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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170128 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
ImageMagick ( ->
geany (1.28 -> 1.29)
libpsl (0.16.1 -> 0.17.0)
phonon4qt5 (4.9.0 -> 4.9.1)
plymouth (0.9.2 -> 0.9.2+git20161215.18dd755)
systemd (228 -> 232)
xf86-video-trident (1.3.7 -> 1.3.8)

=== Details ===

==== ImageMagick ====
Version update ( ->
Subpackages: ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-extra perl-PerlMagick

- updated to 6.9.7-5
* Don't set background for transparent tiled images
* Added support for RGB555, RGB565, ARGB4444 and ARGB1555 to the
BMP encoder
* Fix memory leak in MPC image format.
* Increase memory allocation for TIFF pixels
* etc. see ChangeLog

==== doxygen ====

- Added res2cc_sort_resources.diff, sort template files in
generated resources.cpp for reproducible build, fixes bgo#777672

==== geany ====
Version update (1.28 -> 1.29)
Subpackages: geany-lang libgeany0

- Update to version 1.29:
+ General:
- Fix search entries color with the default GNOME 3.20 GTK2
theme (gh#geany/geany#1137, gh#geany/geany#1101,
gh#geany/geany#1135, gh#geany/geany#1267).
- Improve support for GTK 3.22.
- Add support for VTE 0.38 and newer (gh#geany/geany#336,
+ Bug fixes:
- Fix build when the CXX variable contains flags
(gh#geany/geany#1155, gh#geany/geany#829).
- Fix focusing the message window when the Terminal tab is
active (gh#geany/geany/#1200, gh#geany/geany/#1198).
+ Editor:
- Update Scintilla to version 3.7.0 (gh#geany/geany#1143).
- Add support for keeping the cursor a number of lines from
the edges to always show some context (gh#geany/geany#1154,
- Allow to configure keybinding for "Delete to beginning
of line" (gh#geany/geany#1134).
- Performance improvements with many duplicate symbols
(gh#geany/geany/#797, gh#geany/geany/#577).
- Allow to configure the error indicator color
+ Filetypes:
- Fix highlighting of Haxe preprocessor (gh#geany/geany/#936).
- Add `.exp` extension to TCL (gh#geany/geany#979).
+ API:
- Update `GeanyProxyProbeResults` API (gh#geany/geany#1213).
- Warn if a dot is used at the start of a proxy extension
(gh#geany/geany#1212, gh#geany/geany#1233).
- Add support for custom data attached to documents through
`plugin_set_document_data()`, `plugin_get_document_data()`
and `plugin_set_document_data_full()` (gh#geany/geany#1203).
- Add "project-before-close" signal (gh#geany/geany#1223).
+ Plugins:
- Split Window: Work around a GTK bug present from
3.15.9 to 3.21.4
that breaks the document selection popup
(gh#geany/geany#1149, gh#geany/geany#1272).
+ Updated translations.

==== libpsl ====
Version update (0.16.1 -> 0.17.0)

- libpsl 0.17.0:
* Use TR46 non-transitional for IDNA (libicu, libidn2 >= 0.14)
* Fix coverage upload from TravisCI to Coveralls
* New tests to cover psl_latest() and psl_dist_filename()

==== phonon4qt5 ====
Version update (4.9.0 -> 4.9.1)
Subpackages: libphonon4qt5 phonon4qt5-devel

- Update to 4.9.1
* Changes
* use cmake variables to check if QtDbus is enabled
* change eol handling to not trigger static warnings

==== plymouth ====
Version update (0.9.2 -> 0.9.2+git20161215.18dd755)
Subpackages: libply-boot-client4 libply-splash-core4 libply-splash-graphics4
libply4 plymouth-dracut plymouth-plugin-label plymouth-plugin-label-ft
plymouth-plugin-script plymouth-scripts

- Remove patch which causes breakage with systemd-vconsole-setup (bsc#1020327):
* 0001-let-it-become-a-real-daemon.patch
- Add upstream patch to fix crash on boot:
* 0001-device-manager-handle-NULL-renderer-better.patch
- Replace removal of framebuffer driver and plymouth-ignore-cirrusdrm.patch
with single patch:
* only_use_fb_for_cirrus_bochs.patch
- Update to version 0.9.2+git20161215.18dd755:
* terminal: refresh geometry after drm device arrives
* logger: stop using carriage returns
* build-goo: don't install systemd units during distcheck
* systemd-units: Fix uninstall script
* configure: switch to tar.xz instead tar.bz2
* libply: fix HiDPI detection
* libply, main: Add device scale setting
* main: support plymouth.force-scale on the kernel command line
* build-goo: make udev support build time optional
* device-manager: dont pass terminal as renderer device
- Update to version 0.9.2+git20160823.e4b7e49:
* libply: fix HiDPI detection
* libply, main: Add device scale setting
* main: support plymouth.force-scale on the kernel command line
- Refresh patch:
* 0001-let-it-become-a-real-daemon.patch
- Add systemd to buildrequires to properly detect systemd-ask-password
- Sort out with spec-cleaner and move all buildrequires to main scope
not to subpkgs, sometimes interpreted wrongly by rpm if it is split
- Reduce patches list removing merged upstream (bit differently tho):
* 0001-seats-guard-against-NULL-terminal.patch
* fix-serial-consoles.patch
* plymouth-boot-vga-framebuffer.patch
- Refresh patches:
* 0001-let-it-become-a-real-daemon.patch
- Update to version 0.9.2+git20160620.0e65b86:
* configure: tweak defaults to be more systemd friendly
* text: don't draw if not animating
* terminal: always open terminal in non-blocking mode
* device-manager: probe existing DRM devices at startup
* drm: don't pick up drm master implicitly
* terminal: refresh geometry after drm device arrives
* logger: stop using carriage returns
* build-goo: don't install systemd units during distcheck
* systemd-units: Fix uninstall script
* configure: switch to tar.xz instead tar.bz2
- Remove framebuffer support bsc#980750 and bsc#982226

==== systemd ====
Version update (228 -> 232)
Subpackages: libsystemd0 libsystemd0-32bit libudev-devel libudev1
libudev1-32bit systemd-32bit systemd-bash-completion systemd-logger
systemd-sysvinit udev

- Don't ship ldconfig.service anymore
This service was introduced to support stateless systems that
support offline /usr updates properly.
AFAIK we don't support any such system for now, so disable it. If
it's wrong it's easy enough to restore it back.
Related to bsc#1019470.
- Be more consistent with indentation (*no* functional changes)
Indentation should use 8 spaces now (no tabs).
- Import commit 2559bc0c076b58f0a649056e79ca90fe5f1d556c
9c4a759ab systemctl: 'show' don't exit with a failure status if the requested
property does not exist [SUSE] (bsc#1021062)
f9194193b systemctl: remove duplicate entries showed by list-dependencies
(#5049) (bsc#1012266)
2a6653335 rule: don't automatically online standby memory on s390x
- Fix permission set on /var/lib/systemd/linger/*
Those files are created by logind which run with umask(0022), so
they are not world writable and shouldn't be affected by
bsc#1020601. But it's cleaner to not let files forever with their
setuid bit set for no good reason.
- Fix permissions set on permanent timer timestamp files (bsc#1020601)
This change makes sure to fix the permissions of the timestamp files
which could have been created by an affected version of systemd.
Local unprivileged users could have run arbitrary code as root if
systemd previously created world writable suid root files such as
permanent timer stamp files.
- Import commit 3edb876e3b80437a95502aa5d31d454606ea94bd
27b544224 core: make sure to not call device_is_bound_by_mounts() when dev is
null (#5033) (bsc#1018399)
- Use the %{resolved} build conditional for the nss-resolve subpackage
- /usr/bin/systemd-resolve was missing from the filelist
- Silent warnings emitted when udev socket units are restarted during package
upgrade (bsc#1018214)
- Upgrade to v232, commit de62e96da6a62ac61a7dea45cc558f5fa4342032
- a4dff165d nspawn: resolv.conf might not be created initially (#4799)
- b543fe907 nspawn: fix condition for mounting resolv.conf (#4622)
- 1aed89e55 core: make mount units from /proc/self/mountinfo possibly bind to
a device (#4515) (boo#909418 bsc#912715 bsc#945340)
- bfb54ecdc coredumpctl: let gdb handle the SIGINT signal (#4901)
- Really include legacy kbd maps in kbd-model-map (bsc#1015515)
Instead of
- Enable lz4 (which becomes the default)
It's much faster than xz and thus should be more appropriate to
compress journals and coredumps.
The LZ4 logic is now officially supported and no longer considered
The new frame api was released in v125.
- Good by compatlibs support
There's no longer need for enabling/disabling the support for the
compatlibs as it's been dropped from the source code.
- Drop /usr/lib/systemd/libsystemd-shared-%{version}.so from the 32bit package
This shared library is not for public use, and is neither API nor
ABI stable, but is likely to change with every new released
update. Only systemd binaries are supposed to link against it.
This also prevents from the 32bit package to conflit with the 64bit
one if this lib was installed by both packages.
- Upgrade to v232, commit c5c3445825981e2a5c3ed71214127d5b1b9de802:
- Dropped backported commits which has been merged
- Forward-port Suse specific patches
- Added --disable-lto option to ./configure
- Added systemd-mount
- Removed in %file /usr/lib/systemd/user/*.socket: since
798c486fbcdce3346cd86 units/systemd-bus-proxyd.socket has been
- Removed in %file %{_sysconfdir}/systemd/bootchart.conf
since commit 232c84b2d22f2d96982b3c bootchart is not part of systemd
- Backward compat libs have been disabled since it's been dropped from
the source code.
- Added /usr/bin/systemd-socket-activate in %file
- Added --without-kill-user-processes ./configure option
- Bump libseccomp build require (>= 2.3.1) as described in README
- Specifiy version of libmount as required in the README

==== xf86-video-trident ====
Version update (1.3.7 -> 1.3.8)

- Update to version 1.3.8:
* Adapt Block/WakeupHandler signature for ABI 23
- supersedes U_Adapt-Block-WakeupHandler-signature-for-ABI-23.patch

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