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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: ntp does not start up correctly
Am 25.04.2015 um 13:19 schrieb Achim Gratz:

With both NM and wicked, the ntp server proffered by my Router via DHCP
never gets used with the new ntpd even though it's listed in
/var/run/ntp/servers.netconfig. If I add the server by hand in
/etc/ntp.conf it gets used OK.

the runtime-configuration is not working:

susi:~ # start-ntpd addserver
sntp 4.2.8p2@1.3265-o Wed Apr 22 00:47:12 UTC 2015 (1)
2015-04-27 16:11:03.350473 (-0100) +1.51105 +/- 1.009135 s1 no-leap timed out, nothing received
***Request timed out

somehow, the configuration is too restrictive and it just does not
allow anything via ntpdc.
Looking in the changelog, this might be related to the latest version update.

but I'm a ntp newbie and don't know much about it.
Stefan Seyfried

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
public relations, for nature cannot be fooled." -- Richard Feynman
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