (3.1.3 -> 3.2.1)
yast2-theme (3.2.1 -> 3.2.2)
yast2-users (3.2.8 -> 3.2.11)
yast2-vm (3.2.0 -> 3.2.1)
yast2-ycp-ui-bindings (3.1.9 -> 3.2.0)
zypper (1.13.21 -> 1.13.22)

=== Details ===

==== MozillaFirefox ====
Version update (52.0.1 -> 52.0.2)
Subpackages: MozillaFirefox-translations-common

- update to Firefox 52.0.2
* Use Nirmala UI as fallback font for additional Indic languages (bmo#1342787)
* Fix loading tab icons on session restore (bmo#1338009)
* Fix a crash on startup on Linux (bmo#1345413)
* Fix new installs erroneously not prompting to change the default
browser setting (bmo#1343938)

==== WindowMaker ====
Version update (0.95.7 -> 0.95.8)

- Update to 0.95.8
* for changes and news see
- rework/rebase patches
* WindowMaker-menu.patch
* wm-giflib.patch
- some spec cleanup
- rebase patches (p0)
* WindowMaker-config.patch
* WindowMaker-menu.patch
* fix_wmgenmenu_paths.patch
* wm-giflib.patch

==== alpine ====
Version update (2.20 -> 2.21)
Subpackages: pico

- add chappa patch to add own rules (chappa-rules.patch)
- add chappa patch to change from header (chappa-fromheader.patch)
- add chappa patch to better justify paragraphs (chappa-fillpara.patch)
- drop empty lint.diff
- New version 2.21:
index format
* New SMARTTIME24 token for index screen.
* Added support for RFC 2971 - IMAP ID extension.
* SMIME: Upgrade the default signature digest from SHA-1 to
* SMIME: Turn off automatic signing and encrypting of a message
when bouncing.
* The complete change list can be viewed by pressing "R"
in the Alpine main menu.
- Updated "Chappa" patches to the latest version.
- Obsolete patches:
* alpine-no-add-needed.patch
* chappa-ignoresize.patch
* chappa-unixnullbug.patch
* pico-stripwhitespace.diff
* pine-nonvoid-function.patch

==== apache-pdfbox ====

- Needed as a dependency for FOP 2.1 (FATE#322405)

==== apparmor ====
Subpackages: apparmor-abstractions apparmor-docs apparmor-parser
apparmor-profiles apparmor-utils pam_apparmor pam_apparmor-32bit perl-apparmor

- add upstream-changes-r3629..3648.diff:
- preserve unknown profiles when reloading apparmor.service
(CVE-2017-6507, lp#1668892, boo#1029696)
- add aa-remove-unknown utility to unload unknown profiles (lp#1668892)
- update nvidia abstraction for newer nvidia drivers
- don't enforce ordering of dbus rule attributes in utils (lp#1628286)
- add --parser, --base and --Include option to aa-easyprof to allow
non-standard paths (useful for tests) (lp#1521031)
- move initialization code in apparmor.aa to init_aa(). This allows to
run all utils tests even if /etc/apparmor.d/ or /sbin/apparmor_parser
don't exist.
- several improvements in the utils tests
- drop upstreamed python3-drop-re-locale.patch
- no longer delete/skip some of the utils tests (to allow this, add
- add var.mount dependeny to apparmor.service (boo#1016259#c34)

==== autoyast2 ====
Version update (3.2.9 -> 3.2.13)
Subpackages: autoyast2-installation

- Fix subvolumes schema definition (bsc#1013047)
- 3.2.13
- bnc#1026027
- removed dependency on insserv
- 3.2.12
- Added configuration-management to first installation step.
- 3.2.11
- Update: Product selection will be done by Packages.SelectProduct
now (bnc#1014861).
- 3.2.10

==== btrfsmaintenance ====
Version update (0.2 -> 0.3.1)

- version 0.3.1
- dist-install: fix installation paths, install functions
- functions: fix syntax to be compatible with dash
- spec: install functions file
- version 0.3
- add syslog to logging targets
- add none target (/dev/null)
- autodetect btrfs filesystems for balance, scrub and trim
- detect mixed blockgroups and use correct balance filters
- fix uninstall rules
- fix capturing entire output to the log
- fix when cron files are symlinks
- add generic installation script
- doc updates: retention policy tuning

==== btrfsprogs ====
Version update (4.9 -> 4.10.2)
Subpackages: btrfsprogs-udev-rules libbtrfs0

- update to 4.10.2
* check: lowmem mode fix for false alert about lost backrefs
* convert: minor bugfix
* library: fix build, misisng symbols, added tests
- update to 4.10.1
* receive: handle subvolume in path clone
* convert: rollback fixed (rewrite was needed to address previous design
* build: fix build of 3rd party tools, missing <linux/sizes.h>
* dump-tree: print log trees
* other: new and updated tests
- update to 4.10
* send: dump output fixes: missing newlies
* check: several fixes for the lowmem mode, improved error reporting
* build
* removed some library deps for binaries that not use them
* ctags, cscope
* split Makefile to the autotool generated part and the rest, not needed
to after adding a file
* shared code: sync easy parts with kernel sources
* other
* lots of cleanups
* source file reorganization: convert, mkfs, utils
* lots of spelling fixes in docs, other updates
* more tests
- update to 4.9.1
* check:
* use correct inode number for lost+found files
* lowmem mode: fix false alert on dropped leaf
* size reports: negative numbers might appear in size reports during device
deletes (previously in EiB units)
* mkfs: print device being trimmed
* defrag: v1 ioctl support dropped
* quota: print message before starting to wait for rescan
* qgroup show: new option to sync before printing the stats
* other:
* corrupt-block enhancements
* backtrace and co. cleanups
* doc fixes

==== calligra ====
Version update ( -> 3.0.1)
Subpackages: calligra-doc calligra-extras-dolphin calligra-extras-okular
calligra-lang calligra-sheets calligra-stage calligra-words

- Update to 3.0.1:
* General
- Fix crash in move command when using arrow keys
- Respect container boundaries when moving shapes by arrow keys
- Remove shape manipulation handles when the tool is deactivated
- Always display shapes in the same order in the 'Add shape'
* Sheets
- Improve formatting of scientific numbers
- Fix save/load of cell borders
* Plan
- Bad month calendar in Work & Vacation (kde#376469)
Day numbers were not initialized correctly.
Manually entered dates were not parsed correctly.
- Use default currency symbol if the currency symbol is not
explicitly set
* Chart
- Fix crash when chart type is changed
- Fix crash when a chart component is deleted
- Fix crash when x- or y-axis is removed
- Fix ui when editing axis label
- Limit moving chart components to chart boundaries
- Fix edit font dialog: Keep the axis font's QFont size in sync
with KChart's fontSize
- Fix save/load of axis label font size and font family
- Save/load legend alignment flags
- Do not save axis label if it is not visible
- Always do legend alignment when legend becomes visible.
- Make axis dimensions translatable
- Add undo command for hide/show titles
- Add undo command for add/remove axis
- Respect margins/spacing
- Handle resizing in a reasonable way
- Don't explicitly require version 3.0.0 of kdb/kreport/kproperty,
calligra can be built with higher (3.0.x) versions now too
- Adjust Source URL

==== ceph ====
Version update (12.0.0+git.1489159457.410e200 -> 12.0.1+git.1491557762.4e47e9f)
Subpackages: librados2 librbd1

- Update to version 12.0.1+git.1491557762.4e47e9f
+ merge upstream master (2950ad91d25d0d6e2e3fb6842d5bbc36353ba2a5)
including fixes for:
* bsc#1030068 (s390 build)
* bsc#1031311 (ceph-mon.service not enabled via systemd preset)
- Mention bugs fixed in jewel codestream that are also fixed in the current
+ msg/simple/Pipe: avoid returning 0 on poll timeout (bsc#1014338)
+ build/ops: fix undefined crypto references with --with-xio (bsc#977940)
+ ceph-create-keys: add missing argument comma (bsc#1008894)
+ common: Improve linux dcache hash algorithm (bsc#1005179)
- Update to version 12.0.0+git.1489432599.165c23f:
+ merge upstream master (0c2f5f7214d2410a7519f88e65ed5273d6480227)
including fix for upstream issue#18694 "ceph-disk activate for partition

==== cups ====
Subpackages: cups-client cups-devel cups-libs cups-libs-32bit

- Add /etc/cups to cups-libs package [bsc#1025689]

==== cyrus-sasl ====
Subpackages: cyrus-sasl-crammd5 cyrus-sasl-devel cyrus-sasl-digestmd5
cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-plain libsasl2-3 libsasl2-3-32bit

- added cyrus-sasl-issue-402.patch to fix
SASL GSSAPI mechanism acceptor wrongly returns zero maxbufsize #402

==== dbus-1 ====
Version update (1.10.16 -> 1.10.18)
Subpackages: dbus-1-devel libdbus-1-3 libdbus-1-3-32bit

- Update to 1.10.18
* Fixes
+ Re-order dbus-daemon startup so that on SELinux systems, the
thread that reads AVC notifications retains the ability to
write to the audit log (fdo#92832, Debian #857660; Laurent
+ Fix a harmless read overflow and some memory leaks in a unit
test (fdo#100568, Philip Withnall)

==== dbus-1-x11 ====
Version update (1.10.16 -> 1.10.18)

- Update to 1.10.18
* Fixes
+ Re-order dbus-daemon startup so that on SELinux systems, the
thread that reads AVC notifications retains the ability to
write to the audit log (fdo#92832, Debian #857660; Laurent
+ Fix a harmless read overflow and some memory leaks in a unit
test (fdo#100568, Philip Withnall)

==== dosbox ====

- add patches from Fedora
* 0001-Apply-patch-by-gulikoza-to-add-support-for-absolute-.patch
* 0001-update-64bit-recompiler-core-to-handle-OSX-memory-ad.patch
* 0001-Workaround-clang-confusing-itself-compile-error-resu.patch
* dosbox-0.74-formatsecurity.patch
* dosbox-0.74-init-crash.patch

==== dpdk ====
Version update (16.11.1_k4.10.8_1 -> 16.11.1_k4.10.9_1)

- Fix dpdk KMP build fails(bsc#1031750)
- enable igb_uio kernel module(fate#322394)
- update kernel version for SLES12SP3 4.4.59 for bsc#1031705
- Enable HAVE_VF_VLAN_PROTO for SLE12SP3(bsc#1031705).

==== drbd ====
Version update (9.0.5+git.8d53d3e -> 9.0.7rc1+git.093821cd)

- Update to 9.0.7rc1
- various fixes to the 2-phase-commit online resize
fix fencing and disk state trasition and from consistent, necessary
for crm-fence-peer
fix calculation of authoritative nodes
Quorum to avoid data divergence, an alternative to fencing
Compat with Linux 4.10
- Remove patch drbd_wrapper-Blank-out-WRITE_SYNC-warning-for-new-ke.patch
- Add fix-resync-finished-with-syncs-have-bits-set.patch for bsc#1025089
- Including the compatible fix of bsc#1031299
- Compability fixes for SLE12 SP3 (bsc#993388, FATE#321732)
- Add patch drbd_wrapper-Blank-out-WRITE_SYNC-warning-for-new-ke.patch
- bsc#1025585, upgrade to 9.0.6

==== drbd-utils ====
Version update (8.9.6 -> 8.9.11rc2)

- Update to v8.9.11
* No source changes from v8.9.11rc1
- Disable quorum in default configuration (bsc#1032142)
- Add 0001-Disable-quorum-in-default-configuration-bsc-1032142.patch
- Update to v8.9.11rc1
- OCF resource agent and crm-fence-peer for drbd9
introduce quorum support
JSON output fixes
set bitmap to 0 on metadata creation
- Remove patch support-drbd9-ra.patch
Remove patch initialize-node-id-when-create-md.patch
- Corresponding user space change of bsc#1031299
- Update to v8.9.10 for drbd9.0.6 and drbdmanage
- new drbdmon tool
drbdadm parser got faster
send SIGKILL to childs if parent drbdadm dies
compat fixes for linux kernel
- Remove obsolete Requires for pre/post install sections
- bsc#1025585, update to v8.9.8
- Remove patch zeroout-discard-devices.patch
Remove patch service-mod.patch

==== filesystem ====

- Move /etc/init.d hiearchy to insserv-compat
- Move /etc/cups to cups-libs [bsc#1025689]

==== ft2demos ====

- Package the tools separately to avoid unnecessary dependencies
on X11 and/or Qt5 (bsc#1031678)

==== gdk-pixbuf ====
Version update (2.36.5 -> 2.36.6)
Subpackages: gdk-pixbuf-devel gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-32bit libgdk_pixbuf-2_0-0 libgdk_pixbuf-2_0-0-32bit

- Update to version 2.36.6:
+ jpeg: Support the EXIF tag (bgo#143608).
+ ico: Make option parsing locale-independent (bgo#776990).
+ Fix build on Windows.
+ Updated translations.

==== geoclue2 ====
Version update (2.4.5 -> 2.4.6)
Subpackages: typelib-1_0-Geoclue-2_0

- Drop practically empty %pre section (because of the shell comment,
it was non empty and would needlessy spawn /bin/sh).
- RPM group corrections.
- Update to version 2.4.6:
+ Add to white-list:
- gnome-color-panel for "Night Light" functionality.
- gnome-shell for new weather view in the calendar.
+ Other minor fixes.
- Drop geoclue2-permit-Night-Light.patch: Fixed upstream.
- Drop geoclue2-permit-gnome-maps.patch: No longer needed due to
changes in location settings in gnome.
- Split out new package system-user-srvGeoClue: create a user that
can be required by different package (e.g. NetworkManager has a
rule based on the user account. With the user created separately,
NM can now require the user even without geoclue2 being

==== gpg2 ====
Version update (2.1.19 -> 2.1.20)

- GnuPG 2.1.20:
* gpg: New properties 'expired', 'revoked', and 'disabled' for the
import and export filters.
* gpg: New command --quick-set-primary-uid.
* gpg: New compliance field for the --with-colon key listing.
* gpg: Changed the key parser to generalize the processing of local
meta data packets.
* gpg: Fixed assertion failure in the TOFU trust model.
* gpg: Fixed exporting of zero length user ID packets.
* scd: Improved support for multiple readers.
* scd: Fixed timeout handling for key generation.
* agent: New option --enable-extended-key-format.
* dirmngr: Do not add a keyserver to a new dirmngr.conf. Dirmngr
uses a default keyserver.
* dimngr: Do not treat TLS warning alerts as severe error when
building with GNUTLS.
* dirmngr: Actually take /etc/hosts in account.
* wks: Fixed client problems on Windows. Published keys are now set
to world-readable.
* tests: Fixed creation of temporary directories.
* A socket directory for a non standard GNUGHOME is now created on
the fly under /run/user. Thus "gpgconf --create-socketdir" is now
optional. The use of "gpgconf --remove-socketdir" to clean up
obsolete socket directories is however recommended to avoid
cluttering /run/user with useless directories.
* Fixed build problems on some platforms.

==== gpsd ====

- Remove conditionals for 1210 and older (oldest codebase built is SLE12)
- run scons in multiple threads
- convert to pkgconfig dependencies

==== hwinfo ====
Version update (21.38 -> 21.39)
Subpackages: hwinfo-devel

- sanitize changelog
- powerpc: support ibmvnic network interfaces (bsc#1031676)
- 21.39

==== insserv-compat ====

- Add /etc/init.d hierachy from filesystem

==== installation-images ====
Version update (14.304 -> 14.307)

- adjust virtio module config (bsc#1028369)
- 14.307
- vim uses update-alternatives
- 14.306
- adjust module config
- 14.305

==== issue-generator ====
Version update (1.2 -> 1.3)

- Update to version 1.3
- make list of network interfaces configureable

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (4.10.8 -> 4.10.9)
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms

- Linux 4.10.9 (CVE-2017-7187 bnc#1012628 bsc#1030213).
- Delete
- commit 195f937
- drm/vmwgfx: fix integer overflow in vmw_surface_define_ioctl()
(boo#1031440 CVE-2017-7294).
- drm/vmwgfx: NULL pointer dereference in
vmw_surface_define_ioctl() (boo#1031052 CVE-2017-7261).
- commit eb4ae7d
- scsi: sg: check length passed to SG_NEXT_CMD_LEN (bsc#1030213,
- commit 64f4c97

==== kiwi ====
Version update (7.04.29 -> 7.04.30)
Subpackages: kiwi-desc-isoboot kiwi-desc-netboot kiwi-desc-oemboot
kiwi-desc-vmxboot kiwi-doc kiwi-media-requires kiwi-templates

- v7.04.30 released
- Fixup boot setup in uefi mode
Revert "Delete obsolete shim code from kiwi", because it was
not obsolete for setting up an iso image to boot via the shim
secure boot module. Also revert "Follow up fix for not writing
grub.cfg to EFI dir", as this is also needed for the setup
of an efi bootable iso image (bsc#1030740)
- Fix doc typos

==== less ====
Version update (481 -> 487)

- update to version 487
* New commands ESC-{ and ESC-} to shift to start/end of displayed
* Make search highlights work correctly when changing caselessness
with -i.
* New option -Da in Windows version to enable SGR mode.
* Fix "nothing to search" error when top or bottom line on screen
is empty.
* Fix bug when terminal has no "cm" termcap entry.
* Fix incorrect display when entering double-width chars in search
* Fix bug in Unicode handling that missed some double width
* Update Unicode database to 9.0.0.
- remove less-429-widechars.patch that is no longer needed
(fixed upstream)
- refresh less-429-shell.patch
- get rid of %{name} macro from the patch names

==== libdaemon ====

- cleanup with spec-cleaner

==== libdiscid ====

- cleanup with spec-cleaner

==== libdrm ====
Version update (2.4.75 -> 2.4.79)
Subpackages: libdrm-devel libdrm2 libdrm_amdgpu1 libdrm_intel1 libdrm_nouveau2
libdrm_radeon1 libkms1

- Update to version 2.4.79:
+ amdgpu: allow to query GPU sensor related information
- Update to version 2.4.78:
This fixes a build issue for GNU/kFreeBSD, and adds a new
page_flip_handler2 event handler, which when run on a suitably
capable kernel, can provide the CRTC ID to userspace for atomic
completion events.
- Update to version 2.4.77:
+ tests/etnaviv: link against libdrm
+ etnaviv: remove struct etna_specs
+ amdgpu: add amdgpu_bo_va_op_raw to the symbol check
+ bring back pthread-stubs check
+ tegra: update symbol-check
+ amdgpu: add REPLACE and CLEAR checking for VA op (v2)
+ amdgpu: add amdgpu_bo_va_op_raw
+ headers: sync amdgpu_drm.h from airlied/drm-next
+ headers: the uint*_t vs. __u* discrepancy in amdgpu_drm is fixed
+ Android: fix building of modetest and proptest
+ Android: disable pointer-arith and enum-conversion
+ exynos: fix type-punned pointer build warning
+ exynos/fimg2d: remove unused-function build warning
+ tests/exynos: remove unused-function build warning
+ tests/exynos: fix invalid code of error path in g2d test
+ xf86drm: remove memory leaks in drmGetBusid/drmGetReservedContextList
- do not buildrequire util-macros-devel on sle13
- update to 2.4.76
* This release is required for upcoming Radeon Vega GPUs.

==== libinput ====
Version update (1.6.3 -> 1.7.0)
Subpackages: libinput-udev libinput10

- Update to new upstream release 1.7.0
* cyapa touchpads now have a custom pressure ranage
* support for switches, in particular lid switches
* Touchpads now use pressure values to detect touches instead of
relying on BTN_TOUCH
* Wheel tilt events are now handled as such provided the device
is correctly labeled by the hwdb.
* Middle mouse button emulation is now compatible with scroll
wheel emulation, i.e. it is possible to set scroll wheel
emulation on the right mouse button and still enjoy middle
button emulation.

==== libpcap ====
Subpackages: libpcap1 libpcap1-32bit

- Restore section setting $pic

==== libpsl ====

- Use idn2 runtime instead of libicu - as libicu requires 30MB
of unicode data - while idn2 is already part of minimal system

==== libpsm2 ====
Subpackages: libpsm2-2 libpsm2-compat

- Remove leftover conflict marker
- Fix summary for libpsm2-compat.

==== libquicktime ====

- Move unversioned so files to previously not built main package.
- Following this, split out a new sub-package
libquicktime-orig-addon, built depending on macro BUILD_ORIG.
- Split out a new lang subpackage.
- Stop providing/obsoleting libquicktime last available in openSUSE

==== libreoffice ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: libreoffice-base libreoffice-base-drivers-mysql
libreoffice-branding-upstream libreoffice-calc libreoffice-calc-extensions
libreoffice-draw libreoffice-filters-optional libreoffice-gnome
libreoffice-gtk3 libreoffice-icon-theme-breeze libreoffice-icon-theme-galaxy
libreoffice-icon-theme-hicontrast libreoffice-icon-theme-oxygen
libreoffice-icon-theme-sifr libreoffice-icon-theme-tango libreoffice-impress
libreoffice-kde4 libreoffice-l10n-cs libreoffice-l10n-da libreoffice-l10n-de
libreoffice-l10n-el libreoffice-l10n-en libreoffice-l10n-es libreoffice-l10n-fr
libreoffice-l10n-hu libreoffice-l10n-it libreoffice-l10n-ja libreoffice-l10n-pl
libreoffice-l10n-pt_BR libreoffice-l10n-ru libreoffice-l10n-zh_CN
libreoffice-l10n-zh_TW libreoffice-mailmerge libreoffice-math libreoffice-pyuno
libreoffice-writer libreoffice-writer-extensions libreofficekit

- Version update to
* RC1 of the 5.3.2 release

==== libxslt ====
Subpackages: libxslt-devel libxslt-tools libxslt1 libxslt1-32bit

- security update: initialize random generator, CVE-2015-9019
+ libxslt-random-seed.patch

==== libzypp ====
Version update (16.5.1 -> 16.6.1)

- Recognize license tarball in rpmmd repos (FATE#316159)
- Fix media verification to properly propagate media access errors
- version 16.6.1 (0)
- Fix invalidation of PoolItems if Pool IDs are reused (bsc#1028661)
- version 16.6.0 (0)
- Fix X-libcurl-Empty-Header-Workaround (bsc#1030919)
- version 16.5.2 (0)

==== llvm3_9 ====

- Fix conflicts with llvm4
- Stop building libc++ to get ready for llvm 4.0 update

==== lynx ====

- Use upstream commit f0b064b47bfa046da941f5029cdc1b4c851553ce to
replace workaround in patch lynx-2.8.8-ncurses-6.0-20170318.patch

==== mercurial ====
Version update (4.1 -> 4.1.2)
Subpackages: mercurial-lang

- Mercurial 4.1.2
This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.
+ Mercurial should work inside IIS on Windows again. (issue5493)
+ zstd support now refuses to work on old bundle formats. (issue5506)
+ Merges involving subrepositories no longer crash in some cases. (issue5505)
+ Checking for new heads during push is no longer accidentally quadratic
- Mercurial 4.1.1
This is a regularly-scheduled bugfix release.
+ Several incorrect mailing list addresses have been corrected.
+ Various error cases have been corrected during push and pull.
+ Minor issues that happened when Mercurial spawned worker processes have
been fixed.

==== mt-st ====

- Switch binaries to alternatives system
- Change package description

==== nbd ====
Version update (3.13 -> 3.15.2)

- Update to version 3.15.2:
* Fix the copyonwrite situation with multiple threads. This has
been broken since nbd 3.12, where multiple outstanding writes
could corrupt the copyonwrite diff file.
* Build system improvements so that things work again if
nbd-client isn't buildable while GnuTLS is enabled
* Documentation updates
* Fixes to the GnuTLS usage, and the ability to configure the
priority string for that library
- Changes for version 3.15.1:
* minor but crucial fix in the handling of the WRITE_ZEROES
command, which would otherwise not work in cooperation with
- Changes for version 3.15.0:
* Implement NBD_CMD_WRITE_ZEROES, for efficiently writing large
numbers of zeroes (server side implementation only)
* (optional) support for NBD_OPT_STARTTLS, using GnuTLS.
* Support for multiplexing commands over multiple connections,
for improving performance (requires Linux 4.10 or above).
* Support for using splice(), also for improving performance
* Protocol errors during negotiation now are accompanied by a
human-readable error string.
* Fix the handling of maxconnections, so that it is not a global
setting (over all exports) but rather a per-export setting.
* Fix handling of unknown options sent to the server. Previously
we would desync from the protocol, causing another error and a
* Produce a log message when the address family of the client
socket does not match the expected address family in the
authfile handling. A proper fix would convert IPv4 sockets to
v6-mapped v4 sockets, but that's much more complicated.
* and various other minor fixes too small to mention here; see
the changelog
- Changes for version 3.14.0:
* Major review of doc/, with many clarifications.
* Some bug fixes for nbd-server that were discovered during the
extensive updates to
* Some fixes for non-Linux platforms,
* Some minor incremental improvements to the new nbdtab
* Fix the way we tell the kernel about really small exports,
* Removal of references to the no longer supported oldstyle from
all documentation
* Minor updates, clarifications, and syntax fixes for man pages
and other documentation
* Addition of a systemd unit file for nbd-client. This requires a
kernel which issues change events upon disconnect
(commit 37091fdd83), and a udev which correctly sets
- Drop init.nbd-server and support for non systemd distributions
- Drop patches:
* nbd-2.9.25-close.diff (upstreamed)
* nbd-2.9.25-doxyfile.diff (no longer needed)
- Do not build doc subpackage

==== ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs ====
Subpackages: libntfs-3g87 ntfs-3g ntfsprogs

- Fix SLES 11 build.

==== ntp ====
Version update (4.2.8p9 -> 4.2.8p10)
Subpackages: ntp-doc

- Enable experimental leap smearing (fate#321003).
See /usr/share/doc/packages/ntp/README.leapsmear for details.
- Fix spelling and default values in conf.sysconfig.ntp
- Update to 4.2.8p10 (bsc#1030050):
* Sec 3389 / CVE-2017-6464 / VU#325339: NTP-01-016 NTP:
Denial of Service via Malformed Config
* Sec 3388 / CVE-2017-6462 / VU#325339: NTP-01-014 NTP:
Buffer Overflow in DPTS Clock
* Sec 3387 / CVE-2017-6463 / VU#325339: NTP-01-012 NTP:
Authenticated DoS via Malicious Config Option
* Sec 3386: NTP-01-011 NTP:
ntpq_stripquotes() returns incorrect Value
* Sec 3385: NTP-01-010 NTP:
ereallocarray()/eallocarray() underused
* Sec 3381: NTP-01-006 NTP: Copious amounts of Unused Code
* Sec 3380: NTP-01-005 NTP: Off-by-one in Oncore GPS Receiver
* Sec 3379 / CVE-2017-6458 / VU#325339: NTP-01-004 NTP:
Potential Overflows in ctl_put() functions
* Sec 3378 / CVE-2017-6451 / VU#325339: NTP-01-003
Improper use of snprintf() in mx4200_send()
* Sec 3377 / CVE-2017-6460 / VU#325339: NTP-01-002
Buffer Overflow in ntpq when fetching reslist
* Sec 3376: NTP-01-001 Makefile does not enforce Security Flags
* Sec 3361 / CVE-2016-9042 / VU#325339: 0rigin (zero origin) DoS.
* [Bug 3393] clang scan-build findings
* [Bug 3363] Support for openssl-1.1.0 without compatibility modes
* [Bug 3356] Bugfix 3072 breaks multicastclient
* [Bug 3173] forking async worker: interrupted pipe I/O
* [Bug 3139] (...) time_pps_create: Exec format error
* [Bug 3107] Incorrect Logic for Peer Event Limiting
* [Bug 3062] Change the process name of forked DNS worker
* [Bug 2923] Trap Configuration Fail
* [Bug 2896] Nothing happens if minsane < maxclock < minclock
* [Bug 2851] allow -4/-6 on restrict line with mask
* [Bug 2645] out-of-bound pointers in ctl_putsys and decode_bitflags
- Removed patches:
* ntp-openssl-version.patch: fixed upstream
* ntp-processname.patch: accepted upstream
* ntp-trap.patch: accepted upstream
* ntp-unbreak-multicast.patch: fixed upstream
- Remove spurious log messages (bsc#1014172, ntp-warnings.patch).

==== obs-service-tar_scm ====
Version update ( ->

- Update to version
* keep .gitlab/.github directories
- Update to version
* Provide version rewrite using a regex pattern and replacement.
* initial appimage support
* make pep8 happy again
* test cases for version rewrite
* new parameter --match-tag to filter tags

==== open-iscsi ====
Subpackages: iscsiuio

- This is now the latest upstream open-iscsi, i.e. 2.0.874
plus latest as of this date, together with SUSE-specific
changes that are not yet upstream or not appropriate for
Important changes in this update include:
* qedi transport support
* README cleanup
* iscsiuio update
* shutdown cleanup
Also, the base tar file has been refactored to
pre 2.0.874-suse as well as patches file for everything
after that tag.
Lastly, this update syncs this "Changes" file in Factory to and
SLE, including SLE bug and FATE numbers, for reference.
- Added two patches submitted upstream that
make iscsi service shutdown cleaner (bsc#952437)
- Added open-isns patch to remove Discovery
Domain doubling when loading from file (bsc#897297),
adding patch:
* open-isns-Fix-DD-member-doubling-when-restoring-from-DB.patch
- Stop manual sessions for iscsi service (bsc#989548)
- Added patch submitted upstream that sets socket option
to SO_LINGER (bsc#974102)
- Update user-space open-iscsi tools (bsc#975217, FATE#320753),
which included:
+ Backported changes from openSUSE:Factory branch:
* Removing creation of open-isns RPM.
* Allow setting host params to return EAGAIN errors.
* Kernel include path
* Fix iBFT target flags check.
* fix typo
* Fix typo in man page.
* Use system-wide open-isns, not internal version.
* iscsi: remove local copy of open-isns
* iscsid: make sure actor is delated before rescheduling
* iscsid/iscsiuio: remove uio poll
* iscsid: fix iscsi_host_set_net_params return code
* Syncing up utils/fwparam_ibft with upstream.
* Syncing top-level files with upstream.
* Fixed duplicate lines for subnet_mask and gateway
+ Update SPEC file for spliced open-isns by copying open-isns
upstream tarball and patches from factory, since open-isns is no
longer part of open-iscsi
- Added 5 upstream patches for iscsiuio (bsc#960438):
iscsiuio: Get the library to use based on uio sysfs name
iscsiuio: Wait for iface to be ready before issuing the ping
iscsiadm: let ping be tried after iface config is initialized
iscsiuio: Add ping support through iscsiuio
iscsid: Changes to support ping through iscsiuio
- Updated spec file copyright
- Build service git diffs now using 12-digit commit IDs
- isns: exit with success when terminated with SIGTERM (bsc#948561)
- isns: Adding signal managment around DB update,
and ignore empty DB file (bsc#941791)
- isns: Remove the debugging output from isnsd (bsc#949443)
- added patch submitted upstream by QLogic:
iscsiuio: Add QLogic Vendor ID to support newer NX2 HBAs
- open-isns: For bsc#941944:
- Allow setting server name with "--server"
- Ensure we can reliably get our IP address
- open-isns: For bsc#941791:
- Set up /etc/isns/*.conf files when installing
- Install /etc/isns/isnsadm.conf
- Allow non-tcp transport for discovery daemon (bsc#939923)
- Added iscsi_fw_login helper script, and new udev
rule to call script when iBFT/iscsi boot targets
added (bsc#869278)
- Added rcsymlinks (bsc#932814)
- Cleaned up spec file for rpmlint
- Updated open-iscsi to match upstream, as per bsc#936114,
The following is a summary of changes. See
git@xxxxxxxxxx:hreinecke/open-iscsi.git for details of commits:
a068906448ef Removing duplicate LDFLAGS from incorrect patch
85ed2b4a1cb5 Prevent spinning over poll() when reconnecting to an
inaccessible target
bbffa1dd332d Fix incorrect list operation leading to out-of-order items on
ce449cc8407f iscsiuio: Correct the handling of Multi Function mode
e7f84d774c22 Reformat man page synopsis sections
271b77dece32 Spelling and escaping error fixes.
2022944815b2 Remove outdated Debian packaging code.
d650915062d6 buildsys: respect CFLAGS and LDFLAGS from the outside
97ae5d74d6bf buildsys: make 'make clean' idempotent
770993b1e422 Fix small typo in iscsid.conf
c9dcedb7b6a9 Remove duplicate newlines in log messages.
2986f9c95f6f iscsid: don't re-read config file for every session logout
d56f49d3f947 iscsid safe session logout
3f59db921549 Add some more debug logging to actor.c
75552f5519a8 iscsiuio CFLAGS fixes
73e3e00c0e5e iscsid: fix order of setting uid/gid and drop supplementary
99dfbeff1676 add discovery as a valid mode in iscsiadm.8
688c2e9185f1 guard against NULL ptr during discovery from unexpected event
c31ec6483815 Allow setting host params to return EAGAIN errors.
973508df1daf fix regression in iscsi_tcp iface binding
93c9d5ae1c86 Wake up to reap children
24409900d9df Make running actors event-driven
bc491ac31487 Remove actor_init and rename actor_new to actor_init
cbcd086a2cf9 actor: Simplify actor_poll a little
71ec348a2dfd actor: Unobfuscate ACTOR_MAX_LOOPS
61d58fbf6de8 actor: Remove ACTOR_TICKS_10MS()
f53eb0034618 actor: s/ACTOR_TICKS/actor_jiffies/
dfe52b2423ff actor: simplify actor_check
8667dcd5d628 actor: Mark actor_check static
8037a0a30b8f Represent DHCP "origin" as an enum, not a string.
da567155cfe9 Code cleanup: no functional changes
6478eaac7b53 iscsiuio: Check return value from nic_queue_tx_packet
1d07286fda46 iscsiuio: Remove set but unused variables
382655137020 iscsiuio: Change nic_disable to return void
7c233130687a iscsiuio: Use attribute(unused) for *icmpv6_hdr
8e1d38215344 iscsiuio: Use attribute(unused) for variables that are unused
but needed
6ae604304b10 iscsiuio: Fix aliasing issue with IPV6_IS_ADDR_UNSPECIFIED
63b450de0c29 iscsiuio: Resolve strict aliasing issue in
c1e83d439f90 iscsiuio: Fix strict-aliasing warning with struct mac_address
980c471e9f4e iscsiuio: Fix warning about non-matching types
cb84219a4992 Fix missing header
9d744ac8c039 Fix bad sizeof in memset
67ff3a01e3ed Fix warning about possibly-uninitialized variable
e5518c7a8f43 Fix build warnings for unused variables
5d68768908e0 iscsid: don't round up when modifying padding len
d21766d95e10 isns: Add docs for deregistering discovery domains.
ed04ac2f9f32 iscsiadm : make iface.ipaddress optional in iface configs for
transports that don't have a hard requirement on it.
148854ae2d6e iscsiuio: Rebranding iscsiuio
a3c40ba2ba4f iscsiadm: Initialize param_count in set_host_chap_info
bfa2f55b0928 iscsid: Fix double close of mgmt ipc fd
a037f5eaa9e0 iscsid: retry login for ISCSI_ERR_HOST_NOT_FOUND
f0f3bbd25762 Fix StatSN in Open-iSCSI Stack.
a9f4d169a95a be2iscsi: Fix MaxXmitDataLenght of the driver.
cf1346a86489 iscsiuio: fix compilation
- Double the size of the iscsiuio ARP tables,
making it faster when switches present (bsc#922311)
- Fixing ibft boot, completing commit 26020764daf70,
which only fixed NIC context. Now boot context
also fixed (bsc#902183)
- Ported upstream commit 51c0b6ef8bc90:
Supply strings for newly-added error numbers
- Do not convert all "again" errors from transport to
internal errors (bsc#903729)
- Update spec-file copyright date
- Fixed iscsi.service start to ignore iscsiadm
return value so that systemd knows service is
running and can still shut it down (bsc#897565)
- Fix isns server to allow legal registration sequence,
including portal group (bsc#905670)
- Added fix from Hannes to properly boot all iSCSI CNAs,
fixing previous change (bnc#902183)
- Added fix from hannes to fixup IPv6 iBFT interface
- Added iscsiuio spec file service macros (bnc#887143)
- Remove unused variable 'path'
- Parse 'origin' value from iBFT
- iscsi_offload: fix detection of bnx2i (bnc#886198)
- Valgrind fixes for iscsiuio (bnc#881692)
- Added firewall service file for isns server (bnc#880305),
adding file: open-iscsi-firewall.service
- Install ibft-rule-generator (bnc#880336)
- iscsi.service: do not logout from all sessions during shutdown
- iscsid.service: Fixup dependencies (bnc#880338)
- iscsi_offload: do not print error messages for be2iscsi
be2iscsi HBAs display the firmware settings in
/sys/firmware/iscsi_boot1 and only provide a subset
of the iBFT settings (bnc#876137)
- Added two not-yet-upstream patches for iscsiuio/systemd activation
from Chris Leech (bnc#869567):
Updated spec file to handle install/package of new files.
- Added an upstream patch from Mike Christie (bnc#869356):
iscsid: Fix handling of iscsi async events.
When iscsi targets send 32 or more iscsi async event pdus the
initiator will run out of memory for events and this message:
BUG: iscsid: Can not allocate memory for receive context.
will be logged non stop. iscsid will then not be able to
complate any more requests because it is stuck in a endless loop
printing that message.
This fixes the problem by having iscsid handle an event after it
has read it in from netlink or the mgmt ipc. Previously we would
queue all events then handle them.
- Added two patches from QLogic, accepted up stream (bnc#866866):
- Updated systemd unit files (bnc#847953)
- Split iscsiuio out as separate package
(part of bnc#858972)
- Systemd integration for open-isns (FATE#316901)
- Pulled in patches from upstream git (FATE#315963)
* Replaced iscsiuio with upstream version
* Switched to autotools when building iscsiuio
- Recreate SUSE-specific patches
* Removed obsolete iscsiuio integration
* Removed obsolete patches
* Rediffed SUSE-specific patches
* Removed patches
- open-iscsi-openSUSE-12.3-first-merge.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-openSUSE-Factory-first-merge.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-openSUSE-Factory-qla4xxx-patches.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-sles11-sp2-latest.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-sles11-sp2-update.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-sles11-sp3-flash-update.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-sles11-sp3-general-updates-1.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-sles11-sp3-iscsiuio-update.diff.bz2
* Added patches
- open-iscsi-git-update.diff.bz2
- open-iscsi-sles12-update.diff.bz2
- Build separate open-isns package (FATE#316901)
- Remove 'linux-iscsi' provides; package has last
been used on SLES9.
- Added open-iscsi-openSUSE-Factory-qla4xxx-patches.diff.bz2, with
the following changes from QLogic (bnc#855859):
iscsiadm.8: Updated man page for host statistics.
README: Updated for host statistics.
iscsi_tool: Add offload host statistics support.
iscsiadm: Added document for description of iface attributes
iscsi tools: Show iface params based on iface type
iscsi tools: Let default type of iface be ipv4
iscsi tools: iface params should be updated for node_rec as well.
iscsi tools: Additional parameters for network settings
iscsi tools: Ignore network parameter if not enabled/disabled
iscsi tools: Use single function to set integer network parameters
iscsi tools: Use single function to enable/disable network parameters
iscsi tools: Use macro to set IPv4/IPv6 IP addresses
iscsi_if.h: Additional parameters for network param settings
iscsi_if.h: Remove numbers used for network parameter settings
iscsi tools: Setup iface conf file with all iface attrs exported in sysfs
README changes for adding support to set CHAP entry
iscsi tools: Correctly get username_in and password_in flashnode params
iscsiadm: Add support to set CHAP entry using host chap mode
README changes to use long option --index instead of --flashnode_idx
iscsiadm: Man page changes to use -x option for chap_tbl_idx
iscsiadm: Use '-x' option instead of '-v' to specify chap_tbl_idx
flashnode: Add support to set ISCSI_FLASHNODE_CHAP_OUT_IDX param
iscsi tools: Print additional session info for flashnode session
iscsiadm: Correctly check for invalid hostno and flashnode index
- Fixed mkinitrd setup to not scan /etc/fstab
(bnc#826700), changing:
- Dropped this patch from OBS; moved to github repostiory:
The following patches updated to use new linux git
requirements for longer hash values in patches, but not
functionally changed:
This patch was also changed to absorb changes from
- install the iscsistart utility which is required by dracut
- Remove usage of iscsiuio from mkinitrd scripts
- Add programs tags to mkinitrd scripts
- add support for systemd integration (bnc#827654)
- moved the open-iscsi branch to the SLES 11 SP3 codebase.
Update coalesces and drops patches:
- New patches:
- check return from nice() correctly (bnc#807936)
- Branched from SLES 11 SP3
- Modified for openSUSE by removing iscsiuio references, and
by changing service name from open-iscsi to iscsid (bnc#821695)
- Adds support to be able to use isns discovery and
bind the portals found to offload ifaces (bnc#820881)
- Now handles boot-time non-root iSCSI volumes (bnc#630434)
- Fixed iscsiadm name/value command-line parsing
bug caused by previous update (bnc#818517)
- Added iscsiadm support for user management of target adapter
flash (bnc#810208)
- Add open-iscsi-support-non-root-boot-volume.patch: handle non-
root boot-time iscsi volumes (bnc#630434)
- Add open-iscsi-fix-sysfs-get-value-null.patch: accept "(null)"
password as meaning no password, when using sysfs (bnc#766300)
- Updated iscsiuio to latest (bnc#769125)
- Added iscsiuio patches and other cleanup (bnc#751056)
- Updated open-iscsi to version 2.0.873 (bnc#751056)
- Updated iscsiuio to version, to match
- Do not install initiatorname.iscsi (bnc#742430)
- iscsi_offload: Fixup qla4xxx booting (bnc#742570)
- Append '.suse' to version string (bnc#713975)
- iscsiadm dumps core on invalid config file (bnc#742570)
- Load iscsi_tcp kernel modules unconditionally (bnc#738040)
- iscsiadm: Return correct error when login fails (bnc#715071)
- Add bnx2i to list of modules (bnc#718014)
- iscsi_offload: Configure interface from iBFT
- Allow modifications for iface.gateway and iface.subnet_mask
- iscsiadm: Allow -d flag for firmware mode
- iscsid prints invalid log message
- Start iscsiuio early in (bnc#731216)
- Enable offload interfaces from iscsi_offload script (bnc#730157)
- Start iscsiuio manually again (bnc#732798)
- Remove compat code from iscsiuio
- Fixup build warnings
- Add uip_broadcast() header declaration
- Handle error when starting iscsiuio from iscsid
- Fixup definition for krecv_conn_state()
- Include iscsi-gen-initiatorname script
- Update mkinitrd scripts for iSCSI offload boot (bnc#732634)
- Added launching of iscsiuio before session sync (bnc#731216)
- Update iscsiuio to (bnc#726708)
- Merge with mainline:
* Update for mixed mode on qla4xxx (bnc#727415)
* Fix printing of unknown host values in iscsiadm
* Fix IPv6 ibft/firmware boot
* Remove iSNS RFC files
- Stop iscsiuio when run inside initrd (bnc#728095)
- Rename init scripts (bnc#661401).
- Update iscsiuio to (bnc#687392)
- Default iscsid version to 872 for iscsiuio (bnc#687392)
- Update iscsi_offload script (bnc#718014)
- Fixup mac address calculation
- Fixup iscsi_offload script to work on qla4xxx (bnc#722268)
- Fix build error.
- Merge with mainline:
* Include qla4xxx support (bnc#722268)
* Multiple sessions from single iface (bnc#713975)
- Fix memory leak when parsing config file
- Update iscsiuio to (bnc#687392)
- Fixup README (bnc#711953)
- Start iscsiuio from iscsid (bnc#718014)
- Update iscsiuio to (bnc#687392)
- iscsi fails to start with bnx2i offloading (bnc#708261)
- /etc/init.d/open-iscsi fails to shutdown daemon on 'stop'
- Add 'iscsi_offload' script (FATE#311488)
- Configure all interfaces from iBFT (FATE#311345)
- Update iscsi_uio to version (bnc#687392)
- Add uip callbacks (bnc#687392)
- Fixup spec file to refer to iscsiuio
- Update to version 2.0-872 (FATE#312030)
- Update brcm_iscsi_uio to version (FATE#312028)
- Rediff patches to apply to upstream codebase
- Include scripts for automated build
- Fix build with newer glibc.
- Fix the following issues:
bnc#608224: iscsi stop fails though root is not on iSCSI device-
bnc#435689: root on multipath iSCSI SLES10 SP2 host occasionally
bnc#455995: iSCSI connections should not get closed if unmount
- open-iscsi-start-multipath-before-iscsi: updated to apply w/
- Parse iface entry correctly in init script
- Tear down block device stack on 'open-iscsi stop' (bnc#608224)
- open-iscsi stop returns 'failed' for root on iSCSI (bnc#608224)
- Extract correct session information for firmware sessions
- Start multipathd before open-iscsi (bnc#603382)
- also enter boot.multipath in Should-Stop
- Start boot.multipath prior to (bnc#595629)
- Do send SIGTERM to pid 0 (bnc#589064)
- Set correct 'interface' variable for mkinitrd (bnc#596627)
- Remove ibft mkinitrd scripts.
- Only set nettype to 'dhcp' if a valid DHCP address was found
- Do not print 'umounting failed' on shutdown (bnc#581259)
- Do no umount root fs on shutdown (bnc#581259)
- Update brcm_uio daemon to version 0.5.7 (bnc#576601)
- Load transport modules if configured (bnc#590531)
- Do not hardcode the iscsi_ibft module in the iscsi mkinitrd
script, the ibft script handles this correctly (bnc#528657).
- Don't close sessions if umount fails (bnc#581259)
- Start brcm_uio daemon conditionally if HW is present (bnc#576601)
- Include <sys/types.h> for pid_t.
- Add brcm_uio daemon for bnx2i iSCSI offload (bnc#576601)
- Do not modify network parameter when iBFT is not found
- Use correct value for iBFT 'origin' parameter (bnc#565116)
- iscsiadm fails to read ibft (bnc#561596)
- Update to 2.0-871 (FATE#307216)
- Renumber patches
- Add mkinitrd scriptlet for iBFT setup (bnc#541892)
- Fall back to kernel name in mkinitrd setup if udev fails
- Allow empty usernames for CHAP
- Read initiatorname correctly from sysfs (bnc#541882)
- updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
- Synchronize startup settings (bnc#514273)
- Fix daemon segfault with CHAP (bnc#519402)
- Do not use temp file in iscsi_discovery (bnc#528711)
- build with fno-strict-aliasing
- do not use static libc, this does not work in reality, use
of getaddrinfo(3) requires shared libraries at runtime

==== open-vm-tools ====
Version update (10.1.0 -> 10.1.5)
Subpackages: libvmtools0 open-vm-tools-desktop

- Fix unowned /var/lib/vmware directory. (bsc#1028866)
- Fix package dependency for open-vm-tools on libvmtools0 (bsc#1031968)
- fix build failure caused by upstream glibc change requiring
explicit include of sys/sysmacros.h
+ glibc-sysmacros.patch
- Updated to 10.1.5 stable release (boo#1027987)
+ Authentication failure is reported as unknown general system error.
+ Unable to backup virtual machines with active Docker containers.

==== openssl ====
Subpackages: libopenssl-devel libopenssl1_0_0 libopenssl1_0_0-32bit

- Remove O3 from optflags, no need to not rely on distro wide settings
- Remove conditions for sle10 and sle11, we care only about sle12+
- USE SUSE instead of SuSE in readme
- Pass over with spec-cleaner

==== osinfo-db ====
Version update (20161026 -> 20170326)

- casp is actually written CaasP.
Rename patch add-casp-support.patch into add-caasp-support.patch
- bsc#1030538 - osinf-db: casp-1.xml should be called casp-1.0.xml
- fate#322156 - Update to version 20170326
- Dropped patches now in new tarball

==== oxygen-gtk2 ====
Subpackages: gtk2-engine-oxygen gtk2-theme-oxygen

- Add fix-crash-about-invalid-columns.patch to fix crashes in
eclipse (kde#338012)

==== perl-CGI ====
Version update (4.35 -> 4.36)

- updated to 4.36
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-CGI/Changes
4.36 2017-03-29
- Support PATCH HTTP method (thanks to GovtGeek for the... patch)
- pass through max_age and samesite to CGI::Cookie->new in the call
in CGI->cookie (GH #220)
[ FIX ]
- skip t/command_line.t on windows as it doesn't work

==== perl-Clone ====
Version update (0.38 -> 0.39)

- updated to 0.39
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Clone/Changes
0.39 2017-04-07 13:06:00 garu
- use explicit '.' in tests since it may not be in @INC
anymore in newer perls (fixes RT120648) (PLICEASE, SIMCOP)

==== perl-GDGraph ====

- added perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker to Build requires
that fixed build for SLE-12-SP2 and openSUSE leap 42.x

==== perl-HTTP-Cookies ====
Version update (6.01 -> 6.03)

- updated to 6.03
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-HTTP-Cookies/Changes

==== perl-MIME-tools ====
Version update (5.508 -> 5.509)

- updated to 5.509
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-MIME-tools/ChangeLog
5.509 2017-04-05 Dianne Skoll <dfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Fix CPAN bug
Makefile.PL fails with no '.' in @INC
* Fix CPAN bug
Test t/Ref.t fails on Windows install
* Fix CPAN bug
MIME::Parser::parse_data() should check what it gets back...
* Fix CPAN bug
to be used as line-end delimeter when outputting MIME

==== perl-Module-Build ====
Version update (0.422000 -> 0.422200)

- updated to 0.4222
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Module-Build/Changes
0.4222 - Thu Mar 30 15:40:10 CEST 2017
- Released 0.42_21 as 0.4222
0.42_21 - Wed Mar 22 19:04:02 CET 2017
- Include relative path for do in Build/Makefile.PL will function without .
in @INC [Todd Rinaldo]
- Remove use deprecate [Graham Knop]

==== perl-Net-DNS ====
Version update (1.08 -> 1.09)

- updated to 1.09
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Net-DNS/Changes

==== perl-Parse-RecDescent ====
Version update (1.967013 -> 1.967015)

- updated to 1.967015
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Parse-RecDescent/Changes
1.967015 Tue Apr 4 07:38:07 2017
- Fix misuse of require to include, data is just
included in both Makefile.PL and Build.PL nowB. (
[#120922], thanks Kent!)
- updated to 1.967014
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Parse-RecDescent/Changes
1.967014 Sat Apr 1 10:33:29 2017
- Add a newline to package declaration lines in precompiled
parsers, to keep CPAN from indexing them. ( #110404,
thanks Martin!)
- Provide repository and bugtracker entries in
MYMETA.*. ( #110403, thanks Martin!)
- Update tests to handle '.' no longer being part of @INC in
perl-5.26.0. ( #120415, thanks Jim!)

==== perl-SQL-Statement ====
Version update (1.410 -> 1.412)

- updated to 1.412
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-SQL-Statement/Changes
1.412 2017-04-06
* Release 1.411_001 without further changes as 1.412
1.411_001 2017-03-30
[Bug fixes]
* Fix (NumericEval: fix
typo on error handling) (thanks to Yanick Champoux, James R. Leu)
* fix repo url and t/02execute.t (Reini Urban, Mohammad S Anwar)
* fix test failing with blead-perl (Jens Rehsack)
* Refactor constraints processing (Ovidiu Gheorghies)
* Support parsing of complex JOIN clause (containing OR and ()'s) (James R.
* handle backtick quoting (Ben Hengst)

==== perl-Sub-Identify ====
Version update (0.12 -> 0.13)

- updated to 0.13
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-Sub-Identify/Changes

==== perl-XML-NamespaceSupport ====
Version update (1.11 -> 1.12)

- updated to 1.12
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-XML-NamespaceSupport/Changes

==== perl-libwww-perl ====
Version update (6.24 -> 6.25)

- updated to 6.25
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-libwww-perl/Changes
6.25 2017-04-03
- Fix LWP::UserAgent docs for request and request_simple that pointed to
functions in LWP::Simple rather than LWP::UserAgent
- Moved the official bug tracker to GitHub rather than RT.

==== publicsuffix ====
Version update (20170303 -> 20170331)

- Update to version 20170331:
* Include subdomain for related services (#424)

==== quagga ====
Version update (1.0.20160315 -> 1.1.1)
Subpackages: libospf0 libospfapiclient0

- Disabled passwords in default zebra.conf config file, causing
to disable vty telnet interface by default. The vty interface
is available via "vtysh" utility using pam authentication to
permit management access for root without password (bsc#1021669).
- Changed owner of /etc/quagga to quagga:quagga to permit to manage
quagga via vty interface.
- Remove FIXME's added by spec-cleaner by using proper phases for the
prereq deps
- Remove code checking for the proc mounting (build scripts do that
for us anyway) + remove the commented out autoconf
- Use content of %tmpfiles_create macro rather than 2 lines of checks
- Use version in zebra provides/obsoletes to avoid rpmlint warning
- Update to quagga-1.1.1, a security and bug fix release (fate#323168):
for complete changelog, a digest of the changes:
- Telnet 'vty' interface DoS fix due to unbounded memory
allocation (CVE-2017-5495,bsc#1021669)
- revert opsf6d: Update router-LSA when nbr's interface-ID changes
for complete changelog, a digest of the changes:
- isisd: Fix size of malloc
- isisd: check for the existance of the correct list
- ospf6d: fix off-by-one on display of spf reasons
- ospf6d: don't access nexthops out of bounds
- bgpd: fix off-by-one in attribute flags handling
- zebra: stack overrun in IPv6 RA receive code (CVE-2016-1245)
- bgpd: Fix buffer overflow error in bgp_dump_routes_func
- Added libfpm_pb0 and libquagga_pb0 shared library sub-packages,
adjusted libzebra0 sub-package name to libzebra1.
- Use tmpfiles_create RPM macro to create quagga rundir and adjust
tmpfiles config to contain proper rundir at install time.
- Removed obsolete patches:
- Do not enable zebra's tcp interface (port 2600) to use default
unix socket for communication between the daemons (fate#323170).
- Added quagga.log and create and su statemets to logrotate config,
changed default zebra log file name from quagga.log to zebra.log.
- Cleaned up the spec file using spec-cleaner.

==== rubygem-cfa_grub2 ====
Version update (0.6.0 -> 0.6.1)

- Fix switched xen hypervisor and xen kernel parameters
- 0.6.1

==== sendmail ====

- Add bitdomain and uudomain to possible targets for refresh
- Change spec file name scheme used for getting soname down into
- Replace a find|xargs rm by -delete
- New package libmilter1_0 for the shared library version of
libmilter, the Sendmail Content Management API
- Also new package libmilter-doc for the substantial documentation
about Sendmail Content Management API (milter)
- Make sendmail-tls a noarch package

==== spec-cleaner ====
Version update (0.9.3 -> 0.9.4)

- Version update to 0.9.4:
* Fixes in the dep_parser
* Vertical whitespace is now safeguarded
* More excludes_bracketing
* Update list of known licenses

==== syslogd ====

- Use socket activation API of the libsystemd

==== system-users ====
Subpackages: system-group-hardware system-user-daemon system-user-games
system-user-mail system-user-man system-user-news system-user-nobody
system-user-uucp system-user-wwwrun

- Prerequire group lock for uucp
- Allow user uucp to do locking

==== vala ====
Version update (0.36.0 -> 0.36.1)
Subpackages: libvala-0_36-0

- Update to version 0.36.1:
+ Various bug fixes:
- Always consider a method compatible with itself (bgo#773135).
- Perform arguments-check against actual .end()
method-signature (bgo#684208).
- Slightly improve lamdba-expression error on target-type
- Fix delegate initializer for instance fields (bgo#683925).
- Don't leak target-reference when casting/assigning owned
delegates (bgo#780426).
+ GIR parser and writer:
- girparser: Add destroy argument for metadata (bgo#750838).
- vapigen: Add --nostdpkg option like in valac.
+ Bindings:
- gstreamer-1.0: Fix Pad.set_*_function() bindings
- glib-2.0: Add missing version macro and constants, unichar
.to_string doesn't return null.
- gtk+-2.0,gtk+-3.0: Mark "intersection" param of
Widget.intersect() as out.
- gtk+-4.0: Update to 3.90.0.

==== virt-manager ====
Version update (1.4.0 -> 1.4.1)
Subpackages: virt-install virt-manager-common

- Fix initializing the default host installation source location
- Update to virt-manager 1.4.1 (bsc#1027942)
* storage/nodedev event API support (Jovanka Gulicoska)
* UI options for enabling spice GL (Marc-André Lureau)
* Add default virtio-rng /dev/urandom for supported guest OS
* Cloning and rename support for UEFI VMs (Pavel Hrdina)
* libguestfs inspection UI improvements (Pino Toscano)
* virt-install: Add ?qemu-commandline
* virt-install: Add ?network vhostuser (Chen Hanxiao)
* virt-install: Add ?sysinfo (Charles Arnold)
- Dropped the following patches contained in new tarball
- Upstream bug fixes (bsc#1027942)

==== wine ====
Version update (2.4 -> 2.5)
Subpackages: wine-32bit

- Update to 2.5 development snapshot
- Support for message-mode named pipes.
- Translation of version resources through po files.
- Transform feedback support in Direct3D.
- Scheduler classes in C++ runtime.
- Better scrolling in popup menus.
- More improvements to the XML reader.
- Various bug fixes.
- updated winetricks

==== wondershaper ====

- prereq %insserv_prereq

==== xen ====
Version update (4.8.0_04 -> 4.8.0_06)
Subpackages: xen-doc-html xen-libs xen-tools xen-tools-domU

- bsc#1015348 - L3: libvirtd does not start during boot
- bsc#1014136 - Partner-L3: kdump can't dump a kernel on SLES12-SP2
with Xen hypervisor.
- bsc#1026236 - L3: Paravirtualized vs. fully virtualized migration
- latter one much faster
- Upstream patch from Jan
- bsc#1022555 - L3: Timeout in "execution of /etc/xen/scripts/block
- bsc#1030144 - VUL-0: xen: xenstore denial of service via repeated
update (XSA-206)
- bsc#1029827 - Forward port xenstored
- bsc#1029128 - fix make xen to really produce xen.efi with gcc48
- bsc#1028235 - VUL-0: CVE-2017-6505: xen: qemu: usb: an infinite
loop issue in ohci_service_ed_list
- Upstream patches from Jan (bsc#1027519)


==== xf86-input-wacom ====

- removed requires to linuxconsoletools (bsc#1032643)

==== xfce4-vala ====

- Add support for vala 0.36 in Factory, replacing vala 0.34.

==== xmlgraphics-batik ====

- Needed as a dependency for FOP 2.1 (FATE#322405)

==== xmlgraphics-commons ====

- Needed as a dependency for FOP 2.1 (FATE#322405)
- Switch between maven-metadata/maven-fragments as appropriate
for SLE/openSUSE

==== yakuake ====
Version update (3.0.2 -> 3.0.4)
Subpackages: yakuake-lang

- Update to 3.0.4
* Fixed build on Qt 5.7.
- Add 0001-Revert-Removed-usage-to-deprecated-interface.patch to
fix build on Leap 42.2 and lower
- Update to 3.0.3
* Fixed Yakuake sometimes showing up in the Task Manager.
* Much improved Wayland support on Plasma 5.
* Added a security warning when using the runCommand DBus API (as
recently added to KDE Konsole as well).
* Switched to a different API for getting the user home path to
avoid blocking on network logins.
* The bell notification event now uses the correct Plasma 5 sound
file name instead of an old KDE 4 one that may not be present.
* Fixed standard CLI arguments like --help and --version.
* Code cleanups, e.g. porting away from deprecated API.
* Updated AppStream metadata.
- Drop yakuake-appdata-xml-desktop-ref.patch, fixed upstream

==== yast2 ====
Version update (3.2.23 -> 3.2.27)

- Set correct title when wizard is supported (bsc#1033161#c4)
- 3.2.27
- start using y2start instead of y2base (bsc#1027181)
- 3.2.26
- don't generate multiline entries, it's against SuSEfirewall2 recommendation
multiline entries create trouble with fillup, see bsc#798468
- 3.2.25
- Fixed downloading installer extension package (FATE#320772)
- 3.2.24

==== yast2-add-on ====
Version update (3.1.17 -> 3.2.0)

- AutoYaST: Expanding URL in order to handle tags like $releasever.
- 3.2.0

==== yast2-apparmor ====
Version update (3.1.3 -> 3.2.0)

- bnc#1026027
- removed package dependency on insserv
- 3.2.0
- Use Yast::Service to enable/disable service
- Remove (unused) notify settings
- Reload profiles by calling apparmor_parser directly.

==== yast2-firewall ====
Version update (3.1.6 -> 3.1.7)

- Inform the user if start/stop/restart fails bsc#962713
- 3.1.7

==== yast2-installation ====
Version update (3.2.34 -> 3.2.37)

- Use y2start script instead of y2base (bsc#1027181)
- 3.2.37
- Added configuration-management to inst_finish.
- 3.2.36
- Renamed Controller Node to Administration Node (bsc#1032057).
- 3.2.35

==== yast2-kdump ====
Version update (3.2.2 -> 3.2.3)

- fix dumping kernel with Xen hypervisor (bsc#1014136)
- 3.2.3

==== yast2-network ====
Version update (3.2.21 -> 3.2.24)

- bsc#956755
- Don't propose wlan interfaces for the virtualization bridge.
- 3.2.24
- bnc#927629
- improved adding routes. Accepts netmask or prefix length.
- fixed column name in add route dialog from Genmask to more
common Netmask
- 3.2.23
- Fix typo in edit_nic_name dialog using bus_id instead of busid
- 3.2.22

==== yast2-packager ====
Version update (3.2.21 -> 3.2.22)

- Create the /etc/products.d/baseproduct symlink in inst-sys when
it is missing to allow expanding variables in the add-on
repositories URL (bsc#972046)
- 3.2.22

==== yast2-pkg-bindings ====
Version update (3.2.1 -> 3.2.2)

- Fixed failure when trying to save a plugin service (bsc#1021117)
- 3.2.2
- Return the repository signature flag status in the
Pkg.SourceGeneralData call (might be used for bsc#1009127)

==== yast2-ruby-bindings ====
Version update (3.2.9 -> 3.2.11)

- Set proper title for YaST2 application (bsc#1033161)
- 3.2.11

==== yast2-samba-server ====
Version update (3.1.16 -> 3.2.1)

- fix duplicated key warnings (bsc#1031613).
- Don't require install of cups for yast samba-server
- 3.2.1
- Fix string comparisons in and YaPI/
- 3.2.0

==== yast2-scanner ====
Version update (3.1.3 -> 3.2.1)

- bnc#1026027
- dropped call to insserv when enabling xinetd
- 3.2.1
- bnc#1026027
- dropped calls to insserv related to HP's obsoleted services.
- 3.2.0

==== yast2-theme ====
Version update (3.2.1 -> 3.2.2)

- 3.2.2: add yast2-branding-openSUSE-Oxygen empty package to
trigger swich into Oxygen theme for YaST2 in openSUSE

==== yast2-users ====
Version update (3.2.8 -> 3.2.11)

- Fixed a string comparison in Users perl module. (bsc#1029528)
- 3.2.11
- do not ask again for already approved weak password second
attempt, so it will work also if widget is recreated(bsc#1025835)
- 3.2.10
- do not ask again for already approved weak password (bsc#1025835)
- 3.2.9

==== yast2-vm ====
Version update (3.2.0 -> 3.2.1)

- bnc#1026027
- dropped calls to insserv
- 3.2.1

==== yast2-ycp-ui-bindings ====
Version update (3.1.9 -> 3.2.0)

- added built-in SetApplicationTitle for setting application title
- 3.2.0

==== zypper ====
Version update (1.13.21 -> 1.13.22)
Subpackages: zypper-aptitude zypper-log

- man: describe supported SSL related URL options (bsc#1032152)
- version 1.13.22

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