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Re: [opensuse-factory] RE: [Bug 847971] Chromium from openSUSE has MP3/MP4 support
On Wednesday 27 November 2013 12:40:27 Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
I replied in the bug report. AFAIS:

And as I replied back in the same bugreport

Chromium just includes an internal copy of ffmpeg. This copy has the
same restrictions than the normal/system one. Nothing to see here,

Correct, but the H.264 and MP4 support is not being delivered with ffmpeg.

The Chromium package in 12.3:Update and 13.1 compiles this copy with
H.264 support, this needs to be fixed.
If you want H264 support you just need to do the same than with the
normal/system library: Substitute the internal copy for a version from
Packman (or just delete it and it will use the system version).

Which wouldn't help much as indicated. Deleting the ffmpegsumo library now
from the chromium renders the browser completely useless unless you have Adobe
Flash installed. Without Flash support, every video from youtube is indicated
that you would need Adobe Flash or a HTML5 supporting browser. Restoring the
ffmpegsumo, allows chromium to play the HTML5 content from youtube. I have
ffmpeg, libavcodec, etc installed from Packman, so Chromium should fall back
as you indicated. My feeling is however that Chromium has to be build with
the system ffmpeg libraries in order to provide this fall back, which brings
us to the point if OBS will ever have a ffmpeg library that is sufficient to
get packages compiled.

The only thing to consider is that it doesn't make sense to include a
copy of ffmpeg only inside Chromium (in %{libdir}/chromium/). If we
are going to include a copy of ffmpeg better to include a
system/global one and let Chromium (and every other package) use it.

Well, Chromium unfortunately contains a lot of copies of libraries that should
actually be system libraries, but it does. A lot of people/distro's have
complained, but this is the way that Google is handling it.

Given all the comments, etc, I am starting to feel more and more for removing
Chromium from the openSUSE OBS and to start it building on Packman. This would
resolve a lot of issues and I can then combine things into a single package.
Also I don't have to worry about any future changes that Google has in mind.


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