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Re: [opensuse-factory] NetworkManager getting fixed in time for GM release of 12.3 [problem found]
Op zaterdag 2 maart 2013 08:25:30 schreef Andrey Borzenkov:
В Fri, 01 Mar 2013 21:18:28 +0100

Freek de Kruijf <> пишет:
Op vrijdag 1 maart 2013 18:04:28 schreef u:
Op vrijdag 1 maart 2013 11:27:54 schreef Roman Bysh:
Hello all,

I've installed openSUSE 12.3 RC2 on my desktop.Does any one know if
plasmoid-networkmanagement will be working in time for the final

Now that I've already set it up under YaST.

I have an ethernet cable connected to my desktop. However, under the
"Wired" tab nothing appears. It should show "Wired connection 1".

I installed it using the DVD image of RC2 in a VM, which is comparable
your type of installation in my experience, and got the network mode
Traditional Method with ifup. In that case you can start the plasmoid,
you don't get anything under "Wired". So check with "systemctl -p Id
network.service" the status, see the release notes for further
If you get Id=NetworkManager.service maybe a reboot and starting the
plasmoid may give you the possibility to configure the network using
NetworkManager. If not, you get Id=network.service, the procedure given
the release notes to really change to NetworkManager may work. This does
not work in YaST.

In my view the network module of YaST still lacks the proper
to switch between the Traditional and NetworkManager method. Also the
description in the Release Notes is not very clear. It should state that
the network module of YaST currently is unable to change from
NetworkManager and vice versa. So if you want to do that you can the use
the procedure given in the Release Notes if it works. I still have not
fully tested it.

After some digging in the log file /var/log/y2log I found the error which
causes the problem of not changing the network.service from pointing to
NetworkManager.service or just to itself (/etc/init.d/network).

When only changing from Traditional to NetworkManager the network module
YaST sets this in the configuration and issues a "/bin/systemctl reload
network.service" which does not work. The error message is "Job type
reload is not applicable for unit network.service". YaST does not issue
an error message to the user. So this error gets unnoticed.

For the maintainer: Line 570 in modules/Lan.ycp needs a more complicated

treatment. Now it just reads:

without any error checking.

Did you report it to bugzilla?

Yes, as a follow up


Freek de Kruijf

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