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Re: [opensuse-factory] gtk?-immodule-<lang> installation pre-selection
On 2013-06-04 16:46 (GMT-0400) Vincent Untz composed:

Why are these always pre-selected to be installed on English-only installations?

Why are these always pre-selected to be installed on KDE-only installations?

Why are these always pre-selected to be installed on minimal-X installations?

Because you have gtk+ installed,

I didn't install gtk+. Firefox and/or SeaMonkey and/or Gimp did that - against my objection. There's no other reason I'm aware of for anything gtk to be on my (KDE) systems.

and it's nice to allow people to write in languages

Of course it is, if they have done anything at all to enable it. I did nothing to enable non-English support, so I expect to waste no resources for support I expect never to need that is not integral to something else that constitutes a necessary component of a minimal installation.

without forcing them to install a obscure package -- and

Whatever they do to enable non-English should do an automatic forcing, not a minimal English-only.

no, it's not necessarily just for people having this locale by default.

It seems like you failed to take into account keywords that I wrote, like: *English only*, and "minimal".

But these packages can be removed from your machine if you really care.

I care enough to ask why I have to extend installation time by separately tabooing 8 different packages on every installation to prevent wasting disk space and bandwidth for something that will never be used. The selected installation language was solely English, not non-English, and neither multilingual. Those who need support for additional languages should have to take some action to enable it. Those who don't shouldn't have to take affirmative action to avoid needless waste.
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