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Re: [opensuse-factory] wicked wicked
On 2014-01-24 09:07 (GMT+0100) Olaf Hering composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

Yesterday I installed fresh. Result was too much screwed up to make sense of
it all. I tried zypper rm wicked, but couldn't get network to work except by
using yast to delete NIC and add it back at every boot. Network@eth0.service
refused to survive boot, if it ever got created at all. I couldn't find any
wicked instructions anywhere on Its man page is too terse for
me to get a useful enough amount out of it. So I decided to install all over
again, starting by tabooing wicked.

wicked by itself should work. But whats most likely broken is writing
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-<interface_name>. What I see with fresh

Not a problem here. It was a perfect match to the one used by 13.1.

SLE12 installs is that such files get written, but their name lacks the
"<interface_name>" part. So neither ifup nor wicked will do anything
with such file.

My guess is that the fix for the issue you are seeing is to create the
files manually, like ifcfg-eth0:

But on the other hand, even though yast did not create the proper
ifcfg-* files during fresh install it does write proper files in the
running system.

My guess is the problem had to do with the complaint ifup kept making WRT network@eth0.service. I solved it for the instant host by overwriting the installation by cloning from the 13.1 installation and zypper dup'ing it to Factory.

So what is your installation source, how do you do a fresh install?

HTTP from's factory started by Grub loading initrd and linux is the normal procedure here.

Ifup has always worked nicely with single NIC systems on a 100% wired LAN,
no network "management" required. Why does unneeded network "management"
need to be entangled in everything as wicked appears to be?

Appearently some package has Requires: wicked, and this package is in
turn required by other packages?

Apparently a big web of interdependencies as many times as I had to click on break package to clear the solver window.
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