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Re: [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed, future directions
On 2013-02-03T09:49:33, Greg KH <gregkh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all.

So Tumbleweed is, I think, almost 2 years old now. It seems to be
working fairly well, or at least well enough for my daily use, and I
haven't heard any complaints about it in a long time which means that
either no one is using it, or it's working for others :)

Hi Greg,

it is actually working very well for me and, in combination with a
handful of select devel/beta repositories, provides me with a nice
'rolling' distro between official openSUSE releases.

It is a very useful middle-ground between openSUSE + official updates
(too conservative for me) and following Factory (my employer wants me to
work on my laptop, alas).

The only "issue" I keep having for the first one to three weeks of a new
openSUSE + Tumbleweed rebase (and about which we just don't agree) is
that it doesn't always happen when it's convenient for me to rebase my
laptop, and that I want to keep history around for a few days so I can
bisect/compare if needed. But I decided to make myself unpopular with
the OBS team and help myself this time ;-)

So, I was thinking about maybe, when 12.3 changing Tumbleweed from being
an "add-on" repo on top of the 12.3 repos, to being a "full" distro
snapshot. That would resolve the build number problems we have had, but
the dependancy rebuild issue would increase.

Would it resolve the build number problems completely?

(Just out of curiosity, why is Tumbleweed building against 12.2, not
12.2:Updates right now?)

And this would greatly increase the build system resources required, if
I'm not mistaken, right?

The rebuild problem can be manually handled, much like FACTORY currently
is, but odds are, I would lean toward the conservative side, having more
rebuilds than are probably necessary just to ensure that systems work
well. That means that libreoffice would be updated on a weekly basis
for users, which might get annoying over time :)

This would put additional strain on the download servers too, and on the
update speed for all users, wouldn't it?

I really like Tumbleweed, so if that makes things easier for you, go for
it; but to me, the add-on repository hasn't been a problem and made it
somewhat easier too (ability to tell where a package came from, how they
differ, etc).


Architect Storage/HA
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21284 (AG N├╝rnberg)
"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." -- Oscar Wilde

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