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Re: [opensuse-factory] Action plans for Plasma 5 as default in openSUSE
Luca Beltrame composed on 2015-04-13 10:21 (UTC+0200) (according to headers,
sent 7 days later):

Felix Miata wrote:
panel spontaneously disappears

I haven't been able to reproduce this in what will become Plasma 5.3 (beta
out this week).

But you could in 5.2.2? It's been 10 days and I don't see 5.3 in TW.

As Dan said in the report, manual disabling of KScreen will do it.

The instruction he put in his comment seems to be invalid, as I commented in
the bug.

3-compared to KDE3/4, too much mousing required to log off

Personal preference.

My personal preference is not to have arthritis, but that is not an option.
The mousing required is difficult, as it requires a longish and accurate
sweep right to not shift focus to selection above or below, difficult motion
for anyone whose mousing ability is less than perfect, followed by a the
sweep up, extra actions which were required in KDE3 or KDE4, an A11Y & U7Y
shortcoming new to v5.

4-compared to KDE3/4, extra mouse click required to see recent *

Personal preference.

There'a a whole world of blank space above the application menu Win95, KDE3
and KDE4 put to excellent use that NAICT v5 does not even offer to put to use.

5-items from KDE4's application menu settings missing in KF5's

Can you elaborate on which?

v4 left column had 3 items: view, options, KB shortcuts
v5 only has 2: general, KB shortcuts

v4 view had a nice long list from which starter menu items could be
selected/deselected via checkboxes, from which I could have only log out as
an exit option, which is not available in v5 (forcing use of a submenu from
which I only ever select log out), and included "run command" as an option
selected by default.

v5 general has 5 items, a sort of a subset of items available in the v4
options tab. v5 lacks recently used count (that I always up'd from 5 to 10 or
12), show menu titles (off by default that I always turn on), show recently
installed (I switch default enable to disable).

6-application menu settings' "Show applications as:" select list much too
narrow until opened

Was a bug filed upstream?

I don't remember whether I even looked or not. This is representative of
layouts throughout the environment designed by 96 DPI users with average or
better vision for 96 DPI users with average or better vision. Design that
anticipates people ever use higher density displays or ever have poorer than
average vision not as bad as requires assistive technology, as happens
virtually universally not in web design, is apparently not a v5 design

7-where did "run command" menu selection go (RC only available if desktop
accessible to reach its context menu)?

You mean on desktop right click?

That only works for people can see some portion of the desktop to click on,
which is a rarity here. Some people need big screens so stuff can be big
instead of for having lots of stuff.

Or do you mean a lack of shortcuts (Alt-F2
and Alt-Space are upstream defaults)?

It's missing from the application menu, no item to click there as is by
default in v4.
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