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[opensuse-factory] openSUSE Tumbleweed - Status information
Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

The latest snapshot, 20160308, has been fully built by OBS and tested
by openQA. It has not been released to the users, due to an identified

    ! ! ! i586 systems fail to boot ! ! !

The changes in the snapshot would lead to believe that the kernel
update to version 4.4.4 is at fault but unfortunately the problem is
deeper nested.

In fact, the issue sneaked into the 0305 snapshot, when binutils 2.26
was checked in (this is also not really confirmed, but based on current
findings, everything points in this direction).

The binutils update did not cause the kernel to be rebuilt, thus there
is no problem on any system having updated to binutils 2.26 - as long
as they don't build their kernel for an i586 system

There are a couple people working on finding the reason for this break
and, more importantly, a solution for it. Until that moment, I'm
afraid, we won't be able to release any Tumbleweed Snapshot (except if
we all agree and accept that i586 is of no importance to Tumbleweed and
we can live with this breakage).

The obvious 'revert' paths are not as simple as I wish they were:
* Reverting to kernel 4.4.3 - won't help, as it will still be rebuilt
with binutil 2.26, thus having the same issue
* Reverting to binutils 2.25 - I had to do that already once in a
staging and it took like 2 weeks to recover - as gcc is built against
binutils 2.26 and won't be able to link anything once binutils 2.25 is
being used - making bootstrapping a complete pain (it's easier moving
forward in versions than backwards).

So, until a proper / good fix is found, I ask all the i586-interested
people to find the time and donate their resources to actually make
this work again... this is THE opportunity to show that the community
wants i586 to survive.


PS: all findings are documented in bugzilla,
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