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Re: [opensuse-factory] Status: Beta2
On 06/25/2012 03:52 AM, Larry Stotler wrote:
On 6/20/12, Stephan Kulow<coolo@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I'll upload Beta2 any time soon (build451 basically) and after
that create and bootstrap openSUSE:12.2

Tested this(32bit) on an AthlonXP 1700+(1.46Ghz) with 1GB RAM, Radeon
9200, 100GB HD

When in the "System Probing" screen(can we come up with a better
term?), it hangs at 60%, "Search for Linux partitions", it hangs.

Alt-F4 shows it constantly givinh Buffer I/O errors on FD0. No Floppy
in the machine. BIOS showed it had a floppy installed.

After that, the install went as expected. However, approx 50 packages
did not install, so on initial startup, there was no GUI. Running
"startx" failed.

Starting the package manager from YaST brought up a dialog about the
failed packages, which where then installed. Running "init 3"& "init
5" brought up KDE4 login and logged into the desktop. Starting up the
desktop the first time was REALLY slow. Almost 30 seconds before I
could do anything, and then the welcome screen popped up.

Obviously, this is pretty low end hardware. KDE4 was very sluggish.
Firefox worked as ecpected. Java applets loaded& ran(I used the
Argonne National Laboratory speed test at

Time was off by 4 hours(slow). I had selected NY Time zone& local
time& verified time during install. Had to change the time manually
to fix.

Dolphin detected 2 DIRECTV2PC servers upon startup but didn't do
anything when I click on either of them.

WIll test more later,

I've been having the "Search for Linux partitions" issue since M1.
No problems with it hanging through the entire 11x - 12.1 releases.


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