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[opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed - Review of the Week 2015/40
Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

Large merges into the Tumbleweed repository always mean large chance
for breakage. And we seem to have the luck to hit them.

At least, we managed to get one snapshot out (20150924) before breaking
it again. So not all is always bad.

The interesting bits and pieces 20150924 contained
* Mesa 11.0.0
* KDE Framework 5.14.0
* Plasma 5.4.1
* NCurses 6.0
* libQt 5.5

What will the next snapshot contain (stuff that is checked in already)
* Systemd 224! All you waiting for machinectl! Brace for impact
  Of course, despite being so long in staging, once we checked it in,
  openQA fell flat on the nose with encrypted root volumes on LVM,
  which is why this is not yet released. The issue has been tracked
  down to dracut and has been fixed today. Fix is checked in, all is
  building and the hope stays: the next snapshot passes openQA again.
* Linux Kernel 4.2: checked in and waiting in the next snapshot for you
* nodejs-* packages will be removed.

Things that are still in staging projects
* KDE Applications 15.08.0: There are two packages in the stack
awaiting legal review. All technical issues have been fixed in the last
week. So we should get this soon enough too.
* GNOME 3.18.0: All changes needed on openQA to get this through are
merged. Some bits still need to be deployed on the openQA instance, but
then we're golden here
* Firefox 41: there was just no resource allocated to even look at

With this, for now we should have the risky stuff all checked in and
hopefully can resume a more frequent update drum beat again, getting
the snapshots faster to you. But I am certain that you all prefer us to
slow down, fixing the issues seen as opposed to knowingly break your

Have a great weekend, and always remember: have a lot of fun.
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