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Re: [opensuse-factory] upscaled/blurry icons in libreoffice 5.3
* Dominique Leuenberger / DimStar <dimstar@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [02-03-17 03:33]:
On Thu, 2017-02-02 at 14:21 -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Rainer Klier <rainer.klier@xxxxxxxxx> [02-02-17 09:02]:
hi all,

latest/new libreoffice 5.3 for tumbleweed from repo
has "broken" icons.
the icons look like upscaled icons from a low resolution.

does anybody else facing this problem?

No, libreoffice-* for tw is only  You are trying to run a
"factory" package which is not made for tw.

Patrick, please update your knowledge about the interaction of Factory
and Tumbleweed.... the two have been a synonym to each other for > 2
years by now.

The only distinction we usually make there is:

Factory is 'the thing in the build service, before it passed openQA'
Tumbleweed is 'the thing published on'
and has passed openQA

As soon as you add any devel project, you move 'somewhere in between':
your base comes from the 'openQA tested Tumbleweed repo'; any
additional repo you add and get packages for did get the testing the
devs deemed nescessary in there.. this can range from 0 (no testing
done, this is a WIP branch) to whatever somebody tested.

I do *understand*, but they are *really* different re "openQA tested",
plus the plethora of similar "Tumbleweed" and "Factory" repos which
contain different versions of the same packages. "Factory" for testing
and "Tumbleweed" more general usage.

A "Factory" user confronted with the problem noted would/should resort to
bug reporting knowing the particular package had not yet passed openQA.

To my "understanding" this change from Factory to Tumbleweed occurred as
Greg KH's involvement decreased and the "rolling" release became more
widely accepted/used.

ps: my main desktop is a direct decendent of Greg KH's original rolling

ps2: many thanks for your work.
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