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[opensuse-factory] Dropping of gstreamer-0_10 from Factory
Dear Tumbleweed users,
For the last few months, several people have worked on porting packages
dependent on gstreamer v0.10 to updated gstreamer 1.x, and we are left
with only a few (unmaintained by upstream?) packages in Factory which
are still dependent on the old version and are not portable in a
straightforward way. These are (apart from gstreamer-0_10 plugins):

*    freqtweak
*    ignuit
*    kde3-kaffeine
*    kdemultimedia3
*    libucil
*    moodbar
*    morituri
*    pgadmin3
*    psi+-plugins-psimediaplugin
*    python-gstreamer-0_10
*    sffview
*    wxWidgets
*    wxWidgets-ansi
*    wxWidgets-wxcontainer
*    xfce4-mixer
*    xfce4-volumed

I would like to now (in a couple of days) file drop requests for the
entire gstreamer-0_10 stack for openSUSE:Factory. This is a consequence
of the lack of upstream support for gstreamer < 1.0 (GStreamer 1.0 was
released on September 24, 2012), which makes, for instance, security
issues such as [1] difficult to track and fix. Having this in the
Tumbleweed distro is therefore ill-advised.

For Leap starting with 42.3 and beyond, we are, of course, dependent on
SUSE for decisions relating to the dropping of gst 0.10, and I
understand that it is expected to be maintained at least for the life-
times of 42.x releases (please correct me if I am wrong).

To summarise, the gstreamer version 0.10.x stack (zypper se gstreamer-
0_10*) will soon be dropped from Factory, which will thereafter only
carry upstream maintained stable releases of gstreamer 1.x. If you are
a maintainer of any of the above pkgs, please consider patching your
app to work with gstreamer 1.x to prevent them from becoming
"unresolvable" soon.

Thanks for bearing with my long email, and wish everyone a very happy
holiday season. Have a lot of fun!

Atri Bhattacharya
Sun 25 Dec 16:49:47 IST 2016

Sent from openSUSE Tumbleweed on my laptop.

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