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Re: [opensuse-factory] why is tumbleweed still using cron?
On Tuesday 28 February 2017, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
On Tuesday 2017-02-28 20:31, Ruediger Meier wrote:
There are 3 cases:

1. Per default there is only a systemd user instance if "logged in".

regarding 1: It's very confusing ... what does it mean "logged in"?.
A cron job would start a user instance but login via "su" would

Because it's not about log-in, but logind sessions. Since you already
have a session at the time of su, no new one is started.

And it's torn down in leap too.
20:49 zap:~ > ssh ki@localhost
Last login: Tue Feb 28 20:48:22 2017
Have a lot of fun...
20:49 zap:~ > ps uxaf|grep systemd...user
jengelh 1187 0.0 0.0 40864 4860 ? Ss Feb25 0:00
/usr/lib/systemd/systemd --user ki 27515 0.2 0.0 40864 4944
? Ss 20:49 0:00 /usr/lib/systemd/systemd --user 20:49
zap:~ > logout
Connection to localhost closed.
20:49 zap:~ > ps uxaf | grep systemd...user
jengelh 1187 0.0 0.0 40864 4860 ? Ss Feb25 0:00
/usr/lib/systemd/systemd --user

Whatever a session is and whyever I get one for cronjobs, but not for
su/sudo ...

... at the end I don't understand the sense, why systemd timers would
work while an arbitrary cronjob is running or while I'm logged in via
ssh but not if I'm logged in via su?

Actually I don't even want to understand this anymore. It's one of the
biggest non-sense things I've ever seen.

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