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Re: [opensuse-factory] "application(s)" are going to be [INSTALLED|REMOVED]
On Tue, 2016-12-06 at 02:23 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:
Several of these occur on what seems like nearly every zypper up or
dup that 
occurs on an infrequent basis. The current up process I'm looking at
was last 
performed 30 days ago, and consists of removal of Konsole and Marble.
(or is it Mozilla Firefox, or is it MozillaFirefox) is another I see

Why is it that "application" names that match program names
installed rpms even exist in the first place, much less repeatedly
get installed 
and removed?

Applications is what a user cares for - packages is a technical mean of

Traditionally, we only supported packages and that's what rpm, with
zypp around it, handles.

With the raise of software centers, the package centric approach is
still 'nice' from a technical PoV, but it's terribly bad to be
represented to a user. There you care for 'applications'.

Out of this need, a new metadata set, called AppStream was born. Now,
AppStream is 'just' a set of XML files, in the right format. Currently,
only the openSUSE distribution itself provides guaranteed valid
AppStream metadata - all other repos have 'some code in place to
produce something, but more often than not that fails to produce valid
AppStream data'

Zypper combines the repository metadata with the published AppStream
metadata out of a repository. Once you have a package installe, it also
leaves information about which 'Application' it contains (if any. Not
every package registers an application).

If you now perform an update of a package (specifically outside of the
openSUSE distro, from any 3rd party repo), zypp only has info about the
'Package' you update. But the repo data does not provide the info that
this package would also contain the application. The 'old' package you
had contained the application. Logical consequence: it 'seems' to zypp
as the new package no longer provides the application and thus tells
you the application will be removed.

This is currently work in progress - and once OBS is able to produce
valid and reliable AppStream metadata, this is very likely just to
solve all those issues.

If this is for cases inside the distribution, then there are often
packaging bugs.

Last but not least: I'm pretty sure the Update repo also does not have
valid AppStream - so anything published there will show the same
behavior of 'applications being removed'

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