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Re: [opensuse-factory] Action plans for Plasma 5 as default in openSUSE
Luca Beltrame composed on 2015-03-12 20:48 (UTC+0100):
We are most interested with feedback, in particular:
- Testing packaging

Package-related troubleshooting would be easier for mere mortals if all
foundational packages had names starting with kf- or libkf- instead of
plasma* or qt* or system*. Names like kf5-snapshot or kf5-konqueror would be
nice too.

- Checking for missing functionality

Feedback will tracked through the following polls:

- Overall experience [1] : What does fowrk for you? What doesn't?
- Missing functionality [2]: What are you missing from the 4.x workspace
that you deem irrepleaceable?
- Upgrade experience [3]: Was the upgrade from the 4.x packages smooth? Did
anything break?

I've avoided attempting this on openSUSE. On Fedora, upgrade process has been
horrific. It took me months stabbing at it off and on before I had success
generating anything more than crashes or black screens on session startup.

- Visual and hardware-related issues [4]: Is Plasma 5 running well with your

I have found no problems that I can identify specifically as hardware-related
and involving K*.

Bugs in the software should be reported upstream, but any issue in the
packaging should be reported to openSUSE's Bugzilla.

Over past few days when I should have been fixing my bathroom floor so that I
have a working ground floor toilet, I've been testing, tracker searching,
commenting in existing bugs, and filing bugs:

New bug filings: (yast, enroute to virgin
KF5 installation)
Yast should display the free space warning only when something is going
be installed there
panel spontaneously disappears
flatten menu to a single level produces no perceptible effect
[a11y][u7y] kcmshell5 fonts - > Choose (Select Font) initial window size
much too small (DPI>96)

Post-OP comments in still existing old bugs I filed originally:
bad spacing between main selections
places pane obfuscates useable locations with useless locations
picker window always opens with the left pane so narrow that most
are indistinguishable from others

Recent CCs added to bugs filed by others:
I cannot set my short date to YYYY-MM-DD, nor my time to HH:MM
konsole5 crashes right after login

Old bugs I filed confirmed still existing but without comments since this
thread started (not exhaustive):

Old bugs I did not file confirmed still existing but without recent comments
from me (select few):

Problems with further investigation still needing round tuits (not exhaustive):
1-startx starts IceWM instead of kde-plasma
2-distro vs. upstream default theming faults WRT A11Y & U7Y
3-compared to KDE3/4, too much mousing required to log off
4-compared to KDE3/4, extra mouse click required to see recent *
5-items from KDE4's application menu settings missing in KF5's
6-application menu settings' "Show applications as:" select list much too
narrow until opened
7-where did "run command" menu selection go (RC only available if desktop
accessible to reach its context menu)?
"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

Team OS/2 ** Reg. Linux User #211409 ** a11y rocks!

Felix Miata ***
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