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Re: [opensuse-factory] [Leap 42.1] [LUKS password at boot]
Zitat von stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx:

I can confirm this behavior but had it with Leap and Tumbleweed (latest snapshots) especially when using an USB hub or changing the keyboard right away (using another one than at install time - which triggered my scare about reprogrammed firmware).
My setup is/was: /boot - unencrpyted and then encrypted LVM with root, swap and home.
The behavior is: boots normally with normal keyboard function then, once you pass the grub: it is as if it is switched off, no corrent at all, numlock LED has not functionality when pressed, so it is as if it would be switched off.

To the O.P.: try if you have to stick in a different usb-keyboard. If I am right you will then be able to input the password to unblock LUKS. So this would confirm a but which you and me share :-) Other test would be: take of the keyboard from the hub and put it directly on one of the usb-outlets of your machine (that is if you use a hub). Then also I experienced you can overcome the block.

I tried different (usb) keyboards in different usb ports (now every possible usb slot tested).
Usb hub or not makes no difference.
Usually I use the ones at mainboard panel and do not change usb port.

But now there is indeed a scary issue: I installed 13.2 and NOW there is also a problem
with entering the password. BUT: in 13.2 I am able to enter the password, when replugging keyboard
and hitting some keys. Simply replugging (same or another usb port) OR hitting some keys does not
work. keys: combination of {ctrl,alt,backspace,esc,...}. By now I can not tell which keys
or combination of keys work, but fuzzing works.
In leap Build 265 this does not work.

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