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Re: [opensuse-factory] why is tumbleweed still using cron?
On dimanche, 26 février 2017 14.07:18 h CET Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
26.02.2017 15:48, Mathias Homann пишет:
Am Sonntag, 26. Februar 2017, 07:50:28 CET schrieb nicholas:
it seems we have 2 systems for default timed events - systemd and cron -
why? - 2 systems is 2X things to learn, 2X things to monitor, 2X things
go wrong - systemd has a (very) nice interface/overview "systemctl
list-timers --all" - from limited experience cron bugs/problems can be
quite opaque
so why is everything not moved to systemd?

... can systemd timers operate on fixed times, like cron?

For all I know (might be wrong) they operate on fixed intervals, like
anacron jobs... but not at fixed times.

sytemd supports calendar time specification which is functionally
equivalent to cron (at least, original cron). Current git also added
repetition (like "every two hours") similar to notation supported by
modern cron.

okay then when git release become a real revision, it will be present in TW.
Once we will be there, I guess that an announcement to propose it by default
could be made.

But for the first requester, are you willing to help on obs to adapt migrate
any package that have cron as deps, and migrate any existing.
Beside the fact that also pages should be created in the wiki, with examples
to help maintainers and users to move to systemd-timed.
(This part can be started already, no?)

Those points will be a better path to get it, (and I don't see any reason to
not keep cron*) than say mine is (more,best,bla) than ...

Integration, constructive proposals, actions (really making things done),
education, and polite ton, will help.

I really believe that all the rest is void()


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