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Re: [opensuse-factory] How Leap and SLE's timetable overlap
On Wed, 25 May 2016 13:28:30 +0200,
Bjoern Voigt wrote:

Felix Miata wrote:
Those who want the "stability" and "reliability" of Leap are forced to
either buy new hardware up to 24 months in advance of need, or ensure
when they buy new hardware that its technology is fully 18-24 months
old when they buy it. That's got to make some people look for a better
distro choice.

For comparision, (I realize Fedora supposedly isn't made for people
looking for optimium stability), how is it that Fedora can pull off
what it does with its kernels?

Fedora 21:
release kernel 2014-12-09: 3.17.4
last kernel before support termination: 4.1.13

Fedora 22:
release kernel 2015-05-26: 4.0.4
current kernel: 4.4.9

Fedora 23:
release kernel 2015-11-03: 4.2.3
current kernel: 4.4.9

Fedora 24:
release kernel 2016-06-??: 4.5.?

Why not instead of the last LTS kernel, release Leap with whatever the
last release kernel was at #.2+ in use by TW, e.g. est. 4.7.5 or
4.8.2+ @~8-15 Oct 2016, then have a period 4 months or less following
until ~Jan for converting to new LTS with which to stick?
I fully agree.

Within a Leap release we could also update the kernel and offer Leap
downloads with an updated kernel. This would be a real plus for openSUSE.

Well, only if people are happy to throw away the kABI

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