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Re: [opensuse-factory] Thunderbird and Firefox not working, Dolphin and stopping via KDE-menu very slow
op 15-11-13 21:13, Jogchum Reitsma schreef:

My next try would be to install 12.3 on that same disk, see what happens. (But, it had 12.3 in it's beta stages, this disk being my experiment environment).

First, installed fglrx, but that gave no change.
Installed 12.3 on that disk, everything perfect. Upgraded to 13.1 RC2, no problems.
So decided to upgrade my ' production' -system (except for the disk on the same hardware): mixed results:

- Firefox and Thunderbird behave as expected
- dolphin takes more than a minute to start, but from than on reacts normally
- the 'leave' -options take almost two minutes to pop up
- sound working in Yast, not in kde (window ' Geluidsinstellingen' ('Sound configuration') in kmix takes several minutes to appear, show some hardware items. but gives no test sound at either of them
- vlc, when started from command line, gives it's name and version, stays alive as a process, (and cannot be stopped even with kill -9 as root) but gives no window
- kdenlive, when started from command line, complains about missing, then says "QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver", and stays mutt.

gkrellm works, so I can see there' s no disk/CPU activity while waiting. /var/log/messages gives no errors or warnings related to this.

There's even more, but too much to elaborate on now.

All in all, 13.1 is the worst Suse distro in this house so far (since about 6.0)...

regards, Jogchum

(PS: since 13.1 is not factory anymore, should this discussion be held elsewhere?)
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