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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170320 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
audacity (2.1.2 -> 2.1.3)
intel-gpu-tools (1.17 -> 1.18)
kernel-source (4.10.3 -> 4.10.4)
python-kiwi (9.3.3 -> 9.4.0)
wine (2.3 -> 2.4)
xf86-video-nouveau (1.0.13 -> 1.0.14)
yast2-storage (3.2.8 -> 3.2.9)

=== Details ===

==== SuSEfirewall2 ====

- Install symlink to SuSEfirewall2 with the updated SUSE spelling
(bsc#938727, FATE#316521)
- Added rpmlintrc file to suppress some bogus warnings during building

==== audacity ====
Version update (2.1.2 -> 2.1.3)
Subpackages: audacity-lang

- Update to release 2.1.3
- Recreated audacity-no_buildstamp.patch with 2.1.3 release date
and time.
- Added audacity-flacversion.patch to fix minimum version in m4
- Rebased audacity-fix-nonsense.patch
- Deleted audacity-ffmpeg.patch, audacity-flac_assert.h.patch and
- Upstream changes:
* Interface:
* Pinned option on waveform so waveform moves and
recording/playing head stays still.
* Timer Record options to save/export/exit after recording.
* Scrub Ruler and optional Scrub Toolbar.
* New shortcuts ALT+RIGHT and ALT+LEFT (move to labels without
* Effects:
* Effects no longer grayed out when paused.
* New Distortion effect (replaces Leveller).
* SBSMS (higher quality but slower) option on Change
Tempo/Change Pitch effects.
* New Rhythm Track generator (replaces Click Track).
* New Generator for Sample Data Import.
* Nyquist effects now significantly faster.
* Other Changes:
* Upgraded the PortAudio library to v19 rev r1966.
* Bug fixes:
* Over 60 bugs fixed, including five longstanding bugs.

==== claws-mail ====
Subpackages: claws-mail-lang

- Compface support requires the devel pkg, not just the main pkg

==== corosync ====

- L3-Question: corosync logging priority takes no effect(bsc#1023959)
- Corosync 2.4.1 still produces, just like Corosync
added: disable-build-html-docs.patch
upgrade to corosync-2.4.2:
Man: Fix corosync-qdevice-net-certutil link
man: mention qdevice incompatibilites in votequorum.5
Qnetd LMS: Fix two partition use case
cfg: Prevents use of uninitialized buffer
- upgrade to corosync-2.4.1(bsc#1004967)
added: corosync-start-stop-level.patch
deleted: corosync-cts-api-error.patch
modified: bnc#867767-add-version.patch, change version to 2.4.1
Low: totemsrp: Addition of the log.
cts: Make it run with pacemaker-1.13+
Config: Flag config uidgid entries
Spec: Qdevice require same version of corosync
qdevice and qnet
config: get_cluster_mcast_addr error is not fatal
some typo fixes
CFG: Prevent CFG orignating messages during SYNC
wd: fix setting of watchdog timeouts
votequorum: Don't send multiple callbacks when nodes join
cfgtool: Display nodeid as unsigned int
quorum: Display node id as unsigned int.
Check for fdatasync
Fix detection of qb_log_thread_priority_set
totempg: Fix memory leak
cpg: Memory not unmapped in cpg_zcb_free
cpg: Handle ipc error in cpg_zcb_alloc/free
totemconfig: Explicitly pass IP version
parser: Make config file parser more hierarchy
logsys: fix TOTEM logging when corosync built out of tree
wd: make watchdog device configurable
schedwrk: Cleanup and make it work on PPC BE
Reapply config defaults corosync.conf reload
logconfig: Fix logging reload disabling logfiles
- Default token timeout was 5000 ms in SLE 11 SP4, but is 1000 ms in SLE
Added: bsc#1001164-corosync.conf-example.patch
- Fix: [s390]Upgrade from SP1-GM + HA to SP2-RC2 +: Failed to start Corosync
Cluster engine(bsc#996230)
- modify corosync.spec to remove "chkconfig --add"
- remove corosync-devel and require lines from baselibs.conf
- corosync process still exists when stop pacemaker service(bnc#988683)
- remove git files from tarball(bnc#941910)
- modify corosync.spec to delete logrotate.d
update from v2.3.3 to v2.3.5 (bnc#939328)
- Log: Add logrotate configuration file
- totemsrp: Improve logging of left/down nodes
- totemconfig: Check for duplicate nodeids
- Really add cpghum
- cpg: Add support for messages larger than 1Mb
- Handle adding and removing UDPU members atomically
- add patches:
* corosync-cts-api-error.patch
* bnc#867767-add-version.patch
- mv the place of corosync.conf.example*(fate#318190)
- Replace systemd BuildRequires with pkgconfig(systemd): we do not
require the full installation / dep chain of systemd.
- fix bashisms in script
- add patches:
* corosync-2.3.4-fix-bashisms.patch
- fix bashism in preun script
- Update to corosync 2.3.4
- Drop the obsoleted patches
- corosync-cts-api-error.patch
- bnc#867767-add-version.patch
- bnc#881142-fix-shm-leak.patch
- quorumtool: Sort output by nodeid
- YKD: Fix loading of YKD quorum module
- corosync-quorumtool: add sort options
- cleanup after test-driver
- be consistent in using CPPFLAGS vs CFLAGS
- totemsrp: Fix typo with cont gather
- cpg: Refactor mh_req_exec_cpg_procleave
- cpg: Make sure nodid is always logged as hex num
- cpg: Make sure left nodes are really removed
- mon: Make mon compilable with libstatgrab ver 0.9
- mon: Fix comparsion typo
- mon: Pass correct pointer to inst
- mon: Make monitoring work
- config: Handle totem_set_volatile_defaults errors
- config: Allow dynamic change of token_coefficient
- Log: Make reload of logging work
- Really clear totemconfig nodes on reload
- Add token_coefficient option
- init: Make init script configurable
- totemiba: Fix incorrect failed log message
- logsys: Log error if blackbox cannot be created
- logsys: Log warning if flightrecorder init fails
- Introduce get_run_dir function
- Move ringid store and load from totem library
- coroparse: More strict numbers parsing
- Doc: Enhance INSTALL file a bit
- Make config.reload_in_progress key read only
- Fix compiler warning introduced by previous patch
- totemconfig: Free ifaddrs list
- totemconfig: Make sure join timeout is less than consensus
- totemconfig: Key change process dependencies
- totemconfig: Log errors on key change and reload
- totemconfig: totem_config_get_ip_version
- totemconfig: refactor nodelist_to_interface func
- corosync-keygen: Replace printf/exit call with err
- votequorum: Add cmap key to reset wait_for_all
- votequorum: Return current ring id in callback
- votequorum: Add ring id to poll call
- votequorum: Do not process events during reload
- votequorum: Block sync until qdevice poll
- votequorum: Make qdev timeout in sync configurable
- votequorum: Properly initialize atb and atb_string
- ipc: Process votequorum messages during sync
- testvotequorum2: Opt for polling with old ringid
- TODO: Remove TODO file
- Makefile: Do not install TODO file
- totem: Inform RRP about membership changes
- totemnet: Add totemnet_member_set_active
- totemrrp: Implement *_membership_changed
- totemudpu: Implement member_set_active
- totemudpu: Send msgs to all members occasionally
- Cancel token holding while in retransmition
- upstart: Make job conf file configurable
- systemd: Config example for corosync wd service
- Install doc: Correct a typo
- init: change return value when starting corosync
- Free object allocated at quorum_register_callback
- corosync-cmapctl: Allow -p option to delete keys
- Implement config file testing mode
- Slightly rework corosync-keygen.
- totemiba: Add multicast recovery
- Indent: Remove space in negation of expression
- Indent: Remove newline before else branch start
- fix memory leak produced by 'corosync -v'
- Handle SIGSEGV and SIGABRT signals
- comment out line: to_logfile:no (bnc#882449)
work on patch bnc#882449-corosync-conf-example.patch
- Fixed shared memory leak.
+ bnc#881142-fix-shm-leak.patch
- Update corosync.conf.example and corosync.conf.example.udpu(bnc#882449)
- remove corosync-conf-example.patch
+ add bnc#882449-corosync-conf-example.patch
- Fix `systemctl stop pacemaker` leaves corosync running
+ bnc#872651-stop-cluster.patch
- Ensure that libopenais3 is removed on update of corosync(bnc#872122)
- Modify spec file:add symlink rccorosync to /usr/sbin/service (bnc#866057)
- Fix corosync -v show UNKNOW (bnc#867767)
+ bnc#867767-add-version.patch
- Update to corosync 2.3.3
- Properly check result of symlink
- Fix cppchecks warning
- Close devnull file handler
- votequorum: Add missing man pages
- totem: Drop invalid join msg in operational state
- systemd unit: Make sure network is really up
- votequorum: Improve/add documentation for quorum device API
- votequorum: Add persistent expected_votes tracking.
- Upstream version cs: 45dd9861ff78362068d214cf520006a1b26376cd
- Add patch to fix cts api wrong issue
+ corosync-cts-api-error.patch
- Add patch to change default settings of conf.example
+ corosync-conf-example.patch
- Update to corosync 2.3.2
- cfgtool: return error on reload failure
- man pages: Note that votequorum's allow_downscale is unsupported
- logsys: Make logging of totem work again
- totemsrp: Show English message when memb_state_gather_enter is called
- totemiba: Check if configured MTU is allowed by HW
- totemiba: Fix parameters position for poll_add
- totemiba: Del channel fd from poll before destroy
- totemiba: Properly allocate RDMA buffers
- Upstream version cs: 7014f10123a634cf026491edc9a09d6044106116
- Obsolete openais so that updates work automatically and uninstall the
openais package.
- Upstream version cs: c6688c6e11a35d13293f9b610faca5c7beb7e5cb
- Reload: document config.reload_in_progress in man page
- Reload: Add atomic reload to log config
- Reload: Add atomic reload to totemconfig
- Reload: Add reload code to cfg
- Reload: Make coroparse use a designated icmap hash table
- icmap: Add func to test equality of two key values
- [PATCH] Replace freopen with open/dup2 when daemonizing
- Add log message to exit signal handler
- icmap: Add map copy function
- icmap: Add function to return item data pointer
- icmap: Fix value len checking for strings
- icmap: Add function to return global icmap
- icmap: Allow multiple icmap instances
- Fix scheduler pause-detection timeout
- Update corosync-2.3.1.tar.gz for cts file missing
- Fix corosync start failed issue
+ corosync-init-lockfile-path-error.patch
- Update to corosync 2.3.1 stable release
- Remove patches for all merged in the upstream or obsoleted
- corosync-confexample-timestamp.patch
- corosync-cpg-procdown.patch
- corosync-revert-cs2429.patch
- corosync.conf.example.patch
- corosync_reduce_RR_priority.patch
- fix-nodeid-conflicting.patch
- Update to corosync 1.4.5 stable release (bnc#799031)
- coroipc: Handle pfd.revents as bit-field
- Check socket_recv error code in ipc_dispatch_get
- On places with POLLERR check also POLLNVAL
- coroipc: Don't spin when waiting on semaphore
- log: Handle race in printf_to_logs and format_set
- objdb: Don't read uninitialized memory in inc/dec
- Add waiting_trans_ack also to fragmentation layer
- Handle segfault in backlog_get
- Fix problem with sync operations under very rare circumstances
- manpages: Add confdb_key_get man page
- manpages: Add links for referenced confdb calls
- manpages: Fix typo in evs* manpages
- If failed_to_recv is set, consensus can be empty
- Ignore sync barrier msgs if sync doesn't started
- Make service_build contain correct number of msgs
- Handle sync and service unload correctly
- Don't call sync_* funcs for unloaded services
- Return back "Totem is unable to form..." message
- Move "Totem is unable to form..." message to main
- Use unix socket for local multicast loop
- cpg: Enhance downlist selection algorithm
- cpg: Process join list after downlists
- cpg: Never choose downlist with localnode
- Fix cpg_membership_get()
- Don't access invalid mem in totemconfig
- Move some totem and cpg messages to trace level
- flatiron: Free outq items list on conn exit
- Fix nodeid conflicting issue (bnc#806634)
+ Added fix-nodeid-conflicting.patch
- change the default priority to RR(1) same as pacemaker(bnc#804707)
+ Added corosync_reduce_RR_priority.patch
- Added url as source.
Please see
- Update to corosync 1.4.3 stable release.
- Add calls to missing object_find_destroy() to fix mem leaks
- Free mem allocated by getaddrinfo
- corosync.conf.example: change bindnetaddr, mcastaddr, add comments
- Store error str if can't open logfile
- Wait for corosync-notifyd exit in init script
- iba: Use configured node id
- Unlink shm buffers if init fails
- Fix memory leaks when nss fails
- Madvise NOSYNC flag only if available
- Include net/if_var.h header only when needed
- Include stdint.h because funcs uses int16_t
- Use install instead of cp
- Don't unlock mutex in different threads
- Revert "Use install instead of cp"
- Add support for per OS CP flags
- Remove cloned lines in main of main.c
- Fixed bug when corosync receive JoinMSG in OPERATIONAL state
- Correct nodeid of token when we retransmit it
- Correct nodeid in memb_state_commit_token_send function
- Send CPG_REASON_PROCDOWN when really needed (bnc#740343)
- Changes since corosync 1.4.1 stable release:
* Resolve a deadlock between the timer and serialize locks.
* totemconfig: change minimum RRP threshold
* Ignore memb_join messages during flush operations
* rrp: Higher threshold in passive mode for mcast (bnc#712037)
* rrp: Handle endless loop if all ifaces are faulty (bnc#712037)
* A CPG client can sometimes lockup if the local node is in the downlist
* Handle errors from totem_mcast
* coroipcc: use malloc for path in service_connect
* Version cs: 23112099e1c2b620e6976ca099d2b9afc80721aa
- corosync 1.4.1 stable release:
* main: let poll really stop before totempg_finalize
* totemsrp: fix buffer overflows for large clusters (> 100 nodes)
* rrp: Handle rollower in passive rrp properly
* rrp: handle rollover in active rrp properly
* totemconfig: Change default FAIL_TO_RECV_CONST
* Fix problem where corosync will segfault if there are gaps in recovery
* cpgtool/cfgtool: print list of IP with space between items
* RRP: redundant ring automatic recovery (fate#310284)
* fix typos in cpg_mcast_joined.3 and cpg_zcb_mcast_joined.3
* Remove spinlocks
* confdb: Resolve dispatch deadlock
* RRP: Fix ring initialization issue for UDPU mode
* crypto: rng_make_prng prevent buf overflow
* cpg: do_proc_join change list_slice to list_add
* totemudp: memset of proper size
* coroipcs: init buf in coroipcs_handler_dispatch
* iazc: Reduce number of mem alloc and memcpy
* coroipcc: Fix unhandled BSD EOF in coroipcc_dispatch_get()
* cpg: fix sync master selection when one node paused
* totemsrp: Enhance mcast failure detection
* coroipcs: Deny connect to service without initfn
* Add ipc_refcnt to message_handler_req_{exec, lib}_cfg_ringreenable()
- corosync 1.3.1 release:
* corosync crashing when a network becomes disrupted and then restored
* Align IPC on 8 byte boundaries for performance and avoid bus errors.
* Provide better checking of the message type.
* totemsrp: free messages originated in recovery rather then rely on
* Resolve abort during simulatenous stopping of at least 4 nodes.
* Don't assert when ring id file is less then 8 bytes (possibly after
local fs problems).
* Handle delayed multicast packets that occur with switches.
* CPG: make sure coroipcc_service_disconnect() is always called.
* Fix abort when token is lost in RECOVERY state (bnc#677779)
- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Add baselibs configuration
- Update to corosync 1.3.0
- Set the max buffer size for sockets to reduce message dropping
- diags: add a mechanism to trigger the writing the flight data
- Add the UDPU transport (UDP transport for corosync)
- Remove delay in library on corosync shutdown
- Check for a properly configured multicast address.
- cpg: fix sync'ing the downlist.
- POLL: gracefully handle running out of file descriptors.
- Return CS_ERR_NO_RESOURCES when the server is low on available file
- Remove checking of subparameters in service.d files.
- Only allow corosync to run one copy via a lock file.
- When used with the openais ckpt service, don't disconnect an ipc
connection during configuration change that takes longer then 2
- Remove the token cancel retransmit timeout on receipt of a multicast
- Update to corosync 1.2.7
- Remove consensus check for two node cluster cases which can have smaller
consensus values. Document in man page the behavior of consensus.
- Fix problem where flow control could lock up ipc under very heavy load in
very rare circumstances (upstream cs 3003)
- SYNC: always call sync_aborted() in sync_confchg_fn() (upstream cs 3000)
- SYNCV2: reset the my_memb_determine_ring_id in sync_v2_memb_list_abort()
(upstream cs 2999)
- Fix logging_daemon config parser code (rhbz#615203) (upstream cs 2998)
- Remove reset of token timeout on retransmitted token reception. Fixes
membership problems with certain timing parametrs (upstream cs 2989)
- Speed up IPC connection process (upstream cs 2987)
- Fix fail list fault that occurs in very rare circumstances (upstream cs 2985)
- Update to corosync 1.2.6
- 80% packet loss networks were resulting in problems with totem.
- Fixed ~40 scanning errors found with coverity.
- cpg_membership_get now functional.
- errors logged prior to the start of the daemon were not flushed.
- Fixes defects in logsys which are crashing pacemaker installations.
- Adds man pages for all binaries
- Fixes several defects found in high packet loss field environments.
- Send proper notification code of CPG_REASON_LEAVE in cpg service.
- Fix segfault when pacemaker forks new processes
- Unlock global serializer lock during shutdown to prevent spinning on
single cpu systems or high cpu use on mulitple cpu systems
- Stop totem statistics updater timer during shutdown to prevent a
segfault during shutdown.
- Fix problem where glibc's fork() implementation may cause segfaults in
Pacemaker's use of the fork() system call.
- Fix problem where a full /dev/shm would result in client segfault -
instead an error is returned in this situation.
- Fix problem where flight recorder leaks files in shared memory
filesystem. Also clean up the error handling of the shared memory
allocation code of the flight recorder.
- Fix problem where a failure in glibc's pathconf API would result in
- Add corosync and corosync-blackbox man pages.
- prevent corosync-cfgtool from hanging (bnc#616183)
- Set sensible defaults for Pacemaker in corosync.conf.example (bnc#610663)
- Clarify bindnetaddr option in corosync.conf.5 manpage (upstream cs 2856)
- Handle POLLNVAL in coroipcc
- Save the ring id and restore it properly when the recovery operation fails
- increase maximum entries in the retransmit queue when recovery takes place.
- fix one-off error in memove
- discard and report unknown messages
- fix valgrind reported problems (upstream cs 2787)
- Memset for res_setup variable in coroipcs:req_setup_send
- Two memset in logsys for buffers
- Problem in corosync_totem_stats_updater where
avg_token_holdtime has size of avg_backlog_calc
- corosync_totem_stats_init where avg_backlog_calc is 32 bits (not 64)
- objdb problem if new_valie_len != object->value_len. In
such case newly allocated memory is not initialized and in some
situations, value_len is not updated.
- select a new sync member if the node with the lowest nodeid has
left (upstream cs 2785)
- fix a crash in YKD
- clear the ring id on sync abort (bnc#590666)
- fix unloading of evs
- change sign of all exit codes (normal error exit is now 1)
- objdb: fix key change notifications (don't notify if the key
wasn't changed; notify on key inc/dec)
- fix possible lockup when a dispatch handler function is NULL
- upstream version cs 2756
- fix lockup that occurs sometimes before exiting
- fix problem where retransmissions don't occur resulting in failure
to receive condition
- add a reload callback to libconfdb
- support for lib_cpg_finalize
- cpg join with undelivered leave message (fixes problems with nodes
joining cpg twice in quick succession)
- fix error handling to avoid segfaults/leaks on error
in coroipcc_service_connect
- upstream release 1.2.1
- retain nodeid compatibility with openais (revert patch from cs 2429)
- minor enhancement to corosync.conf man page (bnc#580180)
- upstream version cs 2667
- allow empty (default) consensus timeout
- fix freeze of IPC library connection on sem_wait
- fix malloc deadlock in signal handler (rhbz#547511)
- fix coroipcs message corruption that occurs when a message fills the
remainder of the dispatch buffer with a full message
- totemsrp: fix transitional configuration changes with long token timeouts
- remove a double list_del() when a tracking CFG client shuts down without
calling cfg_track_stop (it caused corosync to crash)
- use nodeid instead of localhost ip for the case when binding to a loalhost
- fix corosync shutdown process
- add augeas lense for corosync.conf
- patch to set unset value in token hold cancel structure as to not crash
- convert unsafe function to thread-safe reentrant equivalents
- SP1 beta5 (no code changes)
- turn timestamp off in corosync.conf.example (there was a problem
reported in connection with not thread-safe glibc functions used
in concert with this option, which hasn't yet been resolved)
- add cs2646 patch from upstream, fixes cs2642
- add patch to accept on/off for the various log directives (bnc#573451)
- %pre script moved to openais
- remove init script
- add %pre script to copy openais.conf and authkey to /etc/corosync
- add patch 2642 (parser fix)
- fix some obsoletes/requires
- Update to corosync 1.2.0.
- init script changes:
+ replace killall with checkproc, otherwise corosync can't stop
+ test if sbd/lrmadmin exist, because corosync has no dependency
on cluster-glue
- update to the corosync upstream release 1.2.0
- add suse init script
- don't create rccorosync, because users should be using
rcopenais to start a cluster
- rename corosynclib to libcorosync4 (similar for the devel package)
- Autotools generated version from the released upstream version 1.2.0
- some specfile changes (initddir -> initrddir, header)

==== hddtemp ====

- Only install the init.d service when there is no systemd present:
the systemd service would mask it and only confuses users that
try to debug things.
- Link rc%{name} to /usr/sbin/service when using systemd.
- Move the insserv BuildRequires to be a PreReq (it's not used for
the build system, but actually for the installation on a machine)
and guard it to be validonly for non-systemd systems.
- Add insserv as build requirement to fix Factory build

==== intel-gpu-tools ====
Version update (1.17 -> 1.18)

- Release 1.18 (2017-03-13)
* Library changes:
- Various changes to library functions so that they don't assume Intel
hardware. (Lyude)
- Added helper functions for managing synchronization primitives.
(Robert Foss)
- Added support for the new generic CRC capture kernel ABI. (Tomeu
- Added Geminilake platform support. (Ander Conselvan de Oliveira)
- Added helpers for sysfs hotplug events. (Lyude)
- Added support for hotplug testing with the Chamelium device (Lyude)
* Tools changes:
- intel_dp_compliance: New tool for running automated DisplayPort
compliance tests. (Manasi Navare)
- Renamed intel_bios_reader to intel_vbt_decode. (Jani Nikula)
- intel_gvtg_test: New tool for setting up GVT-g guests based on
KVMGT. (Terrence Xu)
* Test changes:
- Multiple new tests.
* And many other bug fixes and improvements.
- refreshed patches: n_disable-build-of-pm_rpm.patch, u_respect_cflags.diff

==== kernel-source ====
Version update (4.10.3 -> 4.10.4)
Subpackages: kernel-default kernel-default-devel kernel-devel kernel-docs
kernel-macros kernel-syms

- Linux 4.10.4 (bnc#1012628 bsc#1025903).
- Delete
- commit e2ef894
- team: use ETH_MAX_MTU as max mtu (bsc#1027798).
- openvswitch: Set internal device max mtu to ETH_MAX_MTU
- commit 338f856

==== python-kiwi ====
Version update (9.3.3 -> 9.4.0)
Subpackages: kiwi-pxeboot kiwi-tools

- Bump version: 9.3.3 ? 9.4.0
- Allow https location as repository source
- Refactor RootImport to keep images with a default name
RootImport has been refactored so the image is kept with a known
name that can be obtained with the Defaults class.
- Added SLE13 distribution matcher
- Update distribution matcher in spec file
- Refactor ContainerBuilder
Use Checksum instance to run a checksum match
Check for existence of base image at earliest opportunity
when constructing a ContainerBuilder
- Added checksum matcher method to Checksum class
- Delete unused code
Also fixed corresponding unit test

==== python3-base ====
Subpackages: libpython3_6m1_0 python3-idle

- prevent regenerating AST at build-time more robustly
- add "--without profileopt" and "--without testsuite" options to python3-base
to allow short circuiting when working on the package
- Add 0001-allow-for-reproducible-builds-of-python-packages.patch

==== urlscan ====

- Reflect change in build system and/or rpmbuild now adding the package
default documentation tree only as directory now

==== wine ====
Version update (2.3 -> 2.4)
Subpackages: wine-32bit

- Update to 2.4 development snapshot
- Built-in implementation of cryptographic hashes.
- Mono engine updated with upstream fixes.
- More Direct3D command stream work.
- Simulated bold and italic in DirectWrite.
- Improvements to the XML reader.
- Various bug fixes.
- updated winetricks

==== xf86-video-nouveau ====
Version update (1.0.13 -> 1.0.14)

- Update to version 1.0.14:
* exa: add GM10x acceleration support
* hwdefs: update nvc0_3d, add gm107_texture for new TIC format
* nvc0: make use of the new hwdefs for TEX_CB_INDEX
* nvc0: rename BEGIN_IMC0 to IMMED_NVC0
* nvc0: refactor TIC uploads to allow different specifics per generation
* copy: add maxwell/pascal copy engine classes
* recognize and accelerate GM20x
* Consider CRTCs disabled when DPMS is off

==== yast2-storage ====
Version update (3.2.8 -> 3.2.9)

- in simple_mode, block installation unless snapshots are enabled (bsc#1019652)
- 3.2.9

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