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Re: [opensuse-factory] Whither %systemd_requires, begone?
On Tue, 2016-05-24 at 16:49 +0200, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
When using `zypper -R /blah` to install into an empty or near-empty 
directory for the sake of erecting a chroot and/or running a Linux 
container, extra packages like systemd get installed even though
are not required for normal operation. You can in fact rpm -e it
after the zypper run. So let's not install systemd in the first
All of that can be read at .

There are now some people who terribly insist that they must add 
%systemd_reqiures to every .service file shipping package. Like . So now we at an impassé.

About *all* of our packages also depend on the presence of the 
"filesystem" package, yet there is no rpm require tag for that
Therefore, 980389 suggested, in a note bene, to preinstall systemd 
through these same means as aaa_base/filesystem rather than through 

Maybe it would be beneficial to start with the actual problem
statements in order to decide what the correct / best route is

1) Users want that their system works reliable, without room for
accident. That's where those scripts come in handy to do 'the right
thing' with the services. For them to work reliably %{systemd_requires}
is mandatory - as this is the only way to ensure thay systemctl is
actually present

2) users of contains wish to not have systemd inside the container.
Keeping the container small is a benefit, additionally, a service
inside the container is usually not managed by systemd. So this serves
no purpose there.

From there, I think it's best to discuss if we can realistically
accomodate both use-cases or, should this not be the case, which one we
rate more important.

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