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Re: [opensuse-factory] Timeline and roadmap V2
On Sun, Feb 02, 2014 at 08:46:36PM +0100, agustin benito bethencourt wrote:

1.- openSUSE Team want an integration process driven by the community, not
by us like it is now.

Stop right here.

Who is "openSUSE Team"?

openSUSE Team at SUSE:

Who is "us"?

openSUSE Team at SUSE

Who is "community"? What "community" are you referring to?


And who is that really?

And why the hell are these different things?

They are not. I made the distinction because I needed to refer to tasks done
in 12.3 and 13.1 by this group of people from other tasks.

That still makes no sense to me. Why do you make such a huge
distinction here that you feel the need to call it out as your first
goal? You are making the "us vs. them" issue your primary stance.

8.- After this research/development phase the oS Team will go back to work
on the Release as usual, hopefully focusing our efforts in "users" after
improving Factory.

Who is doing this "research / development"? Why would afterwards
everything to back to "as usual"?

The openSUSE Team at SUSE will do this research / development together with
those who want to join us. So far we will be working on:

1.- Staging projects and new workflow[1]
2.- New openQA version + integration in new workflow[2]

We sent to this list a mail about each one of this two projects. You can get
an overview of the target/goals/ideas through this blog post[3]

That link doesn't work right now.

And I am well aware of the staging projects and workflow stuff that has
been proposed, and while I might have my own personal opinions about
them, it's nice to see people trying new things to help resolve the
known issues.

Anyway, you all are free to go do whatever you want, as a group that
works within Novell/SuSE as that is your money and manpower to spend.
But remember, you are just a "normal" member of the community like the
rest of us, so to somehow dictate what is going to happen to others and
their jobs (i.e. no more maintenance, longer release cycles putting more
pressure and work on Tumbleweed maintainers, etc.) be expected to be
told to go shove off.

Just like I would be expected to be told that if I somehow said the same
thing, telling others what to do and work on.

That's not how this community works. Or if it really does work that
way, I and others need to know that, as I sure will be rethinking my
personal involvement in it.

Where is the openSUSE board in this whole mess? It seems that they were
not part of this announcement and given their individual responses, the
non-Novell/SuSE members seem really opposed and upset as well.

It's as if the board really isn't part of the guiding process for this
project, and that's not a nice feeling to be perpetuating, if it really
is not true. And if it is true, why the hell do we even have a board
that is voted on by the community?

Best of luck with your research, I'm going to go cool off for a few
weeks and see what happens and take some time to research how other
distros treat their community members...

greg k-h

Team WTF
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