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[opensuse-factory] Splitting patterns
Hi All,

Time for part 2 of the pattern cleanup (i've already put through an SR
to update package names and remove packages that don't exist). In this
round i am aiming to split the 1 pattern package into several so that A)
some patterns can be maintained in there associated devel repo and B)
hopefully so that we can share some patterns with SLE (with that in mind
maybe we should remove openSUSE from the package names).

The following is a suggestion of what I think we (I) should implement,
it is of course all up for change and suggestions. With that in mind
firstly i'd like to suggest that we drop the following patterns.

The following are collections of miscellaneous similar software rather
then software that works together to perform a task
* devel_ide
* misc_server
* remote_desktop
* voip

The following should be dropped for there given reason.
* generic_server - (Merge into the console pattern, as these are
console tools)
* devel_qt4 - (Only 1-2 packages)
* non_oss / non_oss_opt - (these could just be merged, between them
they recommend gst-fluendo-mp3 and unrar, then suggest 1-2 things)
* tabletpc - (drivers should be part of X11)
* sw_management - (only contains zypper which is in minimal)
* rest_dvd9 - (not used)
* rest_promo_dvd - (not used)

These patterns are the only ones I'd like to do internal changes to.
* base
* enhanced_base
* enhanced_base_opt
* minimal_base
* minimal_base-conflicts
As was mentioned in the previous thread in SLE we have a "Minimal" and
"Base" pattern, i'd like to replace the above with these. Any tools that
are currently in enhanced_base/enhanced_base_opt but not in the new base
can be moved into "console", console being what gets installed if you
select "text mode" in the installer. This will mean that by default text
only systems will get a decent set of tools but that users can use the
advanced install options to strip back to a more basic system. As has
been mentioned minimal and base aren't very descriptive, so I'm going to
suggest minimal-appliance (minimal) and minimal-server (base), but I'll
post the description of both so someone can suggest something better.

Minimal: This is the minimal openSUSE runtime system. It is really a
minimal system, you can login and a shell will be started, that's all.
It is intended as base for Appliances.

Base: This is the base runtime system. It contains only a minimal
multiuser booting system. For running on real hardware, you need to add
additional packages and pattern to make this pattern useful on its own.

The following will stay in system:install:head/patterns-openSUSE but I
will possibly rename it to "patterns-openSUSE-base" depending on what
people think.
* 32bit / 64bit
* apparmor/apparmor_opt
* console
* update_test
* x11
* x11_opt
* x86

The following patterns were split out of base hopefully to make this
more usable for SLES/SLED if thats not possible they could be included
in the base package, most of the desktop patterns are here because I
couldn't find a better place to put them,

* dhcp_dns_server
* directory_server
* file_server
* gateway_server
* kvm_server
* lamp_server
* mail_server
* print_server
* xen_server

* books
* laptop
* technical_writing
* imaging
* imaging_opt
* multimedia
* multimedia_opt
* technical_writing

The following devel pattern's I couldn't think of a better place for
(someone else might be able too) these could also just go in
patterns-openSUSE-base as well.
* devel_basis
* devel_kernel
* devel_rpm_build
* devel_web

The "rest" patterns are used to build the iso's there big and annoying
so I think they'd be best in there own package
* rest_cd_gnome
* rest_cd_kde
* rest_cd_x11
* rest_core_dvd
* rest_dvd

I am suggesting that the remaining patterns are all moved to packages in
there corresponding devel repos as follows. The idea here is that I
won't modify the contents of these patterns but it will make it much
easier for the individual maintainers to.

* devel_C_C++

* devel_gnome
* gnome
* gnome_admin
* gnome_basis
* gnome_basis_opt
* gnome_games
* gnome_ide -> rename (gnome-devel-tools, dropping ide patterns)
* gnome_imaging
* gnome_imaging_opt
* gnome_internet
* gnome_laptop
* gnome_multimedia
* gnome_multimedia_opt
* gnome_office
* gnome_office_opt
* gnome_utilities
* gnome_yast
* sw_management_gnome -> rename gnome_sw_management

* devel_java

* kde
* kde_plasma
* kde_edutainment
* kde_games
* kde_ide -> rename to kde_devel_tools
* kde_imaging
* kde_internet
* kde_telepathy
* kde_multimedia
* kde_office
* kde_utilities
* kde_utilities_opt
* kde_yast
* sw_management_kde -> rename to kde_sw_management (could drop, only
has libyui-qt-pkg)

KDE:Qt5/patterns-openSUSE-devel-KDE (Maybe this should be part of the
kde pattern?)
* devel_kde_frameworks
* devel_kde
* devel_qt5

* devel_mono

* devel_perl

devel:languages:python:Factory/patterns-openSUSE-devel-perl (maybe these
should be in devel:languages:python?)
* devel_python
* devel_python3

* devel_osc_build

* devel_ruby

* devel_tcl

* devel_yast
* x11_yast
* yast2_basis
* yast2_install_wf

* enlightenment

* fonts
* fonts_opt

* games

* haskell_platform

* network_admin

* leechcraft
* leechcraft_media
* leechcraft_messenger
* leechcraft_netutils
* leechcraft_office
* leechcraft_utilities

* lxde
* lxde_laptop
* lxde_office

* lxqt

* mate
* mate_admin
* mate_basis
* mate_internet
* mate_laptop
* mate_office
* mate_office_opt
* mate_utilities

* office - (it only contains libre office anyway)

* xfce -> X11:xfce
* xfce_basis
* xfce_laptop
* xfce_office

That was rather long, congrats if you got to the bottom. Looking forward
to your feedback.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
SUSE Linux Adeliade Australia, UTC+9:30
GPG Fingerprint: 5B87 DB9D 88DC F606 E489 CEC5 0922 C246 02F0 014B

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