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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20170127 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

When you reply to report some issues, make sure to change the subject.
It is not helpful to keep the release announcement subject in a thread
while discussing a specific problem.

Packages changed:
NetworkManager-openvpn (1.2.6 -> 1.2.8)
acpica (20161117 -> 20170119)
akonadi-import-wizard (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)
apparmor (2.10.1 -> 2.10.2)
crash (7.1.5_k4.9.5_1 -> 7.1.7_k4.9.5_1)
digikam (5.3.0 -> 5.4.0)
gegl-unstable (0.3.8 -> 0.3.10)
gmime (2.6.22 -> 2.6.23)
gucharmap (3.18.2 -> 9.0.2)
harfbuzz (1.4.1 -> 1.4.2)
libplist (1.12 -> 1.12+git20170119.6a44dfb)
libxkbcommon (0.7.0 -> 0.7.1)
mbox-importer (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)
pim-data-exporter (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)
pim-sieve-editor (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)
python-ldap (2.4.28 -> 2.4.29)
tigervnc (1.7.0 -> 1.7.1)
tracker (1.10.3 -> 1.10.4)
tracker-extras (1.10.3 -> 1.10.4)
yast2-installation (3.2.15 -> 3.2.16)
yast2-packager (3.2.11 -> 3.2.12)
yast2-services-manager (3.1.43 -> 3.2.0)
zypper (1.13.14 -> 1.13.15)

=== Details ===

==== NetworkManager-applet ====
Subpackages: NetworkManager-connection-editor libnm-gtk-data libnm-gtk0
libnma-data libnma0 typelib-1_0-NMGtk-1_0

- Move schema files to common sub package libnma-data.
- Disable appindicator support on SLE: the required dependencies
are not available.

==== NetworkManager-openvpn ====
Version update (1.2.6 -> 1.2.8)
Subpackages: NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome

- Update to version 1.2.8:
+ Treat cipher and hmac options case insensitive in the
properties GUI.
+ Support numeric argument to mssfix option.
+ Fixes to translatable strings and use Unicode.
+ Updated translations.
- Enable build for s390x: the entire dependency chain is in place.

==== acpica ====
Version update (20161117 -> 20170119)

- Update to version 20170119 (fate#322313).

==== akonadi-import-wizard ====
Version update (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)

- - Update to KDE Applications 16.12.1
* KDE Applications 16.12.1

==== apparmor ====
Version update (2.10.1 -> 2.10.2)
Subpackages: apparmor-abstractions apparmor-docs apparmor-parser
apparmor-profiles apparmor-utils libapparmor-devel libapparmor1
libapparmor1-32bit pam_apparmor pam_apparmor-32bit perl-apparmor

- change /etc/apparmor.d/cache symlink to /var/lib/apparmor/cache/.
This is part of the root partition (at least with default partitioning)
and should be available earlier than /var/cache/apparmor/
(boo#1015249, boo#980081, bsc#1016259)
- add dependency on var-lib.mount to apparmor.service as safety net
- update to AppArmor 2.10.2 maintenance release
- lots of bugfixes and profile updates (including boo#1000201,
boo#1009964, boo#1014463)
- see for details
- add aa-unconfined-fix-netstat-call-2.10r3380.diff to fix a regression
in aa-unconfined
- drop upstream(ed) patches:
- changes-since-2.10.1--r3326..3346.diff
- changes-since-2.10.1--r3347..3353.diff
- libapparmor-fix-import-path.diff (upstream fix is slightly different)
- nscd-var-lib.diff
- refresh apparmor-abstractions-no-multiline.diff

==== crash ====
Version update (7.1.5_k4.9.5_1 -> 7.1.7_k4.9.5_1)

- Upgrade of source tarball to 7.1.7 from upstream, removal of
crash-kernel-4.7.patch (source includes it) and refresh of other
patches to align with the version. For a detailed changelog of
the source tarball see:
Feature enhancements included from 7.1.6:
- Introduction of support for "live" ramdump files, such as those
that are specified by the latest QEMU version's mem-path
argument of a memory-backend-file object, e.g.:
$ qemu-kvm ...other-options... \
- object memory-backend-file,id=MEM,size=128m,mem-path=/tmp/MEM,share=on \
- numa node,memdev=MEM -m 128
and a live session run can be run against the guest kernel like so:
$ crash <path-to-guest-vmlinux> live:/tmp/MEM@0
- Implemented support for the redesigned ARM64 kernel virtual
memory layout that was introduced in Linux 4.6. Plus ARM64
support for 4k pages with 4-level page tables and 48 VA bits.
NB: On live systems automatic operation with Linux 4.6 ARM64
kernels requires that CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE is not configured.
If it is configured then use with a live system requires two
- -machdep arguments, e.g.:
- -machdep phys_offset=<base physical address>
- -machdep kimage_voffset=<kernel kimage_voffset value>
- Improvement of the ARM64 bt -f display so that, for most cases,
the stack frame delimiter will be the location of the old FP
and LR pair.
- New bt -v option that checks all tasks for evidence of stack
- Incorporation of an alternative stack backtrace mathod
accessed directly using bt -o and the default method can be
toggled between the two using bt -O.
- Fix for the case where the sym/dis commands fail for a symbol
name that is composed entirely of hexadecimal characters and
was previously interpreted as an address.
- Determine structure member data if the member is contained in
an anonymous structure or union (no longer necessary to use a]
discrete gdb "printf" command to find the offset of it).
- Session initialization speed up.
- Addition of "list -S" and "tree -S" options (similar to the -s
option of each command) where member values are read from
memory instead of being interpreting gdb output (much faster
behavior for 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-byte members).
- Fix to recognize x86_64 Linux 4.8-rc1 and later kernels that
are configured with CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_MEMORY.
- Support for PPC64 virtual address translation of radix MMU.
- Improvement of "dev -d" output to display I/O statistics for
devices that use the blk-mq interface.
Feature enhancements included from 7.1.7:
- Restore x86_64 "dis" command's symbol translation for call or
jump target addresses for kernels configured with
- Re-factor of the trace extension module to locate all of the
ftrace buffers and extracts data from each of them rather than
only the primary one.
- Support for s390x CONFIG_THREAD_INFO_IN_TASK configuration so
that "bt" command no longer shows incomplete output.
- Support for live ARM64 kernels from Linux 4.6 that have the
kernel image loaded anywhere in physical memory.
- Update of /dev/crash/kernel driver to v1.3 which adds support
Linux 4.6 and later ARM64 kernels configured with
CONFIG_HARDENED_USERCOPY and S390x kernels that use
xlate_dev_mem_ptr() and unxlate_dev_mem_ptr() rather than
kmap() and kunmap().

==== digikam ====
Version update (5.3.0 -> 5.4.0)
Subpackages: kipi-plugins kipi-plugins-lang

- update to 5.4.0
- Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to introduce a
range of similarity of items.
- Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to be able to
sort search albums list view by similary level.
- Searches: Improvements of duplicate searches to permit
multiple selection in search albums list view.
- Searches: Improvements of fuzzy searches to permit fuzzy
search on local images not present in the
database via drag & drop.
- Searches: Improvements of duplicate/fuzzy/sketch searches
to permit sorting the resulting images in image
view by similarity level.
- Searches: Improvements of duplicate/fuzzy/sketch search
results by showing the concrete similarity values
in table view.
- AlbumGUI: Improvements of grouped images to apply renaming,
copying or metadata actions to all images.
- General: Media player is now ported to QtAV instead
Qt5Multimedia (
- General: Add support of animated GIF in preview mode.
- SlideShow: Add video support.
- Presentation: Add video support.
- General: Update internal Libraw to last 0.18.
- over 193 bugfixes, among them:
kde#366624, kde#372027, kde#372232, kde#294579, kde#307332,
kde#368762, kde#371543, kde#369051, kde#372217, kde#372362,
kde#372341, kde#372326, kde#372314, kde#372164, kde#372433,
kde#372442, kde#366567, kde#274360, kde#372380, kde#372484,
kde#372323, kde#372583, kde#372584, kde#372683, kde#372640,
kde#370150, kde#372672, kde#372722, kde#204006, kde#372312,
kde#366162, kde#261417, kde#354232, kde#372684, kde#372781,
kde#372831, kde#372872, kde#372859, kde#367611, kde#371899,
kde#363998, kde#361848, kde#330062, kde#372900, kde#372427,
kde#102500, kde#330064, kde#372628, kde#372540, kde#373003,
kde#370553, kde#372093, kde#352870, kde#373100, kde#334799,
kde#321145, kde#320628, kde#285910, kde#340609, kde#370744,
kde#339961, kde#312054, kde#373500, kde#362406, kde#301936,
kde#327244, kde#256179, kde#327391, kde#373272, kde#159824,
kde#372755, kde#366387, kde#348933, kde#330112, kde#222319,
kde#281718, kde#280755, kde#373715, kde#301029, kde#242799,
kde#260594, kde#230985, kde#151539, kde#332074, kde#336309,
kde#335996, kde#336594, kde#225731, kde#096133, kde#091538,
kde#151540, kde#372485, kde#370228, kde#216655, kde#248586,
kde#139690, kde#373606, kde#373954, kde#373754, kde#373562,
kde#374010, kde#339748, kde#337300, kde#349924, kde#292316,
kde#152522, kde#144078, kde#336791, kde#132369, kde#142051,
kde#340093, kde#335299, kde#147466, kde#187959, kde#330579,
kde#356939, kde#333348, kde#320666, kde#302923, kde#374109,
kde#339027, kde#339092, kde#175626, kde#335885, kde#267992,
kde#235920, kde#294432, kde#264035, kde#369681, kde#369595,
kde#366440, kde#349929, kde#221690, kde#363116, kde#374071,
kde#313507, kde#353534, kde#097078, kde#096878, kde#119424,
kde#145228, kde#354867, kde#150076, kde#374135, kde#203714,
kde#374178, kde#374179, kde#370392, kde#372420, kde#366234,
kde#374185, kde#372481, kde#284780, kde#368124, kde#360155,
kde#374354, kde#360955, kde#371530, kde#365313, kde#366247,
kde#374326, kde#374327, kde#374413, kde#296580, kde#374428,
kde#340986, kde#339308, kde#321531, kde#372159, kde#357696,
kde#199608, kde#335915, kde#274893, kde#180701, kde#362300,
kde#358092, kde#288658, kde#352295, kde#361111, kde#292230,
kde#220201, kde#374191, kde#344698, kde#335340, kde#335051,
kde#333737, kde#330848, kde#319702, kde#244789, kde#261914,
kde#323194, kde#261397, kde#323514
- kde#373434 - No exif data in pictures exported to Flickr.
- kde#374242 - exported photos to Gphoto are rotated.
- kde#374409 - Export to Flickr ignores EXIF Orientation.
- kde#329309 - TIF files appear not in correct orientation in
- kde#374510 - Creating albums on flickr with line breaks in
their descriptions fails.
- kde#374442 - Exporting images with line breaks in their
captions to flickr fails.
- kde#374293 - Google albums reload button still display
albums which have been removed from google

==== gegl-unstable ====
Version update (0.3.8 -> 0.3.10)
Subpackages: gegl-0_3 libgegl-0_3-0

- Update to version 0.3.10:
+ buffer:
- Stop caching tiles in a singly-linked list; use a hash table
- Adjust box filtering threshold of linear/cubic samplers.
- Add const qualifier to input rect parameter of
- Don't acquire tile storage lock in NN sampler when not using
+ operations:
- rgbe-load: Add image/x-hdr mimetype.
- map-relative: Sample from the pixel centers for integer
- warp: Fix and rework the operation, now matches more closely
the iWarp behaviour.
- color-reduction: Add arithmetic dithers; inline for loop for
each different method.
+ bin: Speed up some commands by not intializing opencl.
+ json: Make bundleable.
+ Updated translations.
- Drop gegl-unstable-include-stdlib.patch: Fixed upstream.

==== gmime ====
Version update (2.6.22 -> 2.6.23)

- Update to version 2.6.23:
+ gmime-crypto-context: Fixed naming.

==== gucharmap ====
Version update (3.18.2 -> 9.0.2)
Subpackages: libgucharmap_2_90-7

- Update to version 9.0.2:
+ Add korean hangul and vietnamese pronunciations (bgo#773380).
+ Updated translations.
- Update to version 9.0.1:
+ a11y: Fix introspection dump.
+ Updated translations.
- Changes from version 9.0.0
+ Update to Unicode 9.0.0 release.
- Changes from version 8.0.0:
+ Gucharmap no longer includes Unicode data. Instead the data is
generated a build time from the unicode source data, which can
either be downloaded from, or be provided in a
directory specified by the --with-unicode-data=DIRECTORY
configure switch.
- Conditionally apply translations-update-upstream BuildRequires
and macro for non-openSUSE only.
- Stop passing V=1, we do debugging locally.
- Drop scrollkeeper BuildRequires, and stop passing
- -disable-scrollkeeper to configure, no longer needed nor
- Add gettext, unicode-ucd, unicode-ucd-unihan, unzip and perl(env)
BuildRequires: New dependencies.
- Pass --with-unicode-data to configure following upstreams
- Drop old FIXME note that is not applicable anymore.

==== gvfs ====
Subpackages: gvfs-backend-afc gvfs-backend-samba gvfs-backends gvfs-fuse

- Add gvfs-silence-log-spam.patch: Remove some logspam from
journald logs, patch from upstream git.

==== harfbuzz ====
Version update (1.4.1 -> 1.4.2)
Subpackages: harfbuzz-devel libharfbuzz-icu0 libharfbuzz0 libharfbuzz0-32bit

- Update to version 1.4.2:
+ Implement OpenType Font Variation tables avar/fvar/HVAR/VVAR.
+ hb-shape and hb-view now accept --variations.
+ Various API additions.

==== libcanberra ====
Subpackages: canberra-gtk-play libcanberra-devel libcanberra-gtk-module-common
libcanberra-gtk0 libcanberra-gtk0-32bit libcanberra-gtk2-module
libcanberra-gtk2-module-32bit libcanberra-gtk3-0 libcanberra-gtk3-module
libcanberra0 libcanberra0-32bit

- Remove the lynx build dependency: of questionable need.
- Build for Gtk3 unconditionally.
- Spec cleanup.

==== libdrm ====
Subpackages: libdrm-devel libdrm2 libdrm2-32bit libdrm_amdgpu1 libdrm_intel1
libdrm_nouveau2 libdrm_radeon1 libkms1

- enabled build of manual pages (bnc#1021810)

==== libplist ====
Version update (1.12 -> 1.12+git20170119.6a44dfb)
Subpackages: libplist-devel libplist3

- update version 1.12+git20170119.6a44dfb
* xplist: Fix limiited but possible XXE security vulnerability
with XML
* plistutil: use static buffer for stat()
* plistutil: Plug some memory leaks
* bplist: Fix possible crash in plist_from_bin() caused by access
to already freed memory
* bplist: Plug memory leaks caused by unused and unfreed buffer
* bplist: Refactor binary plist parsing in a recursive way
* xplist: Get rid of setlocale() and use custom function to print
floating point values
* Node.cpp: let plist_t operations free _node when in a container
* cython: Fix module build with libplist already installed
* bplist: Speed up plist_to_bin conversion for large plists
* Implemented plist_is_binary() and plist_from_memory()
* plist_data_compare: Make sure to compare the node sizes for integer
* xplist: Plug memory leak when converting PLIST_UID nodes to XML
* Change internal storage of PLIST_DATE values from struct timeval
to double
* Use time64 implementation by Michael G Schwern to extend allowed
date/time range
* remove libxml2 in favor of custom XML parsing
* base64: Rework base64decode to handle split encoded data correctly
* plistutil: Prevent OOB heap buffer read by checking input size
* plistutil: Use plist_is_binary() to check for binary plist data
* bplist: Improve UINT_TO_HOST macro, remove uint24_from_be function
* bplist: Check for invalid offset_size in bplist trailer
* bplist: Use proper struct for binary plist trailer
* bplist: Check for invalid ref_size in bplist trailer
- fixed CVE-2017-5209, boo#1019531
* The base64decode function in base64.c allows attackers to
obtaiin sensitive info from process memory or cause a denial
of service (buffer over-read) via split encoded Apple Property
List data.

==== libxkbcommon ====
Version update (0.7.0 -> 0.7.1)
Subpackages: libxkbcommon-x11-0 libxkbcommon0

- Update to new upstream release 0.7.1
* Fixed various reported problems when the current locale is

==== mbox-importer ====
Version update (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)

- - Update to KDE Applications 16.12.1
* KDE Applications 16.12.1

==== patterns-openSUSE ====
Subpackages: patterns-openSUSE-apparmor patterns-openSUSE-apparmor_opt
patterns-openSUSE-base patterns-openSUSE-books patterns-openSUSE-console
patterns-openSUSE-devel_C_C++ patterns-openSUSE-devel_basis
patterns-openSUSE-devel_ide patterns-openSUSE-devel_java
patterns-openSUSE-devel_kde patterns-openSUSE-devel_kde_frameworks
patterns-openSUSE-devel_kernel patterns-openSUSE-devel_osc_build
patterns-openSUSE-devel_perl patterns-openSUSE-devel_python
patterns-openSUSE-devel_qt5 patterns-openSUSE-devel_rpm_build
patterns-openSUSE-devel_ruby patterns-openSUSE-devel_web
patterns-openSUSE-dhcp_dns_server patterns-openSUSE-directory_server
patterns-openSUSE-enhanced_base patterns-openSUSE-enhanced_base_opt
patterns-openSUSE-file_server patterns-openSUSE-fonts
patterns-openSUSE-fonts_opt patterns-openSUSE-games
patterns-openSUSE-gateway_server patterns-openSUSE-generic_server
patterns-openSUSE-gnome patterns-openSUSE-gnome_admin
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_basis patterns-openSUSE-gnome_basis_opt
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_games patterns-openSUSE-gnome_ide
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_imaging patterns-openSUSE-gnome_imaging_opt
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_internet patterns-openSUSE-gnome_laptop
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_multimedia patterns-openSUSE-gnome_multimedia_opt
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_office patterns-openSUSE-gnome_office_opt
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_utilities patterns-openSUSE-gnome_yast
patterns-openSUSE-imaging patterns-openSUSE-imaging_opt patterns-openSUSE-kde
patterns-openSUSE-kde_edutainment patterns-openSUSE-kde_games
patterns-openSUSE-kde_ide patterns-openSUSE-kde_imaging
patterns-openSUSE-kde_internet patterns-openSUSE-kde_multimedia
patterns-openSUSE-kde_office patterns-openSUSE-kde_plasma
patterns-openSUSE-kde_telepathy patterns-openSUSE-kde_utilities
patterns-openSUSE-kde_utilities_opt patterns-openSUSE-kde_yast
patterns-openSUSE-kvm_server patterns-openSUSE-lamp_server
patterns-openSUSE-laptop patterns-openSUSE-lxde patterns-openSUSE-lxde_laptop
e_office patterns-openSUSE-mail_server patterns-openSUSE-minimal_base
patterns-openSUSE-minimal_base-conflicts patterns-openSUSE-misc_server
patterns-openSUSE-multimedia patterns-openSUSE-multimedia_opt
patterns-openSUSE-network_admin patterns-openSUSE-non_oss
patterns-openSUSE-non_oss_opt patterns-openSUSE-office
patterns-openSUSE-office_opt patterns-openSUSE-print_server
patterns-openSUSE-remote_desktop patterns-openSUSE-rest_dvd
patterns-openSUSE-sw_management patterns-openSUSE-sw_management_gnome
patterns-openSUSE-sw_management_kde patterns-openSUSE-tabletpc
patterns-openSUSE-technical_writing patterns-openSUSE-x11
patterns-openSUSE-x11_opt patterns-openSUSE-x11_yast
patterns-openSUSE-xen_server patterns-openSUSE-xfce
patterns-openSUSE-xfce_basis patterns-openSUSE-xfce_laptop
patterns-openSUSE-xfce_office patterns-openSUSE-yast2_basis

- Drop gsynaptics Recommends from XFCE and LXDE patterns
This drags xf86-input-synaptics and blocks the libinput usage as
a consequence although we've already wanted to move to libinput.

==== pidgin-sipe ====

- Rename the pidgin-sipe package to pidgin-plugin-sipe.
- Rename the telepathy-plugin-sipe package to telepathy-sipe.
- Require Pidgin of the exact or greater version.
- Make pidgin-plugin-sipe noarch.
- Separate locales to libpurple-plugin-sipe-lang.
- Update description.

==== pim-data-exporter ====
Version update (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)

- - Update to KDE Applications 16.12.1
* KDE Applications 16.12.1

==== pim-sieve-editor ====
Version update (16.12.0 -> 16.12.1)

- - Update to KDE Applications 16.12.1
* KDE Applications 16.12.1

==== purple-plugin-pack ====
Subpackages: libpurple-plugin-pack pidgin-plugin-pack

- Replace purple-plugin_pack-autoprofile-crash.patch with
purple-plugin-pack-fix-autoprofile-crash.patch, a very simple
patch to do the job.

==== python-ldap ====
Version update (2.4.28 -> 2.4.29)

- Update to upstream release 2.4.29
- added python-ldap.keyring to validate upstream source signatures

==== tigervnc ====
Version update (1.7.0 -> 1.7.1)

- Update to tigervnc 1.7.1.
* This is a security update for TigerVNC 1.7.0 which fixes a
memory overflow issue via the RRE decoder. A malicious server
could possibly use this issue to take control of the TigerVNC

==== tracker ====
Version update (1.10.3 -> 1.10.4)
Subpackages: libtracker-common-1_0 libtracker-control-1_0-0
libtracker-miner-1_0-0 libtracker-sparql-1_0-0 tracker-miner-files
typelib-1_0-Tracker-1_0 typelib-1_0-TrackerControl-1_0

- Update to version 1.10.4:
+ tracker-extract: Whitelist multiple inocuous syscalls that were
reported to raise false positives in the extraction sandbox.
+ Fixed tracker-extract insertion of pre-defined resources.
+ Fixed TrackerResource SPARQL generation of rdfs:Resource
properties with cardinality>1.

==== tracker-extras ====
Version update (1.10.3 -> 1.10.4)
Subpackages: nautilus-extension-tracker-tags tracker-gui

- Update to version 1.10.4:
+ tracker-extract: Whitelist multiple inocuous syscalls that were
reported to raise false positives in the extraction sandbox.
+ Fixed tracker-extract insertion of pre-defined resources.
+ Fixed TrackerResource SPARQL generation of rdfs:Resource
properties with cardinality>1.

==== virt-manager ====
Subpackages: virt-install virt-manager-common

- bsc#976796 - Virt-manager does not show up in application menu
- bsc#1010060 - virt-install won't start CASP installation
- bsc#1018645 - virt-manager is using pygrub for booting PV domU

==== virt-viewer ====

- bsc#976796 - Drop duplicate icon entry in desktop file

==== xfce4-mixer ====
Subpackages: xfce4-mixer-lang xfce4-panel-plugin-mixer

- Drop gstreamer-0.10 usage, move to gstreamer-1.0;
this requires the additionally own GstMixer implementation:

==== yast2-installation ====
Version update (3.2.15 -> 3.2.16)

- bnc#1017752
- do not show language change warning in software proposal
incorrectly when language was not changed.
- 3.2.16

==== yast2-packager ====
Version update (3.2.11 -> 3.2.12)

- Use information provided by libzypp to evaluate product
renames (FATE#321751)
- 3.2.12

==== yast2-services-manager ====
Version update (3.1.43 -> 3.2.0)

- Using systemctl calls (is-active, is-enabled) to evaluate if the
service is enabled/active (bnc#1017166, bnc#1012047)
- AY-Import: Filter out all YaST services which should e.g. not be
restarted while installation.(bnc#956043)
- 3.2.0

==== zypper ====
Version update (1.13.14 -> 1.13.15)
Subpackages: zypper-aptitude zypper-log

- Fix --help output breaking tab completion (bsc#983021)
- version 1.13.15

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