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[opensuse-factory] New Tumbleweed snapshot 20150815 released!
Changed packages:

==== apache2 ====
Subpackages: apache2-devel apache2-doc apache2-example-pages apache2-prefork

- Fixup libdir in installed files
- fix Logjam vulnerability: change SSLCipherSuite cipherstring to
disable export cipher suites and deploy Ephemeral Elliptic-Curve
Diffie-Hellman (ECDHE) ciphers. Adjust 'gensslcert' script to
generate a strong and unique Diffie Hellman Group and append it
to the server certificate file [bnc#931723], [CVE-2015-4000]

==== apache2-mod_perl ====

- Remove apache2 packaging bug workaround

==== autoyast2 ====
Version update (3.1.89 -> 3.1.90)
Subpackages: autoyast2-installation

- S390: handling cio_ignore
Entry <general><cio_ignore> in order to set it
(values: true/false). If it is not set cio_ignore is true.
So it is backward compatible. (bnc#941406)
- 3.1.90

==== gnome-nibbles ====
Subpackages: gnome-nibbles-lang

- Own %{_datadir}/appdata for openSUSE 42.

==== gthumb ====
Subpackages: gthumb-lang

- Fix build on Leap: webkit2gtk-4.0 already exists there. This
change breaks building on pure SLE12.

==== libgda-5_0-4 ====
Subpackages: libgda-5_0-4-lang libgda-5_0-bdb libgda-5_0-sqlcipher
libgda-5_0-sqlite libgda-ui-5_0-4 libgda-ui-5_0-plugins

- Own %{_datadir}/appdata (Fix build on Leap).

==== libidn-devel ====
Version update (1.31 -> 1.32)
Subpackages: libidn11 libidn11-32bit

- Update to 1.32
* libidn: Fix crash in idna_to_unicode_8z8z and
idna_to_unicode_8zlz. This problem was introduced in 1.31.
* API and ABI is backwards compatible with the previous version.
- Update gpg keyring

==== libquvi-0_9-0_9_4 ====

- add patch: libquvi-0.9.4-lua-5.2.patch
* compatibility w/ lua 5.2+
* luaL_register replaced by luaL_newlib

==== libzypp ====
Version update (15.12.0 -> 15.13.0)

- Support caching of service metadata. A TTL for the service
metadata may be provided in the repoindex.xml itself. The
default is 'no caching'. (FATE#318136)
- Fix setting dup_allow* solver options (bnc#941463)
- Don't make zypper encode {} around repo vars (bnc#941453)
- version 15.13.0 (11)
- Update zypp-po.tar.bz2

==== lzip ====
Version update (1.16 -> 1.17)

- Update to new upstream release 1.17
* The compression code has been reorganized to ease the porting of
the fast encoder to clzip and lzlib.
* The new chapter "Quality assurance" has been added to the manual.

==== fcitx-mozc ====
Subpackages: ibus-mozc ibus-mozc-candidate-window mozc mozc-gui-tools

- ExcludeArch ppc ppc64 ppc64le because no support in
third_party/protobuf/src/google/protobuf/stubs/ atomicops

==== perl-Bootloader ====
Version update (0.839 -> 0.840)
Subpackages: perl-Bootloader-YAML

- update git2log script to latest version
- remove no longer needed quotes (bsc#940486)
- 0.840

==== libpurple ====
Subpackages: libpurple-meanwhile libpurple-tcl pidgin

- Add a Recommends: gstreamer-plugins-good, this plugin provides
wav support that pidgin needs.
- Re-attempt port to GStreamer 1.0 (based on work by David):
+ Add patches, from upstream:
- pidgin-port-to-gst-1.0.patch
- pidgin-2.10.11-gst-references.patch
- pidgin-2.10.11-add-dtmf-support.patch
- pidgin-2.10.11-application-media.patch
- pidgin-2.10.11-init-media-optional.patch
- pidgin-2.10.11-send-video-enum.patch
- pidgin-2.10.11-private-media.patch
+ Replace gstreamer-0_10-devel and
gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base-devel BuildRequires with
pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0), pkgconfig(gstreamer-video-1.0) and
+ Switch --disable-vv configure paramter to --enable-vv.
+ Pass --with-gstreamer=1.0 to configure.

==== python-pyasn1-modules ====
Version update (0.0.6 -> 0.0.7)

- Added file ext .txt to doc files like in upstream
- Update to upstream release 0.0.7
- Extensions added to text files, CVS attic flushed.
- Fix to rfc2459.BasicConstraints syntax.

==== python-qt4 ====
Subpackages: python-qt4-devel python-qt4-utils

- Remove build-compare.diff as already in upstream
- change required sip version to 4.16.9
- Update to 4.11.4
- This is a minor functional and bug-fix release including support for Qt
- v4.8.7.
- Update to 4.11.3
- This is a bug-fix release.
- Update to 4.11.2
- This is a bug-fix only release.
- run spec-cleaner
- tweaked python3-qt4.spec to also include the dbus support module
- Update to 4.11.1
- Added the -tr-function, -trUtf8-function and -translate-function command
line options to pylupdate4.
- Bug fixes.
- Add pyqt4_add_pro_files.diff: fix .pro files not being generated
- Switch back to as -ng does not generate pyqtconfig4
and that is needed by downstream projects (PyKDE4)
- Update to 4.11
- By default a Python slot is only invoked if the underlying C++ instance
still exists.
- Added the no_receiver_check argument to connect().
- Added support for Qt v4.8.6.
- Added --target-py-version, --sysroot and --no-tools options to
- Cross-compiling (specifically to iOS and Android when building against Qt
v5) is now supported.
- SIP v4.16 is now required.
- Bug fixes.
- Update to 4.10.4. This is a minor bug fix release
- Drop patch fix-phonon.diff due to upstream inclusion
- Fixed missing phonon support (bnc#848953)
* Patched so that it properly detects phonon
- Build issues are resolved with the Python KDE bindings.
Python-sip is upgraded again to 4.15.1
- Revert back to 4.10.2 due to the downgrade of python-sip
- Update to 4.10.3. This is a minor bug fix release.
- Update to 4.10.2
* Bug fixes.
- Update to 4.10.1
* Added support for QtCore.pyqtSetPickleProtocol() and
QtCore.pyqtPickleProtocol() to set and get the protocol used to pickle
Python objects when serialising them for Qt.
* Added support for the --resource-suffix option to pyuic4.
* Added a new build system ( which will be compatible with
SIP v5 and will eventually support cross-compilation.
* Added support for Qt v5.0.2.
* Bug fixes.
- remove disable-rpaths.diff
- Add Source URL, see
- Update to 4.10
* The focus of this release is on support for the final release of Qt v5.0.
- Update disable-rpaths.diff
- Update to 4.9.6:
- Added the missing constBits() and constScanLine() methods to QImage.
- A QPoint can now be specified whenever a QPointF is expected.
- Added support for Qt v4.8.4.
- Added support for Qt v5.0-rc1 (QtCore, QtGui, QtHelp, QtNetwork, QtSql,
QtSvg, QtWebKit and QtXml only).
- Added the --no-deprecated option to
- SIP v4.14.2 is now required.
- Update to the latest upstream version:
- Added support for Qt v4.8.3.
- Added support for Qt v5-beta1 (QtCore, QtGui, QtHelp, QtNetwork, QtSql,
QtSvg, QtWebKit and QtXml only).
- Implemented __str__ and __unicode__ for QChar.
- Added the missing QPointF operator*(qreal, QPointF).
- Added the example.
- SIP v4.14 is now required.
- update to version 4.9.4:
* bug fixes
- require the sip api version it was built against (bnc#768499)
- Update to version 4.9.2
* Added support for Qt v4.8.2.
* Added support for Qt v5-alpha (QtCore and QtGui only).
* Added support for Python v3.3.
* bool(QPyNullVariant(...)) now returns False rather than True to mimic the
behaviour of None.
* Exposed the pyqtBoundSignal type object in the QtCore module.
* Added the signal attribute to pyqtBoundSignal containing the signature that
would be returned by SIGNAL().
* Added the optional package argument to uic.loadUi() to properly handle
relative imports.
* pyuic4 now supports themed icons.
* Added the spreadsheet example from Hans-Peter Jansen.
- Update license
- Fix files list
* Added back
- Update to version 4.9.1
* Bugfixes
- Spec file cleanups
- Fixed licenses
- Update to version 4.9
* Fixed %PickleCode for QByteArray for Python v3.
* Completed the support for QPainter.drawPixmapFragments().
* pyuic4 now makes sure that a module implementing a resource file is only
imported once.
* Fixed a regression in the handling of translated strings by pyuic4.
* QDBusArgument now handles QStringList explicitly so that it can be used with
QString v2 API.
* Renamed QDBusArgument.write() to add().
* Changed QDBusArgument.write() to use a QMetaType.Type to specify the integer
sub-type to be consistent with beginArray() and beginMap().
* Implemented QDBusArgument.write().
* DBus dicts are now demarshalled to Python dicts.
* Added support for demarshalling DBus basic types, variants and arrays.
* QDBusObjectPath, QDBusSignal and QDBusVariant instances are now demarshalled
* DBus structures are now demarshalled to tuples.
* Added the missing cornerWidget() and setCornerWidget() methods to QMenuBar.
- See include ChangeLog for complete change list.
- Use %make_install
- Update to 4.8.6, see
- Spec cleanup
- Added phonon-devel to BuildRequires in python-qt4.spec
* Adds phonon support to python-qt4 which is required by programs like
- Remove check for obsolete openSUSE versions.
- Add python-qt4-utils package to avoid conflicts between python2
and python3 versions
- Unbreak -debuginfo package creation
- update to 4.8.5
- This is a minor bug fix release.
- fix for x86-64 issue to enable the package to properly build.
- update to 4.8.4:
* Added support for Qt v4.7.2.
* Added limited support for setEventFilter() and filterEvent() to
* pyrcc4 will now compress by default to match the behaviour of rcc.
* Removed QTouchEventSequence as its C++ API makes it impossible to be used
from Python.
- refresh patches
- update to 4.8.3:
- Added the QPyNullVariant class to the QVariant v2 API to allow null
QVariants to be implemented.
- Added the optional type keyword argument to QSettings.value() to allow the
type of the returned value to be specified.
- QDeclarativeItem will now act as a transparent proxy from any QML signals
and JavaScript functions.
- Any QObject invokable methods can now be called transparently even if they
haven't been explicitly wrapped.
- QWizardPage.registerField() can now take an unbound or bound signal as its
'changedSignal' argument.
- Converted the Reference Guide to Sphinx.
- Bug fixes.
- update to 4.8.2:
- Added support for Qt v4.7.1.
- Added the,, and item view examples from
Hans-Peter Jansen.
- Added the IPC examples from Hans-Peter Jansen.
- Added the WebKit examples from Hans-Peter Jansen.
- Added the, and examples from
Hans-Peter Jansen.
- Added the --no-timestamp option to
- Added the lang example from Hans-Peter Jansen to the contrib directory.
- The support for the detection of the destruction by Qt of internally
constructed QObject instances (added in PyQt v4.7.5) has been disabled
until a reliable thread-safe solution can be found.
- Bug fixes.
- Support for the QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE and QT_END_NAMESPACE macros to allow
PyQt to be built against Qt built with namespace support.
- Bug fixes.
- update to 4.8:
- Added support for Qt v4.7 including the new QtDeclarative module.
- pyqtProperty() can now be used as a method decorator in the same way that
the standard Python property type can be used.
- Added the notify argument to pyqtProperty().
- Unbound signals can now be subscripted in the same way that bound signals
- Added the missing << operator to QPolygon, QPolygonF and
- PyQt will now automatically keep a reference to objects set with some sort
of setter method when Qt expects the underlying C++ instance to stay valid
but does not take ownership of it.
- Added the and examples from Hans-Peter Jansen.
- Added the --assume-shared option to
- The QtAssistant module is no longer built with Qt v4.7 and later.
- Add patch to fix python-kde4 build from kde-packagers@xxxxxxx
- update to 4.7.7:
- - A bug fix release.
- update to 4.7.5:
- Added QStringRef.__str__() and QStringRef.__unicode__() to the QString v1
- The destruction by Qt of internally constructed QObject instances is now
automatically detected.
- A signal defined with pyqtSignal() can now be used with methods that make
an internal call to QObject::connect(), e.g. QTimer.singleShot().
- Added the --from-imports command line argument to pyuic4 and the
from_imports argument to PyQt4.uic.compileUi().
- Added support for Python v3.2.
- The Windows installer now includes qcollectiongenerator.exe and
- Any class with a count() method now supports the len() builtin.
- Added the missing == and != operators to QItemSelection.
- Added readQVariantHash(), readQVariantList(), readQVariantMap,
writeQVariantHash(), writeQVariantList() and writeQVariantMap() to
- Added the ErrorPageExtensionOption and ErrorPageExtensionReturn classes,
and the ErrorDomain enum to QWebPage.
- update to 4.7.3:
- Added evaluateToString() and evaluateToStringList() to QXmlQuery.
- Fixed build-compare
- update to 4.7.2:
- A bug fix release.
- Added the example.
- Added the missing pushContext() and popContext() to QScriptEngine.
- A QStyleOption instance will be wrapped as a specific sub-class where
- update to 4.7
* Qt v4.6 is fully supported.
* Added the QtMultimedia module.
* Added keyword support for optional arguments.
* Added docstrings for all classes, functions and methods that
describe the Python signatures of all callables.
* Any Python object that can be pickled can now be automatically
written to and read from QSettings.
* A QHostAddress.SpecialAddress can be used whenever a QHostAddress
is expected.
* Added the optional initialFilter argument to the
QFileDialog.get*AndFilter() functions.
* Added the readInt(), readQString(), readQStringList(), readQVariant(),
writeInt(), writeQString(), writeQStringList() and writeQVariant()
methods to QDataStream.
* Added widgetPluginPath to the uic module to specify the directories
that are searched for widget plugins.
* Added the,,,,,, and examples.
* Significantly reduced the size of the modules on Linux and MacOS/X.
- update to 4.6.2:
* A bug fix release.
- add split-provides
- update to 4.6.1:
* Added the missing setDropAction() method to QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent.
* Added the QMacCocoaViewContainer class on OS/X.
* An updated from Mark Summerfield.
- update to 4.6:
* alternate, more Pythonic, APIs have been defined
* Qt properties can be initialised using keyword
arguments passed when creating an instance
* signals can be connected using keyword arguments passed
when creating an instance
* the QObject.pyqtConfigure() method has been added to set
Qt properties and connect signals using keyword
arguments at any time
* Python v2.6 and later allow a Python bytearray to be
used whenever a QByteArray is expected
* the getOpenFileNameAndFilter(), getOpenFileNamesAndFilter()
and getSaveFileNameAndFilter() static methods have been
added to QFileDialog
* a QLatin1String can be passed whenever a QString is expected
* the compileUiDir() function has been added to the uic module.
- use new python macros.
- Remove check for SUSE Linux 9.1.
- use configure switch to always install the api file
- update to 4.5.4 release, bugfixes and
- Fixed a problem where None wasn't being interpreted as an invalid QVariant.
- QVariant.toPyObject() now recurses through any collections.
- Fixed the super-type of QGLContext because it takes part in parent/child
- update to 4.5.2 release, bugfixes and
* support for the two QImage constructors that operate on non-
const data by allowing a sip.voidptr to be passed
* support for QHeaderView in pyuic4
* any Python object can now be passed where a QVariant is
expected, and None is interpreted as an invalid QVariant
- create a separated -devel package
- install Qt designer plugin
- include the nice documentation
- only use the configuration fix from trunk
- add trunk diff to fix build with Qt 4.5.2
- update to 4.5.1:
- Added the setCoordinateMode() and coordinateMode() methods to QGradient.
- update to 4.5 release:
* support for Python v3 and Qt v4.5.1
* new Pythonic API for connecting signals and slots
* port of the current Qt examples launcher
- update to 4.5 snapshot 20090601 to fix support with
newer python-sip
- update to 4.5 snapshot as of 20090507
- require at least the exact qt version it was built against
- link the modules against python libraries

==== python3-qt4 ====

- change required sip version to 4.16.9

==== swell-foop ====
Version update (3.16.1 -> 3.16.2)

- Update to version 3.16.2:
+ Fix display of new game button outside of GNOME.
+ Updated translations.

==== libvala-0_28-0 ====
Version update (0.28.0 -> 0.28.1)
Subpackages: vala

- Update to version 0.28.1:
+ Bug fixes and binding updates.

==== yast2 ====
Version update (3.1.144 -> 3.1.145)
Subpackages: yast2-devel-doc

- bnc#916013
- keeps routing state when firewall is enabled/disabled
- 3.1.145

==== yast2-bootloader ====
Version update (3.1.139 -> 3.1.140)

- as SCR hasn't been setup yet, use some trickery to read boot config (bsc
- 3.1.140

==== yast2-installation ====
Version update (3.1.154 -> 3.1.155)

- AutoYaST S390: handling cio_ignore
Entry <general><cio_ignore> in order to set it
(values: true/false). If it is not set cio_ignore is true.
So it is backward compatible.
- cio_ignore does not make sense for KVM or z/VM. So checking
for KVM and z/VM and evtl. disabling cio_ignore (fate#317861).
- 3.1.155

==== zypper ====
Version update (1.12.10 -> 1.12.12)
Subpackages: zypper-aptitude zypper-log

- lp: Let '--issue=string' also look for matches in IssueType
- version 1.12.12
- Support caching of service metadata (FATE#318136)
- BuildRequires: libzypp-devel >= 15.13.0
- version 1.12.11
- Update zypper-po.tar.bz2

Removed packages:

Added packages:
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