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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: BtrFS as default fs?
On Sep 04, 13 18:22:02 +0000, Jim Henderson wrote:

SLE doesn't yet default to btrfs, though, does it?

That's because SLE has not seen a major new code stream for 3 years
now. And with SLE 11 GA btrfs was not in a state where it was fit as
default filesystem ;)

Meanwhile, this has changed, and we are currently planning to switch the
default filesystem with SLE 12. As I'm one of the guys who will have to
cope with that, I was carefully looking at the choices. And I don't think
btrfs is a bad choice. (I agree that for some usage scenarios other
filesystems are better suited. But that is expectable.)

I've read a lot about "choice" and "free to choose" in this thread. For me,
as a user, without the ability to fix filesystems as Jeff does, stability
and reliability is important.

If I get this by not activating all features of an application, or
filesystem, then I'm happy.

In my opinion, you can either regard it as "restricting" the filesystem if
you have a parameter to activate the immature features. Or you can see it
as "you get a stable reliable filesystem, and we give you the choice to use
the developing parts, too, if you want!". All a matter of perspective,
isn't it?


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