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Re: [opensuse-factory] Your thoughts on dropping pm-utils
El 28/11/13 06:59, Guido Berhoerster escribió:
The hardware quirks
db probably doesn't matter that much any more since it is
outdated by now.

I removed several of the hardware quirks after some research that
indicated that the problems were already fixed in the kernel.

I did not checked everything but it is likely there are more things
that need to be disabled, some might be using ancient userspace
components nowhere to be found or workaround ancient kernel versions..

But what about the other non-quirk hooks apart from grub in
/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/, have you evaluated which ones are
still needed,

I converted the remaining sleep.d snippets from packages a while ago, an
example is the "at" daemon, which I believe has a bug that is being
worked around by restarting the service on system resume, this is of
course extremely ugly and it might be better to fix the daemon instead.

e.g. does systemd do the checks in s2disk-check?

No, systemd does suspend/hibernate only using the interfaces the linux
kernel provides.

Will it properly restart the networking for interfaces not
managed by NM, will other networking services be stopped and
restarted properly,

No idea if the if-up scripts can or should react to system resume.

will it save/restore the hardware clock etc.?

The kernel takes care of the RTC suspend/resume.

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