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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE reproducible build test results

I just finished rebuilding all of openSUSE:Factory again.
Using the common approach of double-build with variations in date+time+hostname
implemented in my "rebuildmany" / rb4 script in the reproducibleopensuse repo.
contains all resulting diffs (after our build-compare filters)

This was setting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and using 'osc build' that normalizes UID,
umask, build path, locale, TZ etc

my rbstats scripts summarized the results thus:

total-packages: 9918
build-tried: 9918
build-failed: 1025
build-n-a: 63
build-succeeded: 8830
build-official-failed: 45 # also failed in OBS
build-compare-failed: 598
build-compare-succeeded: 8232
bit-by-bit-identical: 0

so still plenty of work to do, even before we start reducing the filters in

if you are maintaining a package in Factory, you can have a look at the diffs
above and see if you can figure out how to avoid that diff
or look at
to see if your package failed to build.

For haskell packages I already filed
and you can ignore the non-x86 packages like uboot*
but there are still plenty others
some of which fail their testsuite
when running with chroot (instead of kvm like in OBS (which somehow is broken
on my host))

Bernhard M. Wiedemann
software engineer
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