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Re: [opensuse-factory] Kmail2 5.3.0 - keeps crashing with seg fault 11

Am Sonntag, 21. August 2016, 14:08:33 CEST schrieb Christian Boltz:
Am Sonntag, 21. August 2016, 12:17:33 CEST schrieb Michal Hlavac:
I have problem with akonadi repeating crashes, but not kmail.

Same here.

Some debugging with fvogt on #opensuse-kde shows that this is probaby
caused by building akonadi against the new libxapian30 (instead of the
previous libxapian22).

For details, see the upstream bug

For those who didn't update Tumbleweed in the last days, it's probably
a good idea to zypper al libxapian30 to avoid getting it and the
rebuilt version of akonadi and kdepim.

I created a repo with the previous version of libxapian, and akonadi-*
and baloo linkpac'd from Factory (so rebuilt against the old libxapian):
Packages at

Since I installled these packages (using zypper dup --from), I didn't
see any akonadi crashes.

In other words: it's probably a good idea to revert the libxamian /
xapian-core update in Tumbleweed (including akonadi-* and baloo
rebuilds) until this bug gets fixed.

If someone wants to use the fixed packages _now_: I'll keep the repo
as long as it's useful for me ;-)


Christian Boltz
if this crashes as well, make sure to create a bnc entry, add a
backtrace, a copy of your sysconfig/proxy file and some cheese (Want
to make a fondue). [Dominique Leuenberger in opensuse-factory]

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