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Re: [opensuse-factory] Re: Tumbleweed / NetworkManager
On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 06:58:16PM +0200, Achim Gratz wrote:
Greg KH writes:
Which is why it is failing, I understand that problem. I don't
understand Achim's original question as Tumbleweed shouldn't be the
issue here.

This is what zypper se -e NetworkManager tells me (slightly edited for

i | NetworkManager | | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager | | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager | | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager | | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager-kde4-libs | | Tumbleweed

i | NetworkManager-kde4-libs | 0.9.1+0.9.0-1.6.1 | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager-kde4-libs | 0.9.1git20111027-1.3.1 | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager-kde4-libs | 0.9.1git20111027-1.1.2 | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager-kde4-libs-lang | | Tumbleweed

i | NetworkManager-kde4-libs-lang | 0.9.1+0.9.0-1.6.1 | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager-kde4-libs-lang | 0.9.1git20111027-1.3.1 | openSUSE-current
v | NetworkManager-kde4-libs-lang | 0.9.1git20111027-1.1.2 | openSUSE-current

So if I do a "dup --from Tumbleweed", it installs the two packages from
Tumbleweed (with vendor change):

The following packages are going to be downgraded:
NetworkManager-kde4-libs NetworkManager-kde4-libs-lang

...which then triggers another install of patch 535 which installs the
packages from the update repo again. As I said, I can lock either the
packages in Tumbleweed or the patch to prevent that, but the two
packages should probably not be in Tumbleweed just like the rest of

Tumbleweed is rebuilding right now, so this should be resolved when it
can get rebuilt, which, at its current rate, should be in a few days :(

I'd stay away from NetworkManager-kde4 for now, until this all gets
sorted out, the KDE repos have had major churn, which has caused nothing
but trouble for me in Tumbleweed, so much so, that I'm considering just
dropping it for now until it settles down :(


greg k-h
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