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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Infinality Fonts
  • From: Marguerite Su <i@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 07:30:14 +0800
  • Message-id: <>
在 2012-8-28 下午9:23, <pgajdos@xxxxxxx>写道:
And intinality subpixel hinting algorithm in this patchset isn't patented
until 2019? If yes, this is completely useless for me.


The answer is no. It's not patented from 2010.

Let's understand the case in common sense and technically.

the common sense is infinality comes after 2010. so at least the algorithm
it use is not patented. or its author goes into jail before us.

technically, when its early release, I have to manually add the codes into
freetype source code to remake an openSUSE's a very bad
memory...but luckily I found its author just modify freetype's sub-pixel
rendering a little bit for some fonts. eg render-y-direction-only instead of
x and y. there's no new algorithm introduced, its just a freetype's autohint
technology variant.

this patch only applies on specific sets of fonts. if your fonts are not in
the list. you are actually using freetype.

freetype and most of the distros dont include it by because its
fonts list focus on proprietary fonts from MS and Apple which dont be on
linux distros thus not the type of freetype and linux distros. it's nothing
related to patent. since freetype also starts using its autohint in our own
freetype package.

And the color stuff patent didnt exist in infinality at all if I remember it
correctly. because I dont think I saw any other color except for the common
word RGB in its source.will check it again tomorrow.

Anyway in short you guys can take it as a patch set that patch nothing to
freetype using the same technology freetype uses.

because the English.fonts it supports are mainly the long known bad ones
like Arial in fontconfig tweak world. you have already have better ones like
liberation or google.fonts. unless you decided to use Apple's fonts like

But it will improve a lot for CJK fonts. as you may know, we have a lot of
characters. each of them needs design. so open source community are in fact
not able to provide good fonts. And free rendering solution always be bad on
proprietary fonts. That's why we need it and I notice it because seems it's
the only fix for such gap by now

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