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Re: [opensuse-factory] repository priorities with Tumbleweed
On Fri 22 Jun 2012 11:12:35 AM EDT, Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
On 22 June 2012 15:42, Thomas Langkamp<langkamp@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It's not like settings priorities was a big mystery.

If this would be the case, why would you write such a lengthy post about
explaining priorities:

Because forums users don't read man pages. And it's so long because:
a) I explain dist-upgrade, not just priorities.
b) I adapted the text to the public: I repeat the same thing multiple
times in different ways.

You do not say here: do not zypper dup with priorities on tumbleweed
But to me you imply the opposite: use zypper dup + priorities if you like
also with TW.
Now Greg K-H in contrary just again said not to give priorities with TW.

I already explained why I think I "know better than Greg does" ;-) ->

In any case if you read you
can see Greg only supports a basic repo configuration. If you use
Packman you are already outside Greg recommendations (and the "zypper
dup --from Tumbleweed" suggestion is biased towards Tumbleweed,
doesn't really help with Packman).

So if you both do not agree each other - how could the common user not be
confused. This is why I asked to give an official statement on
SDB:Tumbleweed after the community reached an agreement on what is best and
then not to bother the user with it, but to let Tumblewee automaticaly
select the best priority.

You can't set it automatically because priorities are *relative*.
Settings a repository with priority 20 will have a different result if
there is another repository with a higher priority or if all the other
repos have priority 99.

But since you read my post in the forum you already understand
priorities, don't you? Please, answer these:
- What will happen if you set Tumbleweed with a higher priority than
the main repo?
- What will happen if you set Tumbleweed with the same priority than
the main repo?
- What will happen if you set Tumbleweed with a lower priority than
the main repo?

After reading that post you should know the answers. So just decide
what behaviour do you want.

We were discussing this last year and I've found that setting
them all to _99_ did the trick.


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