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[opensuse-factory] Helping Coolo
  • From: Cristian Morales Vega <reddwarf@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 11:09:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
Since I am not it Prague any more. My POV about the "Release Schedule

Basically people mostly cares about his particular work, and not about
the distribution as a whole. The work in the distribution as a whole
is left to Coolo and few more people. Since what we need is more
people to look at it, some problems/things to do:

- Make
the homepage of more people
Too many clicks are required to reach the Factory status page. It's
like if someone wanted to hide it. Not that I think it actually makes
such a difference, but we should try to make it more visible.
But the big problem is that it takes 30+ seconds to load it. Sometimes
I actually don't look at it just because I don't want to wait. There
is nothing that can be done about it? Caching?

Make it fast and visible and more people will know about Factory
status. The essential first step to get people to help.

- Make people want to work on the problems
Now I already loaded the Factory status page. I look at the list and I
usually find two kind of entries: the ones that are so important that
I am sure somebody else is already working on it (or is already fixed
but lacks a rebuild), and the ones I don't care about.

I mean, yast2-network has been failing to build for 11 days??? It
can't actually be true, is it? And if it is for sure it's just because
it's a complex problem, but somebody has been working on it for 10
days. I guess something similar is happening with libreoffice.

But "qutim"? Yet another instant messenger? It's the first time I
listen about it. I just can't find the motivation to look into it.

For the first problem we need some easy and visible way to see if
somebody else already took responsibility to fix a problem. Without
this people just doesn't help because they don't think their help is
needed. The Factory status page needs an extra column with the name of
the person working on the problem.

For the second problem we need a defined policy for dropping packages.
If a package doesn't build for a long time and nobody fixes it...
well, just drop it. It's clear nobody cares enough.
I am sure it could be improved, but let's say: "If a package doesn't
build for 30 days mark it for dropping. Announce it, with a list of
all the current packages marked for dropping everywhere. Send the
announcement to -factory/-packaging. Put it in Have
it in the forums so users also now. Perhaps let forum users vote for
the packages they actually care. If after 60 days it still fails to
build the package gets dropped, with also an announcement."

- Inform maintainers when their update breaks other packages
Sure, perhaps the kernel maintainer doesn't care if an out-of-tree
module breaks. But some people *may* actually care if their update of
a library breaks an application. Let's send an automatic email to
them. If they don't care they will just ignore the email, if they
care... great!
I guess it's not so obvious to automatically know what package broke
another one. But we can know the problem was caused by a package in a
subset, at the very least "the whole list of modified packages".
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