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[opensuse-factory] Re: Adding SSDs?
On Wed, 12 Mar 2014 23:06, Hans Witvliet <suse@...> wrote:
Has ssd quality improved that much?

Couple of years ago i replaced a normal hdd with a 30GB sdd, and
installed the distro on it. However, the swap certainly killed the sdd.

Well, lets dissect that. What makes a SSD?

1. The Flash-Memory (mostly stacked Dies per caseing)
2. The Controller (A microprocessor, some RAM, IO amplifiers)

To 1. the flash:
I would not talk about rising quality, but more stable quality.
Rising quality would mean:
a.) longer storage cycle without power (atm ca 5-7 years)
b.) more write cycles before failure. (differs per type of flash,
but not really rising in the last 5 years)
Stable quality means: the failure-rates a known, and can be taken
into account by making (over-)provisions for the failures

To 2. the controller:
Here have been made great steps, both in the controllers themself
and in the firmware they use.
At the start of the SSDs, the controllers where a little more than
blownup USB stick controllers with a SATA instead of a USB interface.
Now the controllers are a specially developed for the needs of a
'in the computer' storage device. With write-cycle spreading, silent
failing block exchange, full smart-support.

Still, there are big differences in the SSD in the market atm.
Some are developed for the needs of mobile devices, others are
optimised for superfast database use. The 'desktop / laptop'
models are somewhere in the middle of that.

Failure in early model SSD where more the rule than the exception.
The quality before 2010 was not that good at all.

2010/2011 marks a change in that.
The contoller made big leaps in that time, and have
steadily improved since then.
Similar with the flash itself, see above.
With the big run on SSDs, more R&D where invested to fill the
now better known needs and requirements of flash for SSDs.

Since about mid 2013 a stable phase has been reached,
at least in terms of the technology itself.
Similar has happend to magnetic HDDs 1998/1999 (GMR),
still 2005/6, a change (PMR/TMR) made waves.

We will see what happens.

- Yamaban.
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