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Re: [opensuse-factory] RE: [Bug 847971] Chromium from openSUSE has MP3/MP4 support
On Saturday 23 November 2013 00:22:46 Ignacio Areta wrote:
Oh sorry, you understood (and I too). So, let's redo the story. (=

I really start liking (NOT) the tone of these messages you are creating.

This is a little strange. Recently, you changed the package to add protobuf
dependency. This is a major change, isn't it? In the last year, you moved
Chromium to Packman because of FFMpeg. At that time, Chromium was shipped
without FFMpeg. Some days after doing this, you moved these packages back
to openSUSE after discovering a method to compile Chromium's FFMpeg only
with free codecs support. Then was born the chromium-ffmpegsumo package.
Support to the the proprietary codecs weren't in openSUSE's package
beacause as we know, these formats has issues with patents in some
countries. Right?

To correct the story, I would like to state the following:

The concerned flags have ALWAYS been part of the Chromium package. From the
very beginning when Chromium wasn't even part of the official distribution. We
were always able to build Chromium based on a patched tarball that even had
the ffmpeg source tree removed. If you look at the bug reports for the
Chromium project itself, you might see quite some bugs reported around this
methodology that they are using.

At a certain moment the builds started to fail as that more Chromium code
started to depend on ffmpeg and that the libffmpegsomo had to be present for
Chromium to work. As that libffmpegsumo is build from the ffmpeg sources, I
saw no alternative than to move the package to Packman, as that my
understanding was that I was not even allowed to put the ffmpeg sources on
OBS. This appeared wrong and with the help of Ludwig Nussel and the SuSE legal
team we managed to get Chromium back in to official distribution as that the
ffmpeg sources itself are fine. This move however did not change any of the
buildflags used.

Recently I got help from the Gentoo packager and Chromium contributor to start
building Chromium based on official released tarballs and at this moment
openSUSE is one of the very few distributions that builds all three channels
(Stable, Beta and Dev). Only Stable is in the official distributions. Again
this did not change anything regarding to the build flags.

People, now this isn't working properly, because chromium-ffmpegsumo is
reproducing MP3/MP4. The chromium.spec has these two lines:

As indicated these buildflags have been part from the first Chromium package
(around 2009/2010) !!

According to the Chromium's wiki ( ) the use of
these 2 build flags activates the support for the proprietary formats.

And they were added from the beginning to increase the experience of the
Chromium browser and to prevent all kind of bug reports that Chromium doesn't
support x, y,, z

I think the way to fix this is changing these values to 0 and Chromium,
respectively. Any other idea?

As indicated if I remove these buildflags, then Chromium will no longer support
any of these formats regardless whether the ffmpeg package from Packman is



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