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[opensuse-factory] RFC: Please enable tap-to-click by default (redux)
This has been discussed at length previously [1] with detailed arguments to both sides of the view, but with a couple of years having passed by since that discussion, and with many laptop shipping with touchpads lacking dedicated click-buttons [2] these days, it might be worthwhile to revisit the decision to disable tap-to-click by default on touchpads. At present, the tap-to-click capabilities in the xinput stack are configurable enough to be enabled by default while still allowing it to be deactivated upto a few seconds after the last keyboard stroke, thus preventing accidental tap-to-clicking while typing. As a result tap-to-click today provides a comfortable and safe input experience for (all?) users. I don't have any data really to make an honest claim, but from my experience most laymen users search for and turn on the configuration to tap-to-click the first thing on GNOME, KDE, etc. anyway. Turning this on by default reduces them that first "trouble".

Enabling it by default will provide a welcome benefit for most users, not to mention new comers who are just used to tap-to-clicking on other user-enviroments (win, mac) from the get go. Also, along with this, enabling by default the option to deactivate tap-to-click for a few seconds after the last keystroke while typing takes care of accidental clicks and I think, therefore, this change will be welcome to all.

I am surely out of my depth here, but I understand this change would likely involve modifications to the default xorg configuration and a few changed settings in the default settings of the desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, xfce, etc.) but nothing humongous. If there is broad agreement, I could try to work this myself with help and advice from the many experts here.

Opinions please ;)

Thanks for the attention and bye.

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[2] Resembling this, for example:
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