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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: BtrFS as default fs?
On 9/4/13 2:43 PM, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
Oddly enough, I just went through this with an aborted attempt to move
to SLED.

In the attempt, I found that my existing ext4 filesystems could not be
mounted RW and I spent a day chasing down how to get them RW so a btrfs
conversion could proceed.

I'm not sure how these are connected. The in-place conversion doesn't
need a read-write ext4 kernel implementation to complete.

It's not the "change the default" that was so objectionable, it was the
idea that my system was broken by someone decision to not give me the

A read-only ext4 for migration purposes is well documented for SLE11.
Forcing it read-only was a reaction to users thinking that because they
could mount it read-write, that we'd support it. Yes, it's annoying for
users who want to do it anyway, but then you're willfully putting your
system out of a supported state. With SP3, we've made it easier to
ignore the support status of a read-write ext4 by adding a "rw=1" module
option to the ext4 module that we ship with the official kernel release
rather than having an unsupported ext4-writeable KMP. This documented in
the release notes.

This is the same problem that seems to percolating through certain other
not to be named system decisions.

Change the default... Fine. Allow me to choose what I will you or fall
though to the new default. But DO NOT take away the choice to make use
of something other than your choice. Forcing people to hunt for a
solution ("let's make the other paths difficult and ours easy") doesn't
count as allowing choice either.

There have been comments on this in other places in this thread. The
goal is to make it optional in YaST and automatic if features are in use
that require unsupported features.


Jeff Mahoney

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