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Re: [opensuse-factory] golang is dead in openSUSE?
Hi Jiri,

yesterday I came across go, wanting to update syzkaller (written in go).
But I failed miserably. The packages are over year old, the build go
macros seems to be broken etc. See build status in OBS:

Please open a SR, or an issue so we can track it. If it's not in openSUSE then in general development repos don't have any guarantees of sticking around -- users aren't /really/ meant to be adding devel repos (see Richard's talk[1]).

On the top of that, there are pending updates to several packages for 7
*months* already:

She used to be the maintainer, but no longer is. I'm not sure why her requests haven't been revoked yet (they are no longer applicable to the state of devel:languages:go).

Does anybody care? Should we drop all this golang mess from openSUSE and
rely on "go get"? How am I supposed to package go-dependant software
like syzkaller?

Yes we care, and sorry about the current state. There was some issues with the previous maintainer which resulted in us having to rework most (if not all) packages. The person who was working on that *was* Thomas Boerger (the person you linked), however he's since given the task to Thomas Hipp. Jordi is currently doing a lot of work on it too.

I wouldn't recommend relying on "go get", simply because of all of the issues I've personally had with it. Not to mention that versioning and security updates are not handled _at all_ by "go get".

You should be able to branch the package on OBS and then update it as a temporary fix while we continue working on the cleanup.

And the person who submitted the packages 7 months ago is maintaining
his own copy at:

Yup, we're working on integrating this work. The biggest part of the work was a rewrite of golang-packaging to make it more usable and stable. The old version broke the entire Go ecosystem on several occasions, hence the rewrite. Most of the packages work, but because some of the core packages still don't work we can't just copypac everything.

But rest assured, we _are_ working on it.

That one seems to be working really well. So the question is why he is
not a maintainer? Can somebody with power give him privileges to edit
devel:languages:go? I am cannot say he would agree, but he has not
filled in an e-mail to OBS, so I cannot CC him to ask...

IIRC he used to be a maintainer, but as above he has given his duties to Thomas Hipp. Not sure why his email isn't in OBS though...

In any case, yes we are working on it. Sorry for the delays, but we are only human. In addition it appears that very few people in the openSUSE community are working on this (and mostly those people come from the SUSE containers team -- which means that we simply can't spend all of our time on it).

*If you'd like to improve the current state, please lend us a hand.*


Aleksa Sarai
Software Engineer (Containers)
SUSE Linux GmbH
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