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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Infinality Fonts

CJK fonts used for screen display do contain TrueType hints, at
least for common used ones (both proprietary and open source). So
their sizes are...nearly 20 MB for a single font.

I really doubt that. The files are so large because they contain so
much glyphs.

eg: Microsoft YaHei/JhengHei, Apple Hiragino sans GB, STheiti and
open source wqy-micro-hei and wqy-zen-hei.

At least for wqy-microhei you are wrong: This font doesn't contain any
hints for CJK characters.

Old and bitmap fonts are nearly not usable for CJK fonts.

??? Many professional TT fonts contain bitmaps for small sizes. For
example, Hiragino Mincho Pro W3 contains 5 bitmap strokes for

Can you imagine the looking a character like 斡 displayed in

Yes, I can; see the attached image how it is represented in the
abovementioned Hiragino font. For such small sizes you *must* use
bitmap representations to stay readable.

some strokes will even a tiny adjustment is a must
(hinting) and the hinting algorithms are important too (at least
freetype's current one can't fulfill the needs), or it'll be even
worse than without hinting.

You are completely wrong, sorry. I'm not aware of a *single* CJK font
which contains hints for that small sizes.

Anyway we discussed tech details of Freetype and Infinality in this
thread because we want to know if infinality is acceptable for OBS.

So can you please answer this question?

I can't, sorry. I'm neither enough acquainted with the ClearType
filter patent, nor with the current developments of the X server.

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