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Re: [opensuse-factory] this latest release is proving troublesome for the desktop
On 01/18/17 09:36, Per Jessen wrote:
Bruno Friedmann wrote:

On mardi, 17 janvier 2017 16.14:50 h CET ianseeks wrote:
On Tuesday, 17 January 2017 14:09:33 GMT J. F. Lemaire wrote:
On 17 January 2017 at 13:50, Bruno Friedmann <bruno@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On mardi, 17 janvier 2017 11.35:14 h CET ianseeks wrote:
Panel hanging then desktop hanging, sometimes hangs on login,
akonadi doesn't always start...
Ctrl Backspace Backspace is your friend at the moment :)
Aren't your that's not the mixed repositories you have ?

A TW of the day has
Qt: 5.7.1, KDE Frameworks: 5.29.0, Plasma: 5.8.5, kwin5: 5.8.5
I don't think it is because I have the exact same package versions
as those and the exact same symptoms described above.

I forgot to add --no-allow-vendor-change and its downgraded
everything to the correct levels and the hanging panel/desktop seems
to have stopped although i'm still occasionally having it hang during
a log in.
then the hang is probably (but I've no science clue here) due to
I was also using nouveau for a while, with both 421 and 422, always had

I'm using the proprietary blob (my quadro being not that
known to nouveau yet) and I don't see any hang during a working
For the time being, I've blacklisted nouveau - graphics are slooooow, so
I'll switch to the nvidia supplied driver soon.

TW latest release: using XFCE , and running Ktorrent

the fonts of Ktorrent have gone tiny and am unable to find method to increase font size .


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