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Re: [opensuse-factory] Calling for a new openSUSE development model
On Tuesday 2012-06-19 22:42, Nelson Marques wrote:

I don't have numbers, but I think Debian has the most packages in a
release, followed by Fedora, followed by openSUSE. The number of
packages matters for estimating effort and hardware resources

Number of packages is irrelevant because Debian and Ubuntu do a lot of
retarded splitting; For example, I can split a package in 4
sub-packages, and eventually Debian would split it in 6/7 packages for
the same software...

Retarded is when you don't split. See for example the rationale on .

Since Fedora does not do naming like that and instead bundles related
libs into one "foo-libs" package, they traditionally have a low
bincount. But bincount is the wrong thing to count anyway. You ought to
look at the src package count.

Provided everybody does sensible packaging (i.e. not stuffing all 5000
upstream projects into a single SRPM), the srccount is only a rough
indicator for "richness", not "work involved".

Consider SUSE's xorg-x11.srpm which has been split into 97 new (source)
packages. You think that means more work? I tell you it was more work
before; trying to match up patches with tarballs when it was a single
srcpkg made more work, I would argue.
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