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[opensuse-factory] Secure Boot for openSUSE - a proposal
As a followup to discussions on opensuse-project and here on opensuse-factory about secure boot, here's a proposal:

Vojtech Pavlik and Olaf Kirch have written three blog posts explaing
SUSE's approach to secure boot:

They basically propose to enhance Fedora's solution with a way
that Matthew Garrett - the Red Hat developer working on this - summarized at with

"There's a post here describing SUSE's approach to implementing Secure
Boot support. In summary, it's pretty similar to the approach we're
taking in Fedora - a first stage shim loader is signed with a key in
db, it loads a second stage bootloader (grub 2) that's signed with a
key that's in shim, the second stage bootloader loads a signed
kernel. The main difference between the approaches is the use of a
separate key database in shim, whereas we are currently planning on
using a built-in key and the contents of the firmware key database.
"It's a wonderfully elegant solution. We've been planning on supporting user keys by trusting the contents of db, and the Windows 8 requirements specify that it must be possible for a physically present user to add keys to it. The problem there has been that different vendors offer different UI for this, in some cases even requiring that the keys be in different formats. Using an entirely separate database and offering support for enrolment in the early boot phase means that the UI and formats can be kept consistent, which makes it much easier for users to manage their own keys.

I suspect that we'll adopt this approach in Fedora as well - it
doesn't allow anything that our solution wouldn't have, but it does
make some of them easier. Full marks to SUSE on this."

What shall we do for openSUSE? Vojtech and Olaf make the proposal to
use the proposed SUSE solution for openSUSE as well.

Do you see any problems or enhancements for the proposal?

I would love to tell them the openSUSE community looks forward to the
SUSE implementation for the next release (12.3). May I?

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