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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-buildservice] register static UID/GID on openSUSE?
  • From: Cristian Rodríguez <crrodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 11:29:34 -0300
  • Message-id: <>
On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 8:14 AM, Thomas Bechtold <tbechtold@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 14.04.2015 12:31, Tim Serong wrote:
On 04/14/2015 03:04 PM, Tim Serong wrote:
Hi All,

A long time ago, there was a thread regarding UID/GID registration (see
AFAICT the question "how can one register a static UID/GID in the 0-99
range" wasn't answered.

Does anyone know if there are still any spare UIDs in the range 0-99?
Someone told me there weren't but I thought I'd better raise this here,
just in case there are. And if there are any available, how do I
reserve one?

Context: the ceph project wants to reserve a UID/GID - being a
distributed storage cluster, it's best if the UID/GIDs remain static
across the whole cluster, and the most straightforward way to do this is
to hardcode a UID/GID in a useradd/groupadd invocation in the rpm %pre

I'm not sure if that is supported by openSUSE, but there is also
systemd-sysusers (see man sysusers.d or ) to create system

No, systemd-sysusers replaces ugly rpm scriptlets that create system
users for something sane to make packaging and distribution assembly
It cannot assign fixed UID or GID, it is also not suitable for
creating any other type of user, group than nologin system users.
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