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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed and calibre - deja vue
Op 23-01-17 om 06:00 schreef Kyek, Andreas, Vodafone DE (External):
Hi @all,

since some days (und updates) I can no longer run calibre.

I'm running tumbleweed with all current updates (kernel 4.9, nvidia
340.101 patched for 4.9).

When I start calibre from shell I only see:
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
in the terminal.

And in /vlm I find;
2017-01-22T16:06:29.709603+01:00 t510w kernel: [15243.469244]
python2[12508]: segfault at c0 ip 00007f69cbdc7946 sp 00007ffc0655a958
error 4 in[7f69cbd46000+196000]

any ideas?

(I'm using default repositories plus packman and x2go repo)


I see the same error.

The latest update saw some python changes (python-sip (4.18.1 -> 4.19) would be the culprit, I'd say) and calibre is very sensitive in this area. A rebuild of calibre would probably fix this.

Because calibre is released very often, we don't see this kind of errors often.


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