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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20160611 released!

Please note that this mail was generated by a script.
The described changes are computed based on the x86_64 DVD.
The full online repo contains too many changes to be listed here.

Please check the known defects of this snapshot before upgrading:

Packages changed:
git (2.8.3 -> 2.8.4)
multipath-tools (0.5.0 -> 0.6.1)
rsyslog (8.18.0 -> 8.19.0)
yast2-auth-server (3.1.16 -> 3.1.17)
yast2-ca-management (3.1.8 -> 3.1.9)
yast2-country (3.1.26 -> 3.1.27)
yast2-firewall (3.1.5 -> 3.1.6)
yast2-inetd (3.1.12 -> 3.1.13)
yast2-iscsi-client (3.1.27 -> 3.1.28)
yast2-mail (3.1.8 -> 3.1.9)
yast2-multipath (3.1.6 -> 3.1.7)
yast2-nfs-server (3.1.8 -> 3.1.9)
yast2-samba-client (3.1.16 -> 3.1.17)
yast2-samba-server (3.1.15 -> 3.1.16)
yast2-scanner (3.1.2 -> 3.1.3)
yast2-snapper (3.1.10 -> 3.1.11)
yast2-storage (3.1.93 -> 3.1.94)

=== Details ===

==== git ====
Version update (2.8.3 -> 2.8.4)
Subpackages: git-core git-cvs git-daemon git-email git-gui git-svn git-web gitk

- git 2.8.4:
* Documentation updates
* "git fsck" learned to catch NUL byte in a commit object as
potential error and warn.
* "git describe --contains" improvements
* Treat "http.cookieFile" config as a path
* Suggest "submodule deinit --all" for deinitializing all submodules
* A couple of bugs around core.autocrlf have been fixed.
* "git difftool" learned to handle unmerged paths correctly in
dir-diff mode.

==== gnome-online-accounts ====
Subpackages: gnome-online-accounts-devel libgoa-1_0-0 libgoa-backend-1_0-1

- Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572

==== gnome-settings-daemon ====

- Add explicit pkgconfig(libgeoclue-2.0) BuildRequires: configure
checks for it and it allows us to specify the minimum version

==== libgee ====

- Update to GNOME 3.20 Fate#318572

==== multipath-tools ====
Version update (0.5.0 -> 0.6.1)
Subpackages: kpartx

- Rework patch 'move filter_devnode under vector lock'
- multipathd: Fixup definition of set_unlocked_handler_callback()
- mpathcmd.h: Update Free Software Foundation address
- Do not install header file with mode 755
- Update to latest upstream version 0.6.1
* Merge suse-specific patches
* Drop multipath.conf.* files
* Update to version 0.6.1
* multipathd: move 'filter_devnode' under vector lock
* libmultipath: use poll() in uevent_listen()
* Increase kpartx retries
* Merge Dell MD3XXX hardware table entries
* multipathd: Add 'sysfs' prioritizer (bsc#927040)
* libmultipath: call get_vpd_uid() if no uid_attribute is set
* multipathd: update defaults
- Update to latest upstream version 0.6.0 (FATE#319406)
* Update documentation
* Fix memory leak and segfault in reconfigure
* Add wwn keyword to weightedpath prioritizer
* Use 64-bit int for command key
* check partions unused before removing
* print 'fail' when remove fails
* add exclusive_pref_bi for alua prioritizer
* kpartx: verify parition devices
* multipathd: delay reloads during creation
* Cut down alua prioritizer ioctls
* Add 'ignore_new_boot_devs' option
* Add libmpathcmd library and use it internally
* retrigger uevents to try and grab uid
* Update to version 0.6.0
- Port to latest upstream version (FATE#319406, FATE#320255)
* kpartx: support device names with spaces
* add raw format multipathd commands
* make kpartx -d remove all partitions
* Add find_multipaths option
* Autodetect ALUA CLARiiON configurations
* Delayed path reintegration
* enable configuration directory
* read-only bindings
* Add deferred_remove support
* correctly set partition delimiter on rename
* Add overrides section to multipath.conf
* Add additional path wildcards
* Add force_sync option
* Misc small patches
- multipathd: do not flush maps on startup
- Use find_path_by_dev() where possible (bsc#924316)
- Fixup error return in store_path() (bsc#972329)
- Do not display message 'invalid fd'
- Fixup overzealous warning 'empty device number' (bsc#969857)
- multipathd: fixup signal handling (again)
- Revert 'trigger all devices on startup'
- multipathd: print error message for invalid arguments
- multipathd: block checkerloop during reconfiguration (bsc#946658)
- libmultipath: correctly initialize pp->sg_id
- multipathd: don't buffer output with systemd (bsc#954726)
- multipath.rules: Do not forward partition events (bsc#954726)
- libmultipath: improve uxlsnr handling (bsc#954726)
- multipathd: do not realloc memory in uxlsnr (bsc#954726)
- libmultipath: call get_uid() for all paths (bsc#935312)
- multipathd: Do not print misleading message 'not found in pathvec'
- multipathd: Do not update the paths vec when removing paths
- multipathd: Do not switch paths on empty multipath tables (bsc#956349)
- libmultipath: remove 'get_info' argument for adopt_paths()
- libmultipath: ensure 'dev_t' is set when store paths (bsc#924316)
- libmultipath: Do not store paths with empty dev_t (bsc#924316)
- libmultipath: Do not store paths with empty device name (bsc#924316)
- libmultipath: sysfs_set_rport_tmo still wrong (bsc#926588)
- Add LIO-ORG/SUSE RBD backend hardware defaults (bsc#947845)
- multipath: Reset alias if renaming fails (bsc#943157)
- Fixes for md_monitor on zFCP (FATE#319070):
* strict loop timings
* multipathd: fixup a crash when invoking CLI commands
* multipathd: implement 'show map $map format $format
- Fixup hang in 'multipath -f' (bsc#941954)
- Create package for SLE12-SP1.
* Remove multipath-tools-0.5.0-sles12.diff.bz2
* Add multipath-tools-0.5.0-sles12-sp1.diff.bz2
- kpartx: parse emulated DASD devices
- multipathd: Fixup queueing mode in 'show maps status' (bsc#933885)
- multipathd: Accept zero-sized paths in ev_add_path
- Always set DM_UDEV_DISABLE_LIBRARY_FALLBACK (bsc#933282)
- libmultipath: Fixup 'DM_DEVICE_RELOAD' handling (bsc#933282)
- libmultipath: correctly display checker status
- Remove 'udev_sync' argument from dm_simplecmd (bsc#903001)
- Ensure multipathd is started before systemd-udev-trigger
- Only import ID_FS_XXX variables if not set (bsc#909358)
- Fixup regular expression for HP MSA 2040 (bsc#920189)
- Add dependency on systemd-udevd.service (bsc#903001)
- Use ALUA for HP 3PAR (bsc#922105)
- Add DX8700 S3 and DX8900 S3 defaults (bsc#921703)
- Load all device handler modules on startup (bsc#908529)
- libmultipath: make vpd page 0x80 optional (bsc#917963)
- Add HP MSA 2040 to the hardware table (bsc#920189)
- Revert 'Skip unhandled device types' (bsc#917701)
- skip uninitialized devices during reconfiguration (bnc#908915)
- memory overflow when printing help text (bnc#909742)
- Do not automatically fall back to vpd uid generation
- Improve vpd parsing
- multipathd: trigger all devices on startup (bnc#901465)
- Unset 'uid_attribute' on failure
- libmultipath: Fall back to SG_IO if no UID could be assigned
- Assign local priority for NAA VPD descriptor (bnc#907483)
- libmultipath: finally fix dev_loss_tmo setting (bnc#889927)
- libmultipath: Do not use 'sscanf' for parsing integers (bnc#889927)
- devmapper: do not flush I/O for DM_DEVICE_CREATE (bnc#901809)
- kpartx: handle more than 256 loop devices (bnc#898427)
- multipathd: fixup locking in uev_remove_map() (bnc#901891)
- multipathd: use global variable for uxsock timeout (bnc#900758)
- multipathd: remove unused variable in cli_reconfigure()
- Add %service calls for multipathd.socket
- Really fix segfault in recv_packet (bnc#896678)
- Allow empty revision during discovery (bnc#896864)
- Fix segfault in recv_packet (bnc#896678)
- Fixup segfault due to double unlock
- Skip USB devices during discovery (bnc#865577)
- Ignore devices when sysfs_get_tgt_nodename fails (bnc#865577)
- Use sysfs attribute vpd_pg80 to read serial number
- Create rcmultipathd links (bnc#894513)
- multipathd: fix segfault in checkerloop() (bnc#894513)
- Use regenerate_posttrans rpm macros (bnc#892181)
- Do not call mkinitrd in rpm macros directly, make use of
%{?regenerate_initrd_posttrans} and %{?regenerate_initrd_post}
instead to avoid rebuilding of initrd for each package that
needs initrd recreation. Only update initrd once per install/update
if needed
- Fixup segfault during uev_path_add() (bnc#892214)
- Revert to ACT_RELOAD in domap() if the map exists
- multipathd: asynchronous configuration (bnc#891189)
- multipathd: timeout CLI commands when waiting for lock
- Remove dm_udev_XXX wrapper functions
- uxlsnr: use typedef for trigger function
- multipathd: lock cli client list
- multipathd: Use standard lists for CLI handling
- Use strlen() when checking for valid wwid
- kpartx: zero out cookie (bnc#890902)
- multipathd: Check for empty wwid when processing events
- Fixup device-mapper cookie handling yet again (bnc#890902)
- Allow zero-sized devices during configuration
- multipathd: issue warning on CLI command timeout (bnc#891189)
- Do not remove paths without uevent (bnc#890998)
- Fixup structure misalignment in config.h (bnc#890747)
- Do not print empty multipaths section
- Fixup 'uxsock_timeout' handling
- Reload map if reinstate failed (bnc#890854)
- Close memory leak in print_multipath_topology
- Implement 'uxsock_timeout' keyword (bnc#890551)
- Return error when receiving CLI packet (bnc#890551)
- multipath: do not print state 'orphan' for option '-l' (bnc#890551)
- Fix race conditions during uevent processing (bnc#890994)
- Skip unhandled device types (bnc#881125)
- use 'uid_attribute' per default when generating WWID (bnc#881125)
- Use a default dev_loss_tmo of 600 (bnc#889927)
- Fixup device-mapper 'cookie' handling (bnc#886743)
- Remove last argument from verify_paths()
- Add paths with a size of '0' as 'ghost' paths
- Remove sysfs_get_dev()
- Use glibc 'major' and 'minor' macros
- Whitespace cleanup in mpath_persist
- Fixup wrong check for errno in uevent_listen()
- Terminate uevent listener on ppoll() error (bnc#889165)
- Patches from upstream:
* enable gcc format-security check
* Accept "*" as a valid regular expression
* check info.exists to get valid value
* Don't forget to reload table when both reload and rename
is required
* libmultipath: Simplify read_line()
* libmultipath: Zero-terminate sysfs_attr_get_value() result
* libmultipath: Print line number for which parsing failed
* libmultipath: Accept "*" as a valid regular expression
* multipath: Wrong sysfs attribute used for iSCSI settings
- Check for valid DM_DEVICE_INFO before proceeding
- Scalability fixes (bnc#880356):
* Separate out uevent parsing functions
* Use poll() when receiving uevents
* multipathd: push down lock in checkerloop()
* Allow specific CLI commands to run unlocked
* Push down vector lock during uevent processing
- recovery_tmo for iSCSI sessions not updated (bnc#883808)
- Only filter for udev property if uid_attribute is present
- Read wwid from sysfs vpg_pg83 attribute
- Update multipath.conf.5 to clarify wwid generation
- kpartx: Fixup persistent name generation (bnc#887582)
- Revert 'return PATH_DOWN for quiesced paths'
- Do not treat 'transport-offline' paths as 'offline' (bnc#888378)
- multipath: Check for running daemon when called with '-u'
- multipath: use option '-i' when called from udev (bnc#885628)
- multipath: add option '-i' to ignore wwids file (bnc#885628)
- Update hwtable for EMC XtremIO (bnc#880510)
- Remove unused variable 'aas' from alua prioritzer
- Patches from upstream:
* Add multipath.conf force_sync option
* make prioritizers use checker_timeout, if set
* Improve multipath.conf syntax checking
* orphan paths on failed add
* Add missing interactive commands to multipathd man page
* Make multipathd orphan paths that were removed externally
* allow users to add wwids to /etc/multipath/wwids with -a
* change conf->dry_run to conf->cmd
* Return the correct size buffer in set_value()
* Fix memory issues in path reordering failure code paths
- Fixup race condition with udev (bnc#883878)
- Cleanup foreground operation handling in multipathd
- Fix some minor issues in path reordering code (bnc#870465)
- Patches from upstream:
* Use existing user friendly names if possible
* kpartx: fix extended partition size for >512b sectors
* Mismatch between allocation length and transfer length in
rdac prio
* Mismatch between allocation length and transfer length in
emc_clariion prio.
- 11-dm-mpath.rules: Import blkid values if all paths are down
- kpartx.rules: Skip kpartx for multipath events (bnc#875233)
- Fix race condition with systemd (bnc#878809)
- Fix segfault when fast_io_fail_tmo is empty in config file
- Crafted ordering of child paths for round robin path selector
- multipath: enable sync support (bnc#872297)
- Whitelist devices in multipath.rules (bnc#877281)
- Install multipath rule under 56-multipath.rules (bnc#873151)
- Implement option '-u' for uevents (bnc#873151)
- Remove trailing linefeed from sysfs attributes
- Make checker_put() and prio_put() idempotent
- Implement 'list path' CLI command
- Disable reassign maps per default
- Allow for NULL path when printing information
- Fixup wwid blacklist printing
- Use SCSI_IDENT_.* as the default property whitelist (bnc#872929)
- Do not call 'blkid' in kpartx.rules
- Allow empty wwids during discovery (bnc#872712)
- Always set verbosity to '0' when checking devices (bnc#867840)
- Fixup multipath rules for booting (bnc#870764)
- Fixup dependencies in multipathd.service (bnc#872712)
- Do not print empty device strings during discovery (bnc#872712)
- Use multipath wwid if path wwid is empty (bnc#872712)
- Set the correct PID when running in debug mode
- Fixup ordering cycle with systemd (bnc#863218)
- Rebase git repository to match with upstream
- Revert 'display uevent sequence number'; not required anymore
- downgrade device-mapper requirement to 1.2.78 until 1.2.82
is available anywhere
- Update FSF address
- Add 11-dm-mpath.rules (bnc#867968)
- Link against libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon
- Fixup spec file to correct rules permissions
- Fixup 40-multipath.rules installation
- Add 40-multipath.rules for dracut support
- Install kpartx rules with correct prefix for dracut
- filter for missing property in get_refwwid() (bnc#862250)
- Double uevent stacksize yet again (bnc#855379)
- do not fail discovery on individual devices (bnc#860850)
- Prefer deprecated 'getuid' callout (bnc#861534)
- Skip paths with empty wwid (bnc#861534)
- correctly terminate string in strlcpy() (bnc#861534)
- Don't chop const strings
- Fixup typo in Makefile
- display uevent sequence number on 'show daemon'
- Fixup build issues
- Update to official version 0.5.0
- remove: multipath-tools-0.4.9.tar.bz2
- remove: multipath-tools-0.4.9-opensuse-12.3.diff.bz2
- add: multipath-tools-0.5.0.tar.bz2
- add: multipath-tools-0.5.0-sles12.diff.bz2
- Merge:
- multipath-tools-make-flexible-install-of-systemd-and-udev-files.patch
- Add Source URL, see
- use %setup -c to support the tarball
- license update: GPL-2.0
Substantial number of GPL-2.0 files in the package
- Make installation of systemd unit and udev files more flexible.
add: multipath-tools-make-flexible-install-of-systemd-and-udev-files.patch
- Update to latest mainline git version
- Merge systemd fixes
- Generate persistent device names for kpartx (bnc#799274)
- Systemd: use default service type instead of forking
- Systemd: fix spec pre/post scripts.
- Drop patch 0001-multipath.rules.patch, multipath not ready yet.
- Fix the installation of multipath.rules file.
- Drop RUN+="socket:..." and update the multipath.rule like Fedora
- Update to version 0.4.9
- Merge in latest changes from mainline
- Run update of initrd at %post and %postun.
We need this to make sure initrd reflects the updates.
- cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
- don't hard require boot.device-mapper in boot.multipath. dm-mod is
autoloaded when accessing /dev/mapper/control anyways.
- fix build fail with AS_NEEDED by default
- updated one more dm_simplecmd caller with &cookie.
- bumped 1 character buffer to 1 byte more for leading \0
- Merge with fixes from mainline.
- fix compilation on bi-arch by specifying LIB=%_lib
(Makefiles would erroneously assume a 64-bit target just by the
sheer presence of lib64, which is wrong)
- always add in -D_GNU_SOURCE to get at struct ucred
- Increase initial timeout for 'tur' checker (bnc#616694)
- Set geometry information for multipath maps (bnc#613363)
- Reset 'running' parameter for directio (bnc#600043)
- Add fallback to init script for older versions (bnc#602957)
- Add HP 2000 to internal hardware table (bnc#603359)
- Make path state messages unique
- Add 'reassign_maps' configuration parameter
- Profiling fixes:
* Update 'max_fds' handling
* Use strcmp() instead of strcmp_chomp()
* Simplify sysfs_get_device()
* Remove duplicate calls to path_offline()
* Simplify dm_get_name()
* Fixup devt2devname()
* Rework dm_reassign()
- check argument length in execute_program(bnc#610914)
- Do not use LOG_CONS when opening syslog (bnc#610914)
- Remove pid file usage from init scripts (bnc#600412)
- Fixup boot.multipath init script (bnc#600412)
- Always provide symlinks for udev (bnc#603785)
- Use minor number in ev_remove_map() (bnc#599770)
- signal_waiter() overwrites structure (bnc#591399)
- Serialize startup on large machines (bnc#598697)
- Update multipath(8) manpage for '-p' (bnc#602970)
- Mark 'readsector0' checker as deprecated (bnc#589340)
- Errorneous message 'error starting uevent listener'
- Graceful shutdown of logging thread (bnc#591399)
- Missing '-p' option for mkdir in mkinitrd script (bnc#597786)
- rdac message not printed correctly (bnc#598302)
- Use alias when printing log messages (bnc#598302)
- valgrind fixes (bnc#591399)
- Use VECTOR_SIZE() defines
- Update hwtable factorization
- Use log_close() on shutdown
- Use refcounting for checkers (bnc#591399)
- More valgrind fixes
- Provide correct persistent symlinks for user_friendly_names
- Fixup hardware table for LSI arrays (bnc#597713)
- Reassign maps during startup (bnc#586834)
- Update manpage
- Use mkdir -p in mkinitrd setup script (bnc#597786).
- Remove 'minor' argument from add_map_without_path
- Check for correct device-mapper device in uevent handler
- Start uevent service handler from main thread
- Do not reassign multipath maps (bnc#594341)
- Protect waiter structure by mutex (bnc#581200)
- Log directly to syslog on shutdown (bnc#581200)
- Clear up uevent queue on shutdown
- Add more IBM/FAStT arrays (bnc#578738)
- Display average priority as group priority (bnc#588591)
- Implement 'wait event' cli command (bnc#586834)
- Reset existing maps (bnc#577894)
- Setup 'checkint' when loading config file (bnc#586847)
- Fix typo in persistent rules for by-label/by-uuid
- Update debug string in verify_paths()
- Evaluate feature setting in verify_paths() (bnc#584197)
- Fixup 'async_timeout' initialization again (bnc#580413)
- fix buffer overflow in strncat
- 'reset log' cli command crashes daemon (bnc#577889)
- Initialize 'async_timeout' variable correctly (bnc#580413)
- Add hardware defaults for EMC Invista (bnc#573870)
- Use '--replace-whitespace' for scsi_id (bnc#572209)
- Asynchronous mode for tur checker (bnc#552688)
- Update queue_if_no_path after sync with kernel state
- Add 'max_polling_interval' config variable (bnc#570932)
- Add 'async_timeout' configuration variable (bnc#570932)
- Use default scsi_id callout for EMC Symmetrix (bnc#528481)
- Update path_offline() to return device status
- Update filename in init script
- Fixes from upstream:
* do not allow 0 size for multipath devices
* Add nexenta comstart hardware defaults
* Add checks for conf->xxx
* Add %z wildcard to display path serial
* don't pretend config file has setup parameters
* documentation fixes
- Fixup kpartx initrd script to handle loop devices (bnc#523749)
- Switch off 'queue_if_no_path' before removing maps (bnc#475523)
- Update logical partition handling (bnc#551827)
- Fix mkinitrd scripts for 64bit (bnc572143)
- Remove logical partitions maps with 'multipath -f'
- testing for existence of /lib64 is not sufficient to find out
if we are building for a lib64 platform
- Update dev_loss_tmo for no_path_retry (bnc#492469)
- Merge in changes from OpenSUSE 11.2
- Update 'no_path_retry' correctly for failed paths (bnc#534666)
- Update no_path_retry setting when evaluating features (bnc#542145)
- directio: block count calculation wrong (bnc#549028)
- multipath segfaults if configuration file contains errors
- Make 'param' local (bnc#548708)
- Include multipath-fix.patch in git tree.
- Fixup strip whitespaces from getuid output (bnc#542085)
- Change prefix for DASD devices to 'ccw'
- Update no_path_retry setting when evaluating features (bnc#542145)
- Update features when queue_if_no_path is set (bnc#511607)
- Ignore error messages when multipathd is not started
- Add debugging output for feature changes
- Add generic LSI/Engenio controller (bnc#508030)
- Update 'no_path_retry' correctly for failed paths (bnc#534666)
- TUR checker should not return 'failed' for reservation conflict
- Fix last patch, one caller of dm_simplecmd was not updated
- Update to latest upstream git version
- Merge in SLES11 fixes
- Build package from git tree
- Implement '-u' option for kpartx (bnc#517442)
- Check for errors in pthread_create()
- Lock vectors during shutdown
- Cleanup various MALLOC/REALLOC callers
- Fix multipathd crash on shutdown
- Do not run kpartx on dm-uevent messages (bnc#473352)
- Set pthread stacksize correctly (bnc#485287)
- Add STK arrays to internal hardware table (bnc#503855)
- Correct persistent symlink for cciss (bnc#497997)
- Backport some fixes from upstream (bnc#445023)
- Add 'reset log' cli command
- no_path_retry <N> causes I/O to fail (bnc#485281)
- Terminate uevent service queue
- Wait for daemon to shutdown (bnc#481389)
- Update cli request processing
- Safe memory allocation in cli_handlers
- Use 'LOG_CONS' option for openlog()
- Remove sysfs attribute cache
- Add 'shutdown' cli command
- Display FC error messages correctly
- Wait for devices in init script (bnc#487586)
- Always synchronize with dm state (bnc#447887)
- Add 'aas' path prioritizer (bnc#472069)
- Synchronize daemon startup with init file (bnc#481389)
- Merge feature string in assemble_map (bnc#507793)
- ------------------------------------------------------------------
- disable as-needed for this package as it fails to build with it
- Reset checker message for blocked checkers
- Increase priority for EMC Clariion arrays (bnc#484529)
- Start waiter threads for single paths correctly (bnc#473841)
- Use pthread_sigmask in alias.c when called from daemon.
- Add %pre and %post scripts to stop multipathd during update
- Don't set FC parameter on non-SCSI devices
- multipath -t crashes with invalid configuration file
- Don't remove partition mappings on stop (bnc#468826)
- Set stacksize for log thread
- Terminate all I/O before flushing maps (bnc#475523)
- Select 'features' keyword from multipath setting (bnc#465009)
- Use lists for uevent processing (bnc#478874)
- Set stacksize of uevent handling thread (bnc#478874)
- Increase uevent buffer size
- Strip trailing blanks from wwid
- Stack overflow in uev_trigger (bnc#476540)

==== rsyslog ====
Version update (8.18.0 -> 8.19.0)

- rsyslog 8.19.0:
* omelasticsearch: add option to permit unsigned certs
* imrelp: better error codes on unvailablity of TLS options
* default stack size for inputs has been explicitely set to 4MiB
* performance improvements
* miscellaneous minor cleanup
* fix: potential misadressing in template config processing
* bugfix omfile: async output file writing does not respect
* bugfix imfile: corrupted multi-line message when state data was
* bugfix imfile: missing newline after first line of multiline
* bugfix: dynstats unusedMetricTtl bug
* bugfix build system: build was broken on SunOS
* bugfix: afterRun entry point not correctly called
* bugfix dynstats: do not leak file handles
* bugfix omelasticsearch: disable libCURL signal handling
* bugfix omelasticsearc: some regressions were fixed
* improved wording: gnutls error message points to potential

==== xdm ====
Subpackages: xdm-xsession

- spec-cleaner cleanups
- xdm.tar.bz2:
sys.xsession - factor out scriptlets to add services
to start in the context of a desktop session. These
scriptlets sould be shipped with their respective
services, not with xdm.
Check etc/X11/sdm/scripts/xsession-sriptlets.HOWTO for
further details (boo#972787).
- Simplify dbus detection to support all kind of (boo#980521)
- Avoid option --write-env-file for newer gpg (boo#972787)

==== yast2-auth-server ====
Version update (3.1.16 -> 3.1.17)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.17

==== yast2-ca-management ====
Version update (3.1.8 -> 3.1.9)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- Version 3.1.9

==== yast2-country ====
Version update (3.1.26 -> 3.1.27)
Subpackages: yast2-country-data

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.27

==== yast2-firewall ====
Version update (3.1.5 -> 3.1.6)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.6

==== yast2-inetd ====
Version update (3.1.12 -> 3.1.13)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.13

==== yast2-iscsi-client ====
Version update (3.1.27 -> 3.1.28)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.28

==== yast2-mail ====
Version update (3.1.8 -> 3.1.9)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.9

==== yast2-multipath ====
Version update (3.1.6 -> 3.1.7)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.7

==== yast2-nfs-server ====
Version update (3.1.8 -> 3.1.9)
Subpackages: yast2-nfs-common

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.9

==== yast2-samba-client ====
Version update (3.1.16 -> 3.1.17)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.17

==== yast2-samba-server ====
Version update (3.1.15 -> 3.1.16)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.16

==== yast2-scanner ====
Version update (3.1.2 -> 3.1.3)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.3

==== yast2-snapper ====
Version update (3.1.10 -> 3.1.11)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.11

==== yast2-storage ====
Version update (3.1.93 -> 3.1.94)

- Stop generating autodocs (fate#320356)
- 3.1.94

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