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Re: [opensuse-factory] register static UID/GID on openSUSE?
On 04/20/2015 10:08 PM, Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Jan Engelhardt schrieb:
On Monday 2015-04-20 09:12, Tim Serong wrote:

Not in this case. I'm not talking about directly user-accessible files,
I'm talking about ceph OSDs. A ceph OSD is (approximately) a single
disk with an xfs/btrfs filesystem on top. The ceph-osd daemon manages
everything on this filesystem; objects stored by clients in a ceph
cluster map back (somehow, by magic) to files on an OSD, but the client
doesn't see them at this level in the stack. Rather, all files on an
OSD are are created and owned by the user ceph-osd runs as (presently
root, but in future, the unprivileged user "ceph"). In order to be able
to hotswap an OSD from one node to another, the UID for ceph thus needs
to be the same across all nodes in the cluster.

Ah well. In case the disk is wholly owned by ceph,

mount -o uid=xxx,gid=xxx

will be interesting. Some filesystems support it already, and I
remember there were calls to make it an fs-independent VFS feature,
though I do not know the current development status.

For years I tried to get such a patch into ext[234]. There's always
discussion but in the end nobdy goes ahead and merges the patches.
Last time Ted at least agreed that it's easier to do this in the
individual filesystems:

Latest version of the patch is three years old:

It's quite some effort to rebase and test this all the time so I
can't keep up.

Hrm. So, given that's a bust, I'm very, very tempted to just take
whatever UID/GID the Debian project end up using, and use that on
openSUSE and SLES too. It's apparently likely to be 64045 which is well
outside any of our defined ranges.


Tim Serong
Senior Clustering Engineer
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