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[opensuse-factory] Live on Stagings

Last week we had some more discussions on how to proceed with the
staging workflow. We took some decisions for our next steps and
you're invited to give feedback and pull requests wherever you
see a problem. We did not talk about any long term planning, we will
do research - implementing changes as we see problems.

One thing we want to start with is replacing build service groups with
staging project reviews, so let me explain this a bit as most won't
even be aware of the problem ;)

As requests come to Factory, we have to be very careful not to accept
A before its dependencies are in and not to accept B before all the
packages fixed for the update are in.

My current solution for that are request groups - implemented in a
hackweek project[1]. This makes sure that we can't accept the delete
request of a rename couple before the new package name is through
legal review. But it's pretty intransparent to the reporter, so we
would like to replace it with a more visible approach: grouping
requests in staging projects.

If you read my previous mails about the staging projects, they already
group requests that are tested together. So the request groups and the
requests that end up together in a staging project have overlaps that
make the whole thing even more inscrutable.

So the idea is as follows: if 2 requests need to go into factory
together, they need to go into the same staging project and both
requests get a review "by project openSUSE:Factory:Staging:F". So the
reporter sees the project he has to check - and we can use the comments
of that project to track the status of the reviews.

This is a bigger task than it appears to be - as we need to adapt quite
some tools, the repo checker needs basically to merge with the staging
checker and both need to implement e.g. some logic for delete requests.
This is all part of the factory-auto repo[2]

Greetings, Stephan


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